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The detoxification process of the human body is an essential part to a healthy lifestyle and can be integrated with normal diet routines and with specific ones too. There are several ways to detox the body of harmful toxins and excess build up.

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How To Do Detox

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    To start off the best and foremost detox method is drinking water
    Water not only cleans the system of toxins it helps maintain osmotic balance and pushes out impurities in the form of urine. It cleanses the system from the inside making it cleaner and fresher. The main toxin is blood urea nitrogen that is flushed out via the kidneys with the help of water. Lemon water, orange or lime juice helps in cutting down fat. Adding flavor to the water makes it easier to drink 8 cups a day.
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    The other method is to go on an all liquid fast - this method helps keep the body nourished and also wipes out all signs of toxic materials in the GIT
    Drinking fresh juices all day on the liquid fast day helps in vast detox of the body.
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    A fruit week detox is helpful as fruits are not only healthy and nutritious but provide the body with a fresher and better healthier choice of food
    Eating only fruit for a week will not only detoxify the body but doesn't let you starve. It may also help reduce the likelihood of stroke and can be carried out by eating a variety of fruits or one fruit only.
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    Detox can also be achieved by eating organically grown produce and meat that has no signs of genetic modification or added chemicals to sustain better growth
    They have very few harmful chemicals in comparison to non-organic food choices. This can be checked via labels whether food is organic or not.
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    To maintain a detoxified body cut out the alcohol
    Alcohol consumption leads to a vast accumulation of toxin in the body when the liver breaks it down.
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    Other small lifestyle changes include avoiding harmful toxins in the air from smokers and smoking yourself
    Also avoiding any products with added sugars such as artificial sweeteners, juices etc. will cause added toxins in the body causing muscle aches and etc. These small changes in lifestyle can lead to a detoxified body that is more immune to diseases and can be treated better with higher levels of immunity.
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    Meditation also leads to detoxification especially the breathing exercises
    Exercising daily also helps the body to detox but it is recommended to not overdo it. A healthy balanced diet with regular exercise can make good changes in body health however when coming off of a detox diet it is essential to avoid binge eating as that can reverse the process entirely.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Don't do a liquid fast more than 3 days.
  • If you faint, Please eat a piece of bread or a cookie.
  • Don't just follow any detox diet you find online.

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