Deal with a blind partner

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A blind person will have complications during the relationship but there are steps that can help strengthen and also build a sense of understanding in the relationship. This is no easy task at all but it is possible to help the relationship out for the good and not the worse. If you truly love this person then you will put all unnecessary things to the side in order to make the relationship between you and your partner as successful as possible to keep the relationship in tact from start to finish.

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    Allow the blind partner to help you will certain things for this will help them to feel important in the relationship
    This doesn't mean to show pity on them but sometimes allow them to be their own person and help you in certain situations for regardless if they are blind or not they will be able to help in certain situations in life. No blind person will want to feel useless and that they cannot do anything in order to help or prove their importance in the relationship. When they offer help or advice allow them to express how they feel or their help in order to fix any certain situation. This goes double for males for you will need them to feel as if they are a man in the relationship instead of treating them like a kid or someone who needs to be helped around all the time.
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    Ask the person their opinion in certain situations that will arise in the relationship and also in life for just because their blind does not mean they are completely dumb or anything for they have a mind just like anyone else and they even have their own opinion of things in the same areas that you have in the relationship and also life in general
    A lot of people fail in this section by not allowing the partner to express how they feel in the relationship and taking over all decisions in the relationship making them feel as if they do not have a say about anything because of their disability. You can still battle with them with certain things but it is just important to allow them to express themselves in the relationship fully without feeling as if they are restricted because of their disability.
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    Ask if your partner wants help instead of offering the help right off the back for asking will give them a sense of pride allowing them to take your help or not
    By asking for help you will allow the blind partner to try things on their own from time to time. By doing this you will boost their self-esteem about themselves which in turn will help the relationship as a whole. Before doing anything it is important to ask them if they need help instead of offering help instantly or taking over whatever it is that they are trying to perform at the time.
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    Be sure to treat the person just as you would if they weren't disable by being blind for everyone will have the same wants and desires as any other person who will be in the relationship
    It's not going to be perfect for there may be the simple issues such as jealousy, arguments and etc. Just remember that the relationship will go through the same things that normal relationships go through but be sure to be sensitive to the persons disability when in argument or battles over anything in the relationship.
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    Be honest when tings arise in the relationship or the persons performance for lying will not help them at all in the relationship to grow
    Allow them to know of their mistakes so that they can try harder later to not repeat them but also be patient in this process for it is not any easy things to do when you are blind and trying to function normally.
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