Deal with a Rebound Relationship if You Are Pregnant from the Rebound Relationship

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Uh-oh. Being in a rebound relationship is tough enough, but being pregnant while in one is a whole different world. Are you experiencing a complicated turn of events caused by your "recent" relationship with your ex and the unexpected pregnancy with your rebound guy? As a woman, you have to step up and own responsibility, yet at the same time you have to determine the best course of action to take to minimize any more dilemmas in your current situation.

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Being pregnant while in an unstable relationship can cause all kinds of problems, but never forget, there is no problem beyond help. You will need the help of the people you love more than ever. Resolve not to take drastic measures either that could endanger the life of your baby. Also, you have to come to terms with the baby's father. If nothing else, you shouldn't be alone facing this huge part of your life.

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How To Deal With Being Pregnant In A Rebound Relationship

  1. 1
    Decide to continue
    The fact that you're reading this article proves that you want to continue with your pregnancy. You might be experiencing heavy emotions right now, but the baby has nothing to do with you or your partner's dilemma. The most crucial step in dealing with pregnancy is your ability to cope and go through with your pregnancy. You'll eventually be happy you did - once you see the baby for the first time, that is.
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    Be upset if you must
    Allow yourself to be upset about the surprise pregnancy. It will be a lot easier to get over it and continue once you come to terms with the fact that you really are pregnant just after breaking up with your ex, and while you are in a rebound relationship. Be realistic and accept that what happened has happened. It's perfectly fine to feel shocked and angry and you're justified in feeling that way. Don't feel guilty about your current emotions. Just remember not to give in to your negative feelings.
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    Get in sync with your partner
    As stated earlier, you'll need assistance from your friends and family, and especially your current partner, while facing this difficult situation. Do not hesitate to tell him that you are pregnant. You shouldn't assume all the responsibility yourself, so it's better that you tell him. Delaying the news may only serve to cause you more problems in the long run. Discussing it with the baby's father allows him to accept the fact and assist you throughout the pregnancy. If this fails, or if he doesn't take responsibility for the baby, you can opt to pursue legal action; contact an attorney or call a legal coordinator in your area.
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    Continue with your life
    While it's true that having a surprise pregnancy may cause unexpected issues in your life's plan, it shouldn't end your dreams. Despite being in a rebound relationship, you can make it work by making a plan with your partner and decide together how you'll deal with the inevitable changes once the baby comes. Never be afraid to ask for assistance. It's important to keep reminding yourself to find resources to ensure your baby will have a good future and that you will be able to realize your life dreams as well. Do your best to stay optimistic and focused.
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Where You're Coming From and Where You're Going

He Says He's Not Ready To Be A Dad


Well, that's just sad. Anyhow, don't try to change his mind or force him. The guy might need some time to accept the fact that he'll be responsible for another human being soon enough. Believe me, it's not easy. Discover where your partner's negativity lies and discuss it with him. It will do you good to work through your concerns together, as this will be a crucial moment to establish your relationship - - or not. Also, keep in mind not to take it personally if your partner isn't happy or excited.

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You Just Got Out Of A Relationship


It's true that you recently got off the hook from your last relationship and have just transitioned to this next one. This doesn't mean you can't have fun with your new relationship, even with the baby on the way. Think of it instead as the beginning of something exciting! While alone time will be difficult once the baby comes, it's not entirely impossible either. Just remember to put some effort into planning your date nights.

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Questions and Answers

Do women who get pregnant in rebound relationship make it work?

It depends on the woman and the health of the relationship the two people are currently in. It is very possible that a relationship like this can work between two people but it will take a lot of hard work and trust to make that happen. Baby or not, they need to love - to be in love - to care for one another.

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Do babies from a rebound relationship keep the relationship together?

No, pregnancy or having a child is not the definitive factor to keeping a couple together. The child in the beginning may cause the couple to get closer because of the child but does not mean that it will last after the child is born. The truth is, your relationship will be put to the test because of the baby.

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What can I do if my ex- girlfriend is five months pregnant and just started a rebound relationship?

After being together for 5 years we broke up over disagreements. I still love her. We always wanted a family but because of our fights we ended it. Everything is recent. She met someone online and now they are getting to know each other. He is a single dad and is giving her all the emotional support. I don't understand how she is dealing with her pregnancy and a rebound relationship at the same time. Also, can I still get her back? I have tried: I accepted the breakup. I am giving her space. No contact at all. She calls me sometimes to check on me. I think it was caused by: She wanted to get married and I wasn't ready but still decided to have a kid together.

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A child is a bigger commitment than a marriage. Your rejection of marriage told her that it was time to move on. She does still call you, so this means that she still has feelings for you, but she may be confused. If you really want her back then you need to make some dramatic gestures such as getting a ring for her and officially proposing. It's important if you do this to mention that you are not doing this because she is pregnant, but instead because tell her when she walked away you realized that you lost the most important person in your life. She left because she felt you did not value her enough, so show her that you really do value her above all else.

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Even though she is with another person right now, it is still possible to win her back with the promise of marriage. The person that she is with is a representation of who she would like you to be. Keep in mind that if you do not get back together with her because you are not married the custody situation of the child could be difficult for you as a father. There will also be the determination of child support. The most important thing you can do no matter what the outcome is fight to be the best father that you can to the child you helped bring into the world. Breaking up during a pregