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Running is the cheapest and most practical way to get fit without spending too much money. This is an effective exercise that improves endurance and stamina. When running becomes a habit, it eventually turns into a lifestyle. Over time, runners do not settle for just reaching the finish line; they want to get faster. Developing your speed or running pace takes a combination of skills and patience. Oftentimes, it takes time more than it consumes your energy to get a differing result. However, for those people who do not have time to run a lot but want to get faster, there are certain ways to increase your speed in just a fraction of your time. You can do it in numerous ways and they are listed below.

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    Running, for the most part, depends on the strength of your legs and most importantly, your calf muscles. Hence, make it a point to do a couple of squats on a regular basis to increase the strength of your calves. It is a good idea to squat with double your weight every once in a while. Hence, if possible, do so. Squats take up a whole lot of energy, so it makes sense to start slowly. You could start with 10 squats a day first and then, gradually upgrade to 20 and consequently 50. A minimum of 50 squats a day is a requisite for good calf strength.

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    You might be thinking, if you have time for a walk, you might as well run. No, you don't have to specifically take time out for a walk. You can go for a walk on short distances in your regular routine. Walking will circulate the blood in your calf muscles and you shall be able to run faster when you try. However, if you are already doing the walking, it would be a good idea to go running once in a while. You don't have to run every day, but running once a week is definitely a good idea.
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    Protein Diet
    Anytime you want muscle strength, you should rely on a protein diet. Eat a lot of chicken and fish and drink a lot of milk. You can also eat a lot of dairy products and green leafy vegetables. This will add to the overall strength of your body and you will ultimately be able to run faster. You should also eat lots of pulses, cereals, dry fruits and fruits alongside proteins, to keep a balance of nutrients in your body. To do this properly, you could consult a dietitian or look online for a diet chart that is suitable for athletes.
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    Jump Squats
    If you really wish to strengthen your calves, a simple and easy squat will not do. You will have to work on it. You can do jump squats along with squats in order to add to your calf strength. In fact, jump squats are a lot more enjoyable than normal squats. It will not be possible to do a lot of jump squats in a single day. Jump squats are very tiring. Hence, stick to about 20-30 jump squats a day. If you can do up to 50, then that's well and good. There can be nothing better than that.
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    You can't increase your running pace without running at all. You will have to go running at least twice a week in order to keep in touch with the sport. Otherwise, there is simply no point in practicing everything else. Hence, go running twice a week. It would be a good idea to keep a tab on your running speed each time you go running. This will give you an idea of how far are you from achieving your goals. This will also act as a motivation factor for you. Thus, don that track suit, and once or twice a week and go out there and run! At the same time, keep in mind to not go in full flow all at once. Run slowly, warm up and then, run at full speed.

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    Push ups
    It is important to strengthen your torso, your arms and your calves in an equal manner. Therefore, do a minimum of 50 push ups on a regular basis to strengthen yourself. Don't do 50 on the first day. First begin with 20 and then slowly graduate to 50. It would be great if you do up to 100. If you have some kind of injury or problem, then do a wall push ups. Make sure that you insert enough pressure in case of a wall push up. It would be a good idea to do up to 150 wall push ups.
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    Play a game of basketball or football
    Running might be a very tedious task, but not so much when you are doing it during the game. Both these games require a lot of running, and hence, it will also improve your running skills. Therefore, you will not only have a lot of fun, but you will also improve your running skills. Go ahead and hit the court and kick around a bit. Gain double the benefits of the game. Pick and choose one of the games, and go ahead and play the one you like.

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    Since strengthening the calf muscles is one of the most important things for a good runner, it is best that they are exercised heavily on a regular basis. Cycling is one of the best ways to strengthen your calf muscles and improve blood circulation in the calves. Cycling will also make you feel very fresh and energetic. In fact, if your work place is somewhere nearby, you might want to ditch your car and beat all the traffic with your cycle. Improving your health, strengthening your muscles and increasing your running speed.

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  • Good running shoes can be of great help.
  • A good running jersey will also add to your performance.
  • Practice running on different kinds of grounds, and it will speed up your improvement.


  • Don't rush into things all at once. Take it slow or you might pull a muscle and cause yourself some serious damage.
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