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John Krasinski, otherwise known as Jim in NBC's series, The Office, said in one of their episodes, "Everything I have I owe to this job ... this stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job." Indeed, people should love their work, no matter what. It puts the food on the table - end of discussion. As such, when you are in the workplace, you should be able to deal with each colleague with utmost professional manner.

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There are a number of relationships present in the workplace. These interpersonal relationships can make or break your day at the office. Find out what these relationships are.

Different Workplace Relationships

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    You and your boss
    In this type of workplace relationship, you're the subordinate and the boss is your superior. It is expected that everyone treats the boss with utmost respect. However, oftentimes employees not only respect the boss, but they also fear him. Perhaps it is because of his booming voice, or the way he presents himself to you - unsmiling, strict and very professional. You should understand that the boss is responsible for whatever shortcomings that the whole company makes. Whatever mistake you make that has a direct effect on the company's productivity, he will be the one who needs to explain it to his business partners or his boss.
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    You and your immediate supervisor
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    This is another type of workplace relationship in which you are the subordinate. You report directly to your immediate supervisor. He or she monitors your work and appraises your work performance. It is vital for you to maintain a professional working relationship with your immediate supervisor. This is to avoid gossip in the office that can ruin your reputation. This is especially true with immediate supervisors who maintain a comfortable working relationship in the office. Be cautious with throwing around jokes and banter. It is always best to maintain a safe distance from your supervisor, especially between male and female colleagues.
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    You and your subordinates
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    If you hold a higher position in the office, you should also conduct yourself in a manner such that your subordinates will respect you. If you should crack a joke or two to lighten your subordinates' mood, make sure that it is appropriate and will not offend anyone. You are indirectly representing the company to your subordinates, as well as to clients that you interact with.
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    You and your colleagues
    If you and your office mates happen to get along very well, it is still important to keep the relationship on a professional level. Do not discuss personal issues in the office or during working hours. This way, you are being more productive, and you can expect a good performance appraisal from your immediate superior. It is also vital to avoid romantic involvement with your colleagues. This will prevent gossip, and even termination for either one of you, especially if the company does not tolerate such types of workplace relationships.
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    You and your clients
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    As mentioned above, you represent the company to your clients. Consequently, how you conduct yourself during business transactions and decisions will obviously show what type of company you are in. Make sure that you are treated with utmost respect by treating your clients with the appropriate respect accorded to them. Should you get invitations to meet outside the office, make sure that it will not affect your work or work decisions in any way to avoid legal problems later on.
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Advantages of a Smooth Workplace Relationship

  • Improve Productivity at the Workplace. When you enjoy your work and the environment of your workplace, you are more eager to work, and you also Become an Effective Office Staff. As such, you are more motivated to work, so productivity increases. Consequently, you get satisfactory performance appraisals, which can be a stepping stone for promotions later on.
  • You are more apt to stay longer at work when you enjoy the people you work with. You won't get tired as easily, and learning other skills will be easier, too. With smooth and light workplace relationships, colleagues are more eager to teach their colleagues skills or ideas that they are not yet aware of. In short, the culture of cooperation and coordination is present with a smooth workplace interpersonal relationship.
  • People who enjoy the work they do and are satisfied with their work environment tends to be creative and resourceful. Innovation and creativity are developed when employees are on good terms with each other, making teamwork an easy work ethic to develop.

Questions and Answers

Why should there be a clear policy on workplace relationships?

Since getting attracted and loving a co-worker is not something that can be completely stopped by employers, it is very important that a clear policy is available to provide guidance on what is acceptable and not acceptable in the workplace.

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If there is a very clearly defined policy on workplace relationships, then it creates no confusion or "gray area". If people know exactly what they are allowed and not allowed to do, then it will be easier to avoid trouble. Alternatively, if you have a clearly defined ruleset, then people can't argue when you punish them for breaking the rules since it was clearly stated.

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What should be an employer's reaction towards workplace relationships?

As long as the couple does not violate any office policies, there is no need for the employer to actually get involved in the relationship. It should generally be considered something that's private between the couple.

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The reaction should be that the employer should not worry about the relationship unless it hinders the work efficiency of the two employees. As long as production is the same and it is not causing a conflict in the workplace the employer should be fine with the relationship.

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