Disable / Turn OFF TalkBack Mode in Samsung Galaxy S2

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TalkBack is an accessibility feature provided by Google for mobile devices and gadgets that run the Android operating system. This software is extremely useful for device users who are visually impaired, because it provides spoken feedback with every action you take on your device, and the results of each action. When a person taps on the screen, the TalkBack feature will tell him exactly what option he has tapped, and the number of items in that selection. This article will show you how to disable this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S2.

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Turning OFF the TalkBack Feature

  1. 1
    Tap on the "Menu" button on the lower right hand side
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  2. 2
    Double tap on "Settings"
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  3. 3
    Using two fingers, scroll down to "Accessibility"
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  4. 4
    Under Services, double tap on "TalkBack"
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    On the upper right hand side, double tap on the "ON" button
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  6. 6
    A smaller box will pop up, asking if you want to turn off the TalkBack feature
    Double tap "OK".
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  7. 7
    After you double tap on "OK", the TalkBack feature will be disabled, and you can repeat the same steps to enable it again.
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Good to Know

  • When TalkBack is enabled, you have to double tap the options you wish to select and use two fingers to scroll down on your menu. Single taps won't work when this feature is turned on.
  • Other accessibility features similar to TalkBack, such as KickBack and SoundBack, are also available in devices that run the Android operating system. KickBack produces vibrations when buttons are navigated on the screen while SoundBack emits four different tones as a signal to any event on the phone, such as an incoming call, notifications, key press and more.

Questions and Answers

After turning off TalkBack, I still hear talking when I switch screen. Why is that?

I don't understand why my device is still talking.

Make sure that you follow the directions carefully:

  • Go to your settings.
  • Choose accessibility.
  • Tap "TalkBack".
  • Switch it off.
  • Tap "OK".
  • Restart your phone.

You can also watch this how-to video:


If the issue persists, it simply means that your text to speech is still on. If you turn it off and it still talks back, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap apps.
  • Tap all.
  • Choose Google Text to speech engine.
  • Choose disable.

You can also try:

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap accessibility.
  • Tap services.
  • Turn it off.


  • In Accessibility, choose Android Mirror, and turn it off

I cannot disable my TalkBack. How can I disable it?

I already went to settings, but the problem is that I cannot scroll down. My Samsung S2 is already updated to 4.1

You have to use two fingers when you scroll. Go slowly and purposefully to enable the scroll feature. When you tap to select an option, double tap.

I am not able to verbally follow activation to delete all Advertisements from my Samsung mobile phone?

I want to remove all Advertisements from my Samsung mobile phone. I need guidance too in writing as My Ears are not working well. Clarity to hear the demo by the concerned in this regard.. I have tried: I just went Google to search via YouTube and ask for Ad free. Further, nothing was clear from the demo guy.

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Unfortunately blocking ads from a device is frustrating. For instance, many require your phone to be rooted and you can't just download from Google Play. It also seems that you install an app and then 3 weeks later it is obsolete. Other apps require you to use their "browser" for an ad free environment. This YouTube Tutorial shows you how to install AdBlock Pro. You can just watch on screen to follow the instructions. There are also numerous other videos on using AdBlock Pro for extra tutorials. This app is for non-rooted devices.

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Galaxy S2 won't allow me to scroll. Please help?

I wanted to disable my TalkBack, but it didn't turn off. Now my phone won't allow me to scroll or access accessibility. I have tried: I tried turning on and off the phone, taking the battery out and turning on phone.. I think it was caused by: The problem started when I wanted to disable the TalkBack feature.

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Once TalkBack is enabled, it takes two fingers to swipe on the screen. Removing the battery for a soft reset will not disable the TalkBack, unfortunately.

Accidentally activated TalkBack mode, but it isn't going to its original position?

It isn't going to its original position

In the process of turning off TalkBack you have to long press and double tap. Long Pressing is also how features are moved around on a device home screen. You may have moved it without realizing when you were trying to turn off the TalkBack.

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When I change pages etc on home screen, it speaks and says what page it is, etc?

When I change pages, etc., on home screen, it speaks and says what page is it. Please, how do I turn it off?

This was a bug that appeared after a software upgrade. Make sure that TalkBack is disabled in the Accessibility Settings. Then go to Applications Manager and disable Google Text to Speech and Samsung Text to Speech. Finally, if you are still experiencing the issue, see if it is an app that you recently installed. Some users reported that putting their device into Recovery Mode and choosing Wipe Cache Partition took away the voice when no other changes in settings did. When this happens, it usually means an app is interfering.

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Scrolling down with two fingers to go to accessibility is not happening.

Scrolling down the screen with two fingers is not working, thus I'm unable to reach accessibility. I have tried: Everything. I think it was caused by: By mistake I put call back mode in on position

First, double tap with two fingers and then scroll down slowly with two fingers. Sorry, this is so frustrating when we attempt to disable the feature!

Q mobile 62 Accessibility function on & in settings Accessibility function are missing. How can I it turn off?

Q mobile 62 Accessibility function on & in settings Accessibility function are missing. How can I turn it off.

You have a device that is sold in South Asian markets. Perhaps it is Google's Text to Speech. Contact your cell carrier provider to see if they are aware of a solution. My guess is that since you do not have an accessibility feature within settings that it is an app causing the speech to text.

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The manual does not include turning off "double tap to unlock." I have a Samsung Galaxy Young 2?

Instructions online do not work either for the Samsung Galaxy Young 2. I have tried: I've tried everything available concerning security, lock, etc.. I think it was caused by: I have no idea. Hoping you can help.

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Every Samsung device is the same when it comes to their TalkBack features. You may not be pressing long enough with pronounced double taps. If your phone screen is dirty this also could be an issue with the sensors.

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How do I receive a ring tone when receiving a text instead of a voice message?

I no longer get a message tone when I receive a text. I hear a lady's voice saying 'message received from '123456' etc Also when I receive an e-mail the same voice shouts out, "3 e-mails received". To my knowledge I haven't touched anything A friend said that it's called 'TalkBack'

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It does appear that you have enabled TalkBack or Google's Text to Speech. Google Maps now has a feature within the app for Driving Mode. Some people enable that without realizing it and it will trigger when you are just walking through the house.

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TalkBack is on, I want TalkBack off. My setup option is not fully open. Please help me?

Setting option is not working properly. Mobile menu is not working properly.

Be patient. Long press and double tap the screen. Use two fingers to scroll up and down the screen. Clean your screen first and wash your hands to remove oils.

It just speaks when I tap on each features but doesn't work?

It just speaks when I tap on each it's features. It says :double fingers touch to unlock. Then I do it and it becomes unlocked and then I tap on menu and it shows 6 items an it says about it. When I double tap on setting it doesn't work just says about everything I am doing on it.

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