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Sometimes we want to start over again or renew everything in our mobile. What we need to do is perform a reset or erase all the content of your mobile. You can delete all the content of your iPhone5. Below is an instruction on how you can do this.


  • Please note that when you perform this there is no undo. This will totally erase the contents, the media and data settings.
  1. 1
    From the main menu of your iPhone, touch 'Settings'
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  2. 2
    Then from Settings touch 'General'
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  3. 3
    Scroll down and then touch 'Reset'
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  4. 4
    Then under Reset touch 'Erase All Content and Settings'
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  5. 5
    Then there will be a popup window touch 'Erase iPhone'
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  6. 6
    Then it will ask you again if you are sure that you want to erase, to erase touch 'Erase iPhone' again
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  7. 7
    All your iPhone content will then be deleted.
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Tips, Tricks, & Warnings

  • Make sure before you do this, you have backed up all of your files.
  • Do not allow a stranger to do the reset. There are also several cases where you go to a phone repair shop and the attendant supposedly resets your phone. However, what happens is that your files are actually retrieved through another system. Protect your privacy by insisting that you be in charge of your phone.
  • Before finally clicking on the reset button and deleting all files, do a double check if you have actually transferred your files over, especially those which you want to preserve.
  • Note that certain game settings will not be able to be retrieved if you decided to delete all content.

Questions and Answers

Is the process different for an iPhone 6 than for the iPhone 5?

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