Does It Make Your Hangover Worse if You Force Yourself to Throw Up

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A hangover is miserable. There have been many so-called cures concocted since man discovered drinking alcohol. The fact is that the only cure for a hangover is time. You have heard that drinking a cup of coffee will cure a hangover. It does alleviate the symptoms of that "morning after tying one on" feeling, but like so many other so-called cures, it won't actually cure it.

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The number one best liquid to take for a hangover, especially if you are drinking a lot of coffee, is water. That splitting headache and God-awful nausea are mainly caused from dehydration, and your immune system being overburdened after you have poisoned your body. Many of these so-called cures will actually make your hangover worse. Now we'll explain how it makes your hangover worse if you force yourself to throw up. Steps you can take to prevent, or relieve that monster hangover you are nursing, will also be discussed, so the next time you decide to over indulge, there may be nothing for you to recover from, or at the very least, these suggestions will make it easier.

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    Forcing yourself to throw up in an attempt to alleviate a hangover, will make you feel even worse
    Only if your body causes you vomit naturally in response to the amount of alcohol in your system.
    1. Since dehydration is the cause for you feeling so miserable, aside from the drinking too much the night before, making yourself vomit will increase dehydration, and you'll feel worse.
    2. There is the risk of vomit entering your lungs, especially if you are lying down, which could result in aspiration pneumonia.
    3. Instead of forcing yourself to throw up, you should be hydrating your body. Drink water often during while you are hangover.
    4. If you begin to have tremors (shaking) or hallucinate, get medical attention immediately. You may be suffering from a condition called delirium tremens. Without medical treatment, your life is in danger.
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    What causes a hangover
    Unless you are among the fortunate one-quarter of the population, you are susceptible ending up hung over if you drink too much alcohol. There is a long list of symptoms for a hangover. Some of them are:
    1. Severe headache and fever
    2. Vomiting and nausea
    3. Fatigue and weakness
    4. Sensitivity to light and sound
    5. Difficulty sleeping
    6. Lack of depth perception
    7. Flatulence and diarrhea
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    Some drinks cause more severe hangover headache than others
    Symptoms of a hangover vary among people, occasions, and even drinks. According to subjects in many research studies, brandy is responsible for the worst hangovers. A list of how alcohol affects a hangover, from worst to best, are: Sugary alcoholic drinks (margarita, strawberry daiquiri, etc.), red wine, rum, champagne, beer, white wine, gin, and vodka. it is!
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    A hangover will usually begin after five hours of drinking beyond your body's tolerance
    Some people will experience hangover symptoms for two days.
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    If you have an alcoholic drink with many additives and preservatives, you may have a hangover after your very first drink
    By-products from the fermentation process, such as congeners, contribute to a hangover. When sweeteners are added to a drink, such as a liqueur, you are more susceptible to a hangover.
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    So, inducing vomiting is only a way to make that hangover worse
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There are, however, some steps you can take to lessen the effects, or even prevent a hangover.

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    How to Prevent or Remedy a Hangover
    1. Since it is conceivable you could have a hangover after only one drink, the only way to avoid a hangover completely is to abstain from drinking entirely.
    2. As mentioned, the best treatment for a hangover is drinking water. A great way to prevent a hangover is to drink equal amounts of water and alcoholic beverages. So, drink a glass of wine, drink a glass of water; drink another glass of wine, drink another glass of water.
    3. A recent study does verify that coffee relieves some hangover symptoms because of the caffeine and as it is a liquid, it works to alleviate dehydration.
    4. Eat before, during, and after drinking alcohol. One beneficial food is an egg. It has cysteine, a chemical that counters hangover symptoms. Milk is also helpful because of its calcium content, and because it aids in rehydration.
    5. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is excellent in relieving hangover symptoms. Put a teaspoon in a glass of water, stir and drink, and you will instantly feel better. Take a dose of this once every half hour to an hour.
    6. Do some light exercises. This will increase your metabolism, and rid your body of the poison from the alcohol. Also, exercising will pump more oxygen into your system, which will clear the toxins faster. Drink water before, during and after you do light exercise.
    7. Speaking of oxygen, a treatment of oxygen from an "O2" tank will speed up the detoxification as well.
    8. Take some thiamine, or B1, to relieve a hangover headache. The B1 blocks the accumulation of a substance called glutarate in the brain. The glutarate is believed to be one of the causes for the notorious hangover headache. Taking a B complex can be helpful before and after a night of drinking because you need to replace the B complex the alcohol has sapped from your body.
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Warning: It is OK to take aspirin for your hangover, but NEVER take anything containing acetaminophen, such as Tylenol. Medical studies have shown that a combination of acetaminophen and alcohol can cause severe, even lethal, damage to your liver.

