Deal with a painful break up

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This article will be on how a person can deal with a painful break up from their partner.

Steps to Help Get Over and Move on After a Painful Breakup

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    Face the break up but do not dwell in the situation for too long of a process. By facing the issue you will be able to completely understand why things went the way they went and what you could do to prevent it from happening again in the future. If you ignore the issue then you will continue to hold the pain inside longer than if you are to face the fact that you have broken up with your partner.
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    Do not revert back to your partner after the break up especially if the cause of break up rested on your end of the relationship. If you continue to think about the happy times you and your partner shared then understand that you will start to want to go back to your partner whom may be angry, non-acceptable or involved with another which can do further damage to you in your recovery.
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    Put space in between you and your ex completely by ignoring them altogether during this process. If you and your ex have decided to become friends then you can talk to them but not give them your full attention all the time as you would if the two of you were dating. Limit the communication between you and your ex along with mutual friends at time for they will sometimes be used to gain how you are doing during the break up.
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    Take your responsibility for the break up on your part for it is mostly not only one person's fault for a break up. When accepting your part you are admitting your mistakes and it in fact is healthy to your new start. Acceptance is the one true part of being able to move on completely from the relationship.
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    Scream and shout if necessary for you will feel a sense of being angry with the situation. This is also a positive process in the break up situation so do not feel as if you have to hold the anger in for it will be released one way or another but do it in a positive way (basically in private and away from the other partner).
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    Contact your friends and family in order to talk out the situation with them for they will show both empathy and sympathy to your situation. During your talks they will also make you feel better by having someone to talk to about your situation and also will help by allowing you to get those feeling out to someone else other than holding them inside yourself alone. Others will also open up a doorway to outside happiness which can help you to find humor and positivity in your life.
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    Write your feelings in a diary or journal if you are not yet comfortable with talking to someone for this will still get your feelings out but just in a more private way. Writing your feelings out will also help you to see your feelings out on paper to be able to read them over which can bring closure within yourself during the break up.
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    Remove everything that will remind you of your previous partner from presents, pictures, clothing, letters and contact information. The cleaning out of everything will help you to come to the reality that the relationship is really over and finished between you and your ex-partner. By keeping all of these items you will revert to the old memories and it may cause a sense of depression within yourself by being reminded of your ex-partner from the items.
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    Take up a hobby or anything that will take your mind off everything that Is going on in your life pertaining to the break up. Good hobbies are sports, art or reading for these will place your emotions to something positive through sports and art while reading will take your mind away to another world through the literature.
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    Think of anything negative when you start to think about your ex-partner for the negative will push you away further from wanting to be with that person again in any type of relationship. This step acts as the opposite of thinking good thoughts that would attract you back to them once again.
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    Exercise. Physical activity through exercise releases chemicals called endorphins which interact with brain receptors that reduces your perception of pain. The pleasant feeling, similar to that triggered by morphine, is like euphoria and runner's high, which results in a positive Outlook on life, in spite of the painful break up.
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    Do not date somebody else immediately after the break up. You are in a state wherein a mix of emotions: Guilt, confusion, anger, disappointment, regret, will come into play. Thus, you are in no condition to take a romantic interest in somebody else at this stage. For one, it would be unfair to the new person if you are not completely ready. Give some time for healing. You will know that you are ready for a new relationship if you can talk and think about your ex without bitterness.
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