Decide if You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day is one of the major holidays celebrated in the United Sates and Canada.The United States celebrates every fourth Thursday of November. While Canada, in much the same way as in the U.S., celebrates it on every second Monday in October.

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How to Decide if you Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

This is a holiday devoted to giving thanks and acknowledging blessings.

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    Ask yourself 'what do you have to be thankful for'
    No matter how insignificant you may think it is, someone some where may think it's important. So, don't discount the little things.
    Irish Blessing May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.jpg
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    Many religions encourage people to acknowledge the good parts of their lives.
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    Even if you're not affiliated with any religion it may be a rewarding experience to acknowledge accomplishments in your life like obstacles you've overcome.
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    Do you like spending time with those you care about
    Thanksgiving is a day devoted to getting together with friends, family, and loved ones.
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Facts about Thanksgiving Day

As the real meaning of Thanksgiving Day continues to evolve and even get lost in non-traditional practices it may be humbling to recall how it all started.

  • In the fall of 1621, after having their first successful harvest in the new world the Pilgrims invited the American Indians to dine with them as a way of thanking them for teaching them how to farm the new land and saving them from starvation.
  • Certain records, however, traces this momentous American Christian tradition back to the year 1623. It was Governor William Bradford of the 1620 Pilgrim Colony, "Plymouth Plantation" who first asked the people to gather to thank the Almighty God for the harvest in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • The Canadian Thanksgiving Day might have came about as a spin-off of England's harvest-home festivities.

Alternative Ways To Spend Thanksgiving Day

  • Charity work. You can be a volunteer and help those less fortunate than you are.
  • Donation. You can gather all the things which you don't need and give it to an orphanage, home for the elderly or other places that accept donations. You can donate unwanted items or money.
  • Treat it as an ordinary day. If you decide that celebrating isn't for you, you can always treat it as an ordinary day.

Additional Tips and Suggestions

  • If you have trouble keeping up with possible blessings throughout the year create a 'blessings jar'. Write on a piece of paper the blessing the day it happened and add it to the jar. You can read them on Thanksgiving Day.

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