Decorate Ordinary Candles

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How to Decorate Ordinary Candles

When you decorate ordinary candles, you transform something that is plain into something that is a conversation piece. The candles used in this project were purchased at a local dollar store, which keeps the cost to a minimum. You can use any kind of candle, including votives, tapers, and pillars. Illuminate your creative side with these easy to implement decorating ideas.

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Decorating Supplies

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Almost anything can be used to decorate ordinary candles. If you have a young child at home, you probably have a good supply of glitter glue and beads. If you sew, you can raid your stock of fabric scraps, ribbons, buttons, bias tape and straight pins. Get it all out and make a collection on your craft table. You never know which pieces will inspire you.

  1. 1
    Insert taper candle into candle holder
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    Taper candles tend to break easily. It will be easier to decorate if you insert it into a candle holder. TIP: If the taper candle is a little loose and wobbles inside the base, stuff a small wad of tissue paper into the base first, then push the bottom end of the candle in.
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    Use button studs
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    Shiny button studs have small sharp graspers that you can easily push into the wax of the candle. Every inch or so, insert a button stud, working in a straight line up the candle.
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    Turn the candle 4 degrees and insert button studs up the candle in an offset pattern.
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    Use glitter glue
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    Turn the taper candle on its side and trace a thin line of glitter glue in a swirly pattern in and out of the button studs to give the illusion of a shiny vine working its way up toward the wick.
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    Use thin ribbon
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    On your second taper candle, pin one end of a thin ribbon to the very bottom of the candle. Twist the ribbon up and around the candle. At the top, secure the ribbon with a button stud. Repeat with a second ribbon, working in the opposite direction. The result will be a diamond-like pattern.
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    Use beads and pins
    Use large beads to decorate a pillar candle. Insert a pin into the bead, and pierce the candle with it.
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    Make a flower pattern
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    Insert more beads and pins in the candle in a circular pattern. Place one last bead and pin in the middle to emulate a flower design on the side of the candle.
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    Tie it with a ribbon
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    Cut a length of narrow green ribbon and tie a bow with it. Use a pin to secure the bow in its center, just below the beaded flower pattern to give the impression of a stem with leaves.
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More Ideas

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You can decorate candles with ribbons in the colors of your favorite sports team, in holiday colors, or in boy or girl colors to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Decorated candles make thoughtful gifts for birthdays and special occasions.

For Decorative Purposes Only

Keep in mind that decorated candles are for decorative purposes only. The materials you use to embellish the candles may not be flame resistant, so they shouldn't be used for burning.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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