Distract Yourself from the Pain of Heartbreak

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One will not be able to tell how painful heartbreaks really are until he or she experiences it for himself. It can be very painful to the point that one cannot do anything else anymore. In fact, there are several studies that say the pain from heartbreaks is similar to getting stabbed several times. Therefore, it is very important to find ways to distract oneself from this kind of pain and tune in that energy to something else more productive.

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    Spend time on things that you've been wanting to do but did not have much time to do so in the past
    Think about those things and keep in mind that now, you seem to have time to do them. Allocate your precious time on that, instead of staying in your room to wallow in pain. In fact, the busier you are, the better, because you will be able to devote your energy to more productive things and you get distracted from the pain. The more you allow yourself to keep on thinking about the heartbreak, the more painful it will really feel because you will speculate on a lot of things.
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    Pamper yourself
    Go for the really relaxing massage or have that luxurious facial spa that you've been wanting to avail of. If you feel good about yourself, it will help you see the positive things in life. Do not allow yourself to be miserable and helpless looking. You have to remember that you have to love yourself above all things and keep focusing on this mindset.
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    Join charitable activities
    For some reason, if you do well to other people, it can give such a fulfilling feeling that you may even start to overlook the pain that you are going through. Having some purpose in life creates very positive feelings and eventually, you will realize that the heartbreak is just a small part and there are more important things to actually think of.
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    This does not really depend on religion, but if you sincerely pray to your God and ask for strength to surpass the trials that you are going through, that will give you inner peace because you know that you are not all alone in this battle. It gives you comfort that at the end of the day, there is someone out there who understands and cares for you.
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    Clean your surroundings
    Cleaning gives a very good relief mainly because it gives you a short-term sense of accomplishment. As they say, if your surroundings are messy, it influences the way you feel and think. Therefore, if emotionally you feel like a mess already, you can significantly alleviate that feeling by cleaning the things around you. You will also enjoy the feeling afterwards when you have put everything into their proper order.
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