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Hi, welcome to VisiHow. I'm Spencer Fitzgerald and today I'm going to be teaching you how to ollie. The ollie is the most basic fundamental trick to skateboarding. You have to learn ollies before you learn how to do anything else.

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    The foot positioning for an ollie looks something like this
    Our front foot is in the middle of the board, and our back foot is on the tail. Our back foot is right on the edge of the tail so that we can get a good pop.
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    By pop, we mean when we push down on the tail, then slide our front foot up the grip tape to the front, while jumping at the same time
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    Click on the photo below to see an example
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    Once we come down, we're going to want our feet to land over the bolts
    It will probably happen by itself.
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Video: Do an Ollie

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