Do a Face Peeling Treatment at Home

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Hi, my name is Kara. Today, I will teach you how to do an inexpensive dermabrasion/peeling procedure at home. Doing this kind of procedure at home is much less expensive than getting it done at the salon because this dermabrasion set from Mary Kay that I got on Amazon was something between $25-$30. This type of procedure however at a salon would cost $50 or more. You will also probably need more than one application. It depends on the salon of course. I am quite happy with this product. I'm going to teach you how to use it. Ideally, you want to do this after you shower or whenever your pores are open from steam. If you do not have time to shower, you can also open your pores by applying a warm wet towel to your face. Keep it over your face for at least 10 minutes. After 10 minutes has passed we will move on to step one which is microdermabrasion.

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    I'm going to put a little of the product onto my hand and using the fingers I will apply it to my forehead in circular motions
    This is very soft and effective at the same time. I have been using it for several months now. My skin didn't use to be as smooth as it is now. After the third or fourth time using the product you will be able to see the difference. You will feel the difference after the first use.
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    Apply the product to your cheeks
    Do not apply any of this product to the area around your eyes. This is because the area around your eyes is very sensitive. Applying the product around your eyes could lead to early signs of aging like wrinkles.
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    You can use both hands to apply the cream
    Keep using circular motions. Normally, the most problematic areas are the cheeks. The pores in this area more frequently become clogged up. This is a product that removes a very thin layer of your skin and it cleans out the pores. If you have any pimples it will draw it out. After the first or second use you might notice more pimples just because they will be coming out and leaving your face. If you feel that your skin is getting too dry, you can wet your hands and continue rubbing the product on your skin. Your chin is also an area where the pores get clogged up. Basically the areas are your nose, sides of your nose, under your nose, cheeks, and chin.
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    Continue to rub the product onto the skin
    The reason I choose to do this procedure at home is because I am in control of my face and I am not worried that someone else may apply to much pressure, I am saving money on the procedure, and I have the ability to apply it twice per week which is what the instructions recommend for the best results. If I did the same procedure twice per week in the salon I would have to spend a lot of money. So we are done with this part, now we need to wash this off with a little water. I will be right back.
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    I just wash my face as you can see
    If you rub your face while washing it off and afterwords you can hear the squeaking sound because it is so clean. When you wipe your face off you never want to rub this will cause your skin to wear down. You want to pat your face so that it soaks the water in.
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    The second step to our microdermabrasion set is applying a regeneration lotion
    It is a liquid which I will apply quickly. The skin will fill wet for the first couple of minutes but it will absorb quickly. After applying this lotion your skin will feel like a baby's butt. It will be very soft, gentle, and smooth.
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    Let's wait for it to absorb into the skin
    So I just completed a face peel at home using Mary Kay Timewise microdermabrasion set. If you are starting to get wrinkles that will help prevent them, and if you already have wrinkles it will help to smooth them out.
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    After the step two lotion is fully absorbed into my skin, I am going to applying my face cream
    You can apply any cream you want which is suitable for your skin type. I am using Toit Bel, a Swiss brand. It is a day cream, to keep my facial skin moisturized. Again avoid the area around your eyes. Your eyes require a separate treatment and I will discuss that in a another video.
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    My face feels really fresh and rejuvenated
    Thank you for watching VisiHow. My name is Kara. If you have any questions, or if you would like any tips on beauty products or makeup, please leave your questions in the section below thank you bye-bye.
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