Display Numbers as Percentages

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. I'm going to show you, in this video, how you can express a part of a total number as a percentage. In this example, I want to give you the example of taking 45 out of 312 and giving it as a percentage.

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    So we know that 312 is the total, therefore it is 100%. There are two ways of working out this question. The first one involves dividing 312 by 100. Normally when you divide something by 100 or using tens or thousands, you can just take off the number of zeros from the original number. Because there are two zeros here, we can remove the last two numbers, giving us 3.12.
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    Therefore, 3.12 equals 1% of the total. Now we need to find 45, and see what that is as a percentage.
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    So we know what 1% is; we simply need to know how many of those 1% units are in 45, or in other words how many times 3.12 is in 45, and then we simply can count them. So we're going to divide 45 by 3.12. This shows us how many units of 3.12 there are in 45, then we know how many percentages it is.
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    It equals 14.4%. This is one way to demonstrate a part of a total number as a percentage.
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    The other way involves expressing the numbers as fractions. Percentages and fractions are just different ways to express the same thing. So, in this example, we're going to take 100 times 45 divided by 312. This is because we're going to turn it into a fraction (45 over 312). 312 is the total, and this is the 45 parts that exist separately. So we divide that, and we're going to times it by 100.
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    The result is 14.4%. There you go; you can see the two different methods arrived at the same answer. So maybe you can try to do some of your own equations, and see if you fill these formulas if you get the correct answer. If you have any questions or comments, then please leave them in the comments section below. You've been watching VisiHow; goodbye!
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Video: Display Numbers as Percentages

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