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Know the difference between Samsung Tabs vs Notes

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Difference between a Tab, a Note, and a mobile?

I usually use my mobile as a telephone, and I also use it for e-mails, maps, direction, WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook through WiFi and my mobile internet. I need to get another device using these applications. It does not need to make calls as I have my mobile. I want it 7-inches. Some people told me that I can use the applications on the Tab or the Note with my same SIM card number on the mobile instead of having 2 numbers to use WhatsApp and Viber. Is that right?

You can not use the same SIM card number on both devices since SIM cards are all uniquely identifiable by separate numbers. However, you can use the same WhatsApp and Viber accounts; you will not need to sign up for a new account on your new tablet.

If you want to use mobile internet on your 7- to 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, you will need to purchase a model from your carrier so it will be set up for you to use their mobile network in addition to your WiFi network. Click the links below for a few examples of Galaxy Tabs that are compatible with mobile carrier networks:

If your mobile carrier is not on the list, simply search Google for "[your carrier] Galaxy Tab 7-inch, " and you will find applicable models. Note that some carriers do not carry the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, but they do carry the 8-inch model.

Tab or Note, which is better for my work, would you please help me?

Dear sir, I want to buy one of them but I don't have enough information about them, this is for game and internet searching, also I prefer that it has a SIM slot and be of 10" and bigger

All of the Samsung Tablets have a SIM slot for connectivity when you are not at home on WiFi. Not all of them come in a 10 inch display, though. The newest Samsung Tab E and A come in a 9.6 inch display. There are a variety of tablets on the market. Do your research before you purchase. For durability and function, the cheaper tablets are okay if you just want to play games like Candy Crush and search the internet. The graphics have a definite difference the more expensive the tablet is. Also, some have very limited storage with no option to expand the storage.

Which is useful to me? Notebook or Tab?

I have doubts sir. I have a website. I want to upload files, pics, videos etc.

I have to use M.S. Office also to type the matter. which is useful to me? Notebook or Tab? please clarify .

A Notebook for sure, it gives you more control over Microsoft Office applications, the Tab version is too limited compared to what you can do with the Notebook. What you can do with a Notebook is too advanced with what you can do with a Tab.

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Know the difference between Samsung Tabs vs Notes

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