Decide Should You Friend Request the Guy You Like Even if He Has a Girlfriend

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If you like an unmarried guy who has a girlfriend, should you send him a friend request on social media? The answer to this question depends on a lot of different factors. There really is no set right or wrong answer here. It ultimately depends on how you feel about it. Do you think it is wrong? If you were his girlfriend and another girl who liked him sent a friend request, how would you feel about it? Should it be left up to him to decide? Most men and women can have friends of the opposite sex while still maintaining a relationship if they respect each other's boundaries.

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Simple Tips to Make up Your Own Mind

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    The Right Or Wrong Conundrum
    In this age of mass Tecno communications, the right or wrong in the case of asking a girlfriend-ed guy (who you like) to be your friend on social media seems ridiculous. Most people on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and the like) have hundreds, if not thousands of friends on their list. Does it mean they have a meaningful relationship with each person? Absolutely not. So what if they have a girlfriend already? So what if you like them? Perhaps by friending them on Facebook you may discover you do not like them after all. Or perhaps it may develop into something more. The point is there is nothing wrong with being their friend on a social media account. It is a social media place, it is cyberspace. There is no actual face-to-face communicating (unless you have Skype and a webcam). There is no harm in adding another friend to your long list of friends. Right?
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    The What If's
    Put yourself in his girlfriend's shoes. How would you feel if another girl who liked your boyfriend wanted to friend him? This can be a very one-sided answer so think carefully. While you may not appreciate it if some girl was going after your boyfriend on Facebook, you have to trust him, right? With that in mind, you have to trust him enough to let him decide if he wants to friend other girls, even if those girls like him. If he is meant for you, then a simple social media friendship will not sway him from you. On the other hand, what if he is meant to be with the new girl who friended him? Just because a couple is "boyfriend/girlfriend" does not mean he or she are completely off the market. As long as they are single, it is technically an open market. With this in mind, if you really like the guy, you should friend him whether he has a girlfriend or not.
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    Should You Friend Him
    After reading the above advice, the answer is obvious. While it is not wise to go after a married man, it is perfectly okay to send a simple friend request to a guy, even if he has another girlfriend. This act itself is very simple and innocent. Just because you sent him a friend request does not make you sound overly forward or suggestive. Social media offers a level playing field for communications among people, whether they're married, taken, or blatantly single, so just go for it.
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  • Never give out personal or contact information (phone number, address, work place, etc.) to people you don't know online, because they can use this against you.
  • Never arrange to meet someone privately that whom have just met online. You don't know if the person is dangerous or has bad intentions.
  • If you do decide to meet after getting to know each other, do some research on the person beforehand. Arrange to meet in a public place, and bring a friend along if you want to be extra cautious. Make sure everyone knows where you are and when you'll be home. If you ever feel uncomfortable at any point, trust your gut and abandon your meeting. It's better safe than sorry.
  • Speak with your parents or friends about your online contacts and make sure that everyone knows what you're doing online. It's the only safe way to go.

Questions and Answers

What a boy thinks when a girl sends him a friend request?

Guys react differently when a girl sends them friend requests. Some would think that she plainly wants to be friends with them. Other guys, though, may suspect that they were sent a friend request because the girl is interested in them. Unless they already know each other, a guy would likely not be thinking of anything else.

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If the boy knows the girl that sends him a friend request. For example, the girl is his classmate or co-worker, then he is not going to question or think about why the girl sent him a friend request him.

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If the boy doesn't know the girl that sends him a friend request, he will think and question "Why she add me?", then the boy will look at the girl's profile to see if he knows it, to see if it is a fake account and to see if it is not a poser. He will think also that the girl wants something to him.

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Boys will really accept the friend request from the girls because mostly the boys are the one who keeps on sending a friend request to girls. The boys really like it if a pretty girl is the one who send a friend request.

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Does he lies when he says he has a girlfriend?

Not always. He may or may not have a girlfriend. Some guys claim they have a girlfriend (even if they don't), if they have a strong suspicion that a girl likes them. This could be a discreet way of telling her that she needs to back off. When a guy is in love and proud to be in a relationship, he would not deny having a girlfriend. So depending on what his intentions are, he could always say he has a girlfriend, whether he does or not.

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It may be true, but it is very uncommon for a guy to lie about having a girlfriend, most guys lie about not having a girlfriend in a lot of instances or situations. If he says he has a girlfriend then ask him for proof which should be easy for a lot of guys carry or have pictures of their girlfriend in their phones or social networking sites.

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When a boy asks, may I send you a friend request, what should a girl answer?

If a boy asks if he can send you a friend request, the girl should just say "Yes" or "Of course". Give your social network profile or you may ask his social network profile. There is nothing wrong for adding a new friend and making a new friend in a social networking site. Always remember and try not to give your email address to him and to other people also just in case and it is safer if you are the one who will add him so that you can see first his profile. If you are going to say "No" personally to his friend request the guy will be sad or down.

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I had a girl at work, who I had some contact with over the last year all of a sudden friend request me?

This girl is pretty cool and I make her nervous sometime to the point she stutters and has a loss of words. Would a friend request mean anything? We are both very nice people and we get along. However at work I really am not supposed to talk to her. But now she has moved to another job and we message just a bit. As I am unsure about what this means?

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Yes, a friend request can mean something or different things to a lot of people. For one, she could have really looked up your name on search engines and varied social media sites or maybe, she could have stumbled on your page while going over the profiles of some common friends. The bottom-line is that she is wants to connect with you and get to know you better - that definitely means something. Also, if she stammers or becomes nervous whenever you are around or when you are talking to her then the feelings could be mutual. You may be both attracted to each other and would want to take things to another level. This could definitely start a new friendship that could potentially blossom to a promising relationship.

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I love him that's why I sent LinkedIn invitation. We saw our photos we did not talk even. Does he has interest in me or not? Please solve this problem?

Please explain with details, because I love him and want to marry him

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Should I send a Facebook message to a male colleague I fancy?

I am 40 married (but getting separated although it is not publicly known). I fancy a guy at work. he is 50. there is a very strong mutual attraction between us but he won't approach me as he thinks I am married. We both like exercising so we talk a lot about sports etc., but at work everyone is watching so we can't have a normal conversation really. I don't think he is married; he doesn't wear a ring and he doesn't disclose his marital status on Facebook. I would love to let him now somehow that I am interested in him as well, but I don't want to be very obvious about it. I also don't want to come across weird, is it a good idea to send him a Facebook message?

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My crush is my childhood friend. For last 3 years we had no connection. 2months ago he sent me a friend request. I accepted him promptly. through our conversation I felt that maybe he likes me. I fall in love with him, but after 1/2 week he told me that he has a girlfriend. At that time I want to stop communicating with him, but he requested me not to break our friendship?

Right now what should I do? If I go on communicating with him, I can't stop myself from his thoughts. Should I continue with him as a very good friend or I strictly prohibit myself from his thoughts and feelings of mine for him?

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Should I sent a guy friend request after he denied to give me his number because he is dating?

I met this guy at an event of two days and we didn't really talk but I anyway asked him for his number so should I send him a request even after knowing that he is dating?

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