Design Your Own Comic Shoes

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No matter how we dress up to show our feminine side, most of us love to show our funky side as well. Then some of us like to mix our geeky side with our sexy side, to show our inner sexy geek, as well. With all the hot superheroes of DC comics and Marvel we see in the movies, comics are becoming more popular with women and girls. If you want to enjoy more of the superheroes, then you should buy some comics, but forget about reading the comic books, just get the comics, and roll up your sleeves to start working on making a pair of awesome comic shoes, because why read about superheroes when you can wear them and have them with you? Comic shoes are definitely a daring choice - whether you wear comic pumps or comic flats, it will still be a fashion statement that can't be ignored. You can design your own comic shoes without any trouble, and you will love working on them, because it only requires following some simple and fun steps. Once you start, you will find the way to having a pair of colorful shoes, not colorful in the lame way, but colorful in the spunky way.

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  1. 1
    For redesigning your shoes with comics, you will need the following items
    1. The pair of shoes you will work on (preferably patent, or any material that is like leather so that the glue would stick to it rather than shoes that are made of soft fabrics that will absorb the glue, and then the glue stiffens the shoes).
    2. Comic books (You can choose to use one comic story or work with different stories; it is up to you).
    3. Permanent non washable glue (something like mod podge).
    4. A pair of scissors, and a paint brush.
    5. Optional item: Clear sealer spray.
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  2. 2
    Start by cleaning your shoes, you need them to be dirt or dust free
    But do not polish your shoes, because any kind of shoe polish will create an insulating layer, and there is no point to polish the shoes that you will cover up with a different layer of material, so the polish and shine won't show. And if you decide to wash your shoes before gluing the comics on them, then allow them to dry completely.
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  3. 3
    Cutting the comics can be done in many ways; it all depends on how you want to cut them
    You can either cut the comics into little strips, or cut them into little pieces with random shapes, or cut them into geometric pieces that fit each like puzzle, or you can just cut each and every part of the story you want (like cutting a certain scene with the superhero talking in or interacting with someone). If you are doing the comics makeover to a pair of pumps, then you will need to cut extra pieces for the heels.
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  4. 4
    Now, it is time to stick, and glue
    Gluing the comic strips will require that you add some glue with the paintbrush on the places you want to stick your first strip of comics, and before you attach the comic strip to the glue covered area of your shoes, you will add some glue to the back of the comic strip as well. Now, that both areas that need to be linked together, are covered in glue, you will stick the piece of comic to your shoe's surface, and press it down firmly, making sure there are no air bubbles, and if there is any air, you will swipe it out to work on getting rid of the air bubbles if there are any.
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  5. 5
    Keep gluing the comic strips to each and every part of your shoes' surface, leaving no gaps in between, until you cover the entire shoes
    While sticking the comic strips, trim any excess pieces that are sticking out, and brush some glue on the edges to secure them well to the shoes.
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  6. 6
    Let the shoes dry
    Now that the comics have stuck well to the shoes (and you need them to completely dry and stuck to your shoes or they will move while working on coating them), you will paint on a layer of glue with a clear finish, which will help seal the comic paper strips and varnish it at the same time to give it a little shine like it is patent. After you paint a layer of glue on your shoes, you will leave them to dry well. After they dry, you can add another coat of glue, and then wait until it dries. Add the third layer, which is the final layer that will secure the comic strips, and make your shoes look like the leather itself has comic prints.
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  7. 7
    If you don't have a clear finish glue, you will use instead the clear sealer spray to paint on a sealing layer
    And as you did with the glue, you will wait until the clear sealer dries, then spray another layer. And repeat until you coat your shoes with three layers.
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  8. 8
    Leave your shoes to dry overnight
    It is better to let them dry very well so you won't ruin the comic paper strips, and get the coat of glue, or get dirt stuck to the moist glue.
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  9. 9
    That is all
    Now, you have a new pair of funky comic shoes.
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  • You can use the same steps to make your own comic clutch or purse that will pop and make any normal outfit lose its dull vibe. It will also be the perfect way to create your own matching comic shoes and purse.
    Clutch final011.jpg
  • You can use different designs other than comics to make a unique pair of shoes, like using maps, newspapers or any other paper design you want, you can even use wrapping paper if you liked its print.
  • Don't try to glue comics to the bottom "outer sole" of your shoes, or even try to spray them with clear sealer, because it will make the shoes slippery and hard to walk with.
  • If you used washable glue, then you will need to keep your shoes dry so you would make them last as long as possible, by avoid wearing your shoes while it is raining, and you should only clean them with a dry piece of cloth.
  • If you are working on a pair of pumps with a matching color tone to the comics color theme, then you can leave the heels without a comics coat to have some contrast, for example; if you are using superman's comics, you will find that the main color theme is blue mixed with red, which will blend perfectly with blue, red or black shoes.

Questions and Answers

Can I use mod podge as the clear glue like in step 7?

The clear glue is mod podge right

You can use mod podge or a glue gun. As long as the glue is water based, you can use it. If you use a waterbased one, the design might go off when water gets into your shoes. Also, that tends to melt off when the temperature is rather high. Super glue is also a good option as that forms into a plastic-like flat gob when it dries up and it stays on for a long time.

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How do I varnish the comic strip paper?

Hi, I want to make other things with comic strips, like tables, etc. But I also want it to have a glossy sealed finish. What can I use for that? I've already tried ordinary wood varnish, and that only made the paper patchy like it's oil stained. I assume that's because the varnish was oil based.

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So how do I go about the glossing? Any suggestions ?

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