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Get rid of vocal cord nodules

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Foods to eat to get rid of vocal cord nodules?

Vocal cord nodules can only be effectively manage by eating the right foods if vocal cord nodules are newly formed and only starting to grow. However, if your vocal cord nodules are already in the advanced state (hard vocal nodules), eating the right foods can no longer help you effectively get rid of them because these nodules already formed fibrous tissues (scar tissues) which is not effectively remedied by eating the right foods and the proper medical intervention to these types of nodules are mostly through a surgery. Below are the foods that are effective in reducing the size of soft vocal cord nodules:

  • Garlic. Since ancient times, garlic has been used to treat various health ailments and some of its medical properties are anti-cancer, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which are all beneficial in managing soft vocal cord nodules. Add 4 to 6 cloves minced or crushed raw garlic to your daily diet or simply mix it in a blender with your favorite fruit or vegetable for a healthy drink.
  • Honey. Honey is also one of the most commonly used home remedies to treat various kinds of health problems. Honey also has a potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are also beneficial in managing vocal cord nodules. Add a few tablespoons of honey to your favorite warm cup of herbal tea and drink twice a day.
  • Fruits. Fruits are also a good choice in ridding yourself from soft vocal cord nodules especially fruits like oranges and apples which are rich in vitamins and essential nutrients needed by the body to hasten tissue healing.
  • Cold fishes. Cold fishes like mackerel, salmon, sardines and tuna, contains high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids which effectively helps in reducing inflammation.
  • Whole grains. Whole grains are rich in fibers and also reduces tissue inflammation by reducing the levels of c-reactive protein found in the blood that promotes inflammation.
  • Dark leafy vegetables. These vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale are the best sources of vitamin E that protects the body from cytokines (inflammatory molecules). Dark leafy vegetables are also rich in iron, calcium and phytochemicals that boosts the immune system.

Take note that the above foods are only effective in ridding soft vocal cord nodules.

Diets that help get rid of vocal nodules?

Virtual.marian whole grains diet.jpg

Having the "Screamer's nodes" or vocal nodules can affect daily communication, lifestyle, and work especially if you belong in an industry that capitalizes on your vocal strings such as singers, voice talents, educators; and the like. These are the individuals who are most at risk of contracting vocal cord nodules which can be painful, uncomfortable, and affects overall voice range and quality. Obviously you should quit smoking if you're a smoker, but it's just as important to eat a well-balanced and appropriate diet of food and beverages. This will help you manage and get rid of vocal cord nodules while maintaining a healthy physique. Here are some food groups that you should include on your daily menu plan:

  • Whole Grain Diet - Every table needs daily servings of whole grain meals such as oatmeal, cereals, bread, brown rice, whole grain crackers, popcorn, and whole grain wheat; to name some. This can be consumed everyday in generous proportions as it is known to be low in cholesterol and high in carbohydrates and fiber content needed for proper body nourishment without the harmful fat content that can aggravate vocal cord nodules.
  • Fruits and Vegetables Diet - Dig into variety of fruits and vegetables and get the fiber, vitamins and minerals, as well as water that you need for detoxification and hydration needed to treat vocal cord nodules. Indulge in myriad of fruits and veggies such as apples, oranges, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage; and the like to rake in all the health benefits you need. This is one type of diet that you can never get enough of.
  • Lots of Water. Proper hydration is highly vital and critical towards successfully getting rid of vocal cord nodules as it provides the lubrication that is essential to healthy vocal cords and throat; in general. Steer clear of too much caffeinated or carbonated beverages such as soda and coffee which can actually cause dehydration. You can check if you are drinking enough water when you see that your urine is pure and clear. Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday but be careful not to consume too much water at very close intervals as this can be dangerous as well.

Here are some food choices that you should avoid if you have vocal cord nodules:

  • Spicy Meals - Avoid consuming hot and spicy foods (no matter how deliciously tempting it is) as this can cause acid reflux which can exacerbate vocal cord nodules and harm the throat and esophagus.
  • Dairy Products - Reduce consumption of dairy products such as cheese and milk which precipitates mucus production that can irritate the lining of the vocal cords.
  • Caffeine and Carbonated Drinks. Instead of getting that cup of coffee or a can of your favorite soda, you can opt for decaffeinated beverages such as tea with honey. This is a healthier option as compared to drinks that you can readily purchase on the go. But, you can consume sparingly or in moderation. Diuretics can dry out the vocal cord area and aggravate its condition.

Depends on the size of the nodules. If they are huge, you will need to get it surgically removed. Seek a doctor for that. If they are small, simply rest your voice for a couple of weeks, refrain from straining your voice, drink liquids of room temperature, do not smoke and have enough sleep.

NOTE: Go to the doctor to know the size and for further treatment.

How to get rid of nodes with vocal rest?

There are different factors why vocal cord nodes can get exacerbated which can result to pain in the throat, temporary loss of voice, and difference in vocal quality (producing a scratchy sound). The most common factors would include vocal strain or voice abuse which pertains to using the voice excessively when shouting, speaking, laughing, mimicking voices, or singing.

The most recommended treatment for such voice malady is to have a vocal rest. This is usually facilitated by a Speech and Language Pathologist which determines the trigger factors of your vocal nodes and other voice problems.

Two Types of Vocal Rest:

  • Absolute Vocal Rest - This refers to complete non-usage of voice which is not really necessary unless for extreme cases such a vocal node hemorrhage.
  • Relative Vocal Rest - Also coined as "modified vocal rest", this is the recommended type of vocal rest given to people suffering from vocal cord nodules and other associated symptoms. This pertains to a minimal or moderate use of voice for a period of 4 to 7 days. You can only use your voice for a period of 15 minutes or less within a 24-hour time frame. You should only speak when absolutely necessary and using a very relaxed voice with minimal exertion. To do such, you must avoid social interactions or work commitments (stay indoors), use text messaging or chat rather than making phone calls, refrain from shouting and approach someone using a low-key voice, and avoid singing for the meantime.

Vocal rest should be part of any individual's lifestyle especially those who primarily use their voices in their profession such as singers, teachers, motivational speakers; and the like. Proper vocal hygiene and moderation is the key to strike a balance in maintaining a healthy voice and getting rid of vocal cord nodes.

Is there allergic reaction on fruits?

I have, nodule in my larynx. It's small, when I eat fruits my throat sores more and my hoarseness becomes worse.

Yes, there are allergic reactions to fruits. In fact, fruit allergies account for 10% of food allergies. Unlike other types of allergies, these fruit allergies specifically hurt your mouth, throat, and vocal cords. Therefore, it is very likely that the fruit you are eating is one you have an allergy to.

Mangoes are one of the top fruit allergens, but Oranges (citrus in general), Pineapples, and Kiwis are also pretty high on the list. The good news is that you aren't permanently damaging yourself, and fruit allergies aren't fatal - they are just unpleasant, and can inflame your throat and vocal cords. So, if you plan to sing without damaging your voice, avoid the fruit that's bothering you, and you should be fine.

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