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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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Does a hairline that makes an "M" shape mean you are intelligent and it is not due to hair loss?

I read an article where it says that scientific research shows that a hairline that shows like an "M" when you are very young (teens), means that you are extremely smart or intelligent and it might not be a sign of hair loss.

There are a number of discussions and reports on the various causes of hair loss, and associated possible characteristics, including both physical and mental attributes (or lack thereof). The fact is, if you are experiencing a receding hair line, or are looking to regrow lost hair, or restore a receding hair line, there is a great deal of science behind the process of regrowing hair.

However, in terms of the traditional 'Italian' or 'M' shaped hair line, there isn't any credible scientific evidence proving that it contributes to greater intelligence.

That said, some steps you can take to make sure your hair line does not recede more rapidly are included in our article, which can be found below on the link to read the full article text. Other steps you can take include:

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    Use a gentle shampoo
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    Avoid harsh and synthetic styling products
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    Keep a relatively short hair style
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    Eat foods high in vitamins that support hair growth
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    Avoid smoking, or if you smoke, quit smoking.
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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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