Decorate Your Home Theater

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Decorating Your Home Theater

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Decorating your theater is, in my opinion, the most enjoyable part of the building process. It is usually done at the end of construction, and gives you a chance to customize the look and feel of your home theater.

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When choosing home theater decor, remember the following:

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    Glass is reflective
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    If you decide to hang posters or photos in your room that are in glass frames, you must realize that glass highly reflective with both sound and light. Do not place these glass frames in areas that will create sound reflections or produce glare from your video screen. Your ultimate goal when building a home theater is to come as close as you can to representing the movie sights and sounds that the director wanted you to experience.
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    Sound will vibrate your walls
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    I learned this one the hard way. When watching a movie that has a heavy bass track (explosions and such), you will find that the walls will vibrate. The decor that you hang on the wall will rattle with each vibration causing distractions during the movie. Treat all your hanging decor with felt pieces to stop the rattling.
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    Be careful where you shop
    This may sound like a strange one, but what I'm getting at is the shops that carry home theater decor will usually charge you more. This is based on the fact that they know you have home theater and chances are you will pay more to get what you want. Save yourself some cash and buy from amazon or ebay.
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    Secure wall hanging objects
    The reason you want to be careful with hanging decor on your wall is because walls tend to vibrate during intense bass scenes. Above, in one of my previous points, I gave you an idea to stop the rattle during vibrations. Stopping rattles is one thing, but it you don't secure decor, it may fall off the wall or items may fall off shelves you may have installed. Another reason why you want hanging decor secured to the wall is because during movies when the lights are out, people tend to move around getting to the bathroom or getting something to eat. People tend to rub up along the wall to find their way out of the dark room and they hit hanging objects on the way.
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    You can't see in the dark
    If you've blown your budget on your home theater and you can't afford decor, don't worry about it. You'll spend most of your time in your home theater sitting in the dark watching a movie, so you will go for the functional rather than the decorated.
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    Larger objects are better than smaller objects
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    This one may surprise you, but if you are going to entertain large amounts of people, or people you don't know well, things in your home theater may disappear. I have two shelving units at the back of my theater and they house everything from my DVD collection to my Star Wars commemorative Pepsi cans. Over the years, things have been known to disappear off that shelf. So my point is that larger home theater decor has a less chance of growing legs and walking out. After all, the people in your theater will be sitting in the dark for hours watching a movie, and Hi,, that's a really nice Total Recall commemorative display you've got there, Frank. It would look good in my den.
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