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Delete Telegram Chats on iPhone 6

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Do I lose my photos if I reset my Samsung Galaxy S4?

My screen was locked and I can't open it. After several tries I got a message that said I have a last chance before the device will be reset to factory.

If you logged into a Google account on your Samsung Galaxy S4 before the screen was locked and you enabled photo syncing to your Google account, some of your pictures may be backed up to your [drive.google.com/ Google Drive]. Additionally, if you logged into a Dropbox, SugarSync, or OneDrive cloud storage account, some of your photos may be stored in those accounts, as well. However, this is the only way that your photos will be backed up since your Galaxy S4's screen is locked. You cannot use Samsung Kies since your screen is locked and you don't know the password. You also cannot try to log into your Google account to log into your phone by entering the wrong password 20 times and then entering your account information, since your phone is telling you that one additional password attempt will perform a Factory Reset on your device. The only other thing you can do at this point is to try the online Android Device Manager, which will allow you to unlock the device from your computer's web browser. However, this only works if you logged into a Google account. If you didn't, there isn't any other way to retrieve your photos. You will have to go through with the Factory Reset that your device is warning you about so you can use your phone again. If, for whatever reason, your phone doesn't automatically perform the Factory Reset it's warning you about, you can follow the steps in this in-depth VisiHow article to manually perform one.

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Delete Telegram Chats on iPhone 6

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