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Questions and Answers

What gives you more strength, food or energy?

What gives you more strength, food or energy

To regain your vitality and good health, water is the solution. Your body has become intoxicated and dehydrated from alcohol poisoning, and its symptoms are quite similar to something like influenza. You have to rest and drink a lot of water. If you start eating heavy meals, your body's recuperative functions will slow down because they'll be busy digesting food. Also, some foods might dehydrate you even more. If you exercise (use energy), again, your body will balance recuperation with endurance and strength, which will probably make the hangover even worse. You would not exercise when you have a cold, would you? Nevertheless, exercises has one positive effect but will be it will be negated: after heavy exercises metabolism increases for the next 24-48 hours, but you will require more food and dehydrate faster as well

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Does making yourself sick make it better for hangover?

Hello, had an end of school party yesterday and I have this urge to be sick, would it be best if I just forced it out of my system?

The symptoms of a hangover are caused by many different factors. One of the main culprits is dehydration, both from the excess urine produced when drinking alcohol as well as the blood sugar level increase and subsequent decrease. Forcing yourself to vomit will only cause more of the aforementioned issues and will further irritate the lining of your stomach, and in most cases, cause irritations to your throat. Although there are many remedies suggested out there, the real cure for hangover is time, however, you can make yourself feel better by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, as this will assist in rehydration, the major cause of hangovers. Eating small amounts of bland food such as crackers or toast will also assist in alleviating nausea associated with hangovers, as well as increasing your blood sugar levels. If you still find you are suffering from nausea, try an over-the-counter medication for nausea. Make sure to consult with your pharmacist as to which one is appropriate as certain medications can cause liver damage while alcohol is still in the system.

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Thank you for your question!

Hi! I try to lose weight. After drinking or eating sweets, I force myself to throw up. Is that OK?

Is it OK to force myself to throw up?

Losing weight should be performed with a strict diet that is created by a medical specialist and constant physical exercise. We regretfully inform you that you have an eating disorder that is called bulimia nervosa and that has to be addressed as fast as possible by a psychotherapist. Please do not delay your visit to the doctor. Bulimia nervosa will most likely cause gastric reflux, teeth breakdown and erosion, constipation, cardiac arrest, death, inflammation of the esophagus, stomach and esphageal bleeding with their tearing (ulcers), etc. Again, please see the doctor as soon as possible before it is too late.

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I am feeling unwell after a night of drinking and have constant nausea?

Would it be a bad idea to induce vomit? or should I just wait till it goes away?

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Does milk line your stomach after you puke?

I drank too much last night. just curious. I have tried: Puked. drank milk. drinking water.. I think it was caused by: Too much beer.

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Am I a hungover if I have a headache but do not feel like throwing up?

I got drunk last night, and now I have a bad headache. Yet I do not feel the need to throw up. I'm just a bit dehydrated. Is this normal?

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If I vomit naturally when hungover?

When hungover, is it good to vomit if you have nausea and enhanced gag reflex?. I really hate vomiting so that's why I'm asking. I have tried: Not vomiting.. I think it was caused by: Consuming alcohol

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Hi, I ate something bad before drinking and I've felt sick for 3 days now?

What should I do? I feel nauseous, had fever yesterday but it's now better. I feel slightly nauseous, should I throw up to make myself feel better or take some medicine? It says that it's not good to throw up if you feel sick? But I doubt it's the case? I have tried: I've tried Eating healthier, drinking water, sleeping longer, resting. I think it was caused by: I ate bad food and had some diarrhea before drinking alcohol. Lack of sleep for the past few days also

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Throwing up good or bad/ I had the flu for six days?

Hi Dr Jerry For the past 6 days I have been feverous then chilled. Back and forth for the 6 days. After rehydrating, I get the feeling that I should purge. I drink a lot of water at one time which forces the purge. I this good or bad. Dan. They are talking about stomach flu.. I have the flu. My stomach is just fine. I have tried: Eating granola and oatmeal, drinking ginger ale and 7 up along with as much water as possible. I think it was caused by: I Have the flu not a stomach flu. I have been attempting to keep my body from sweating and from being chilled.

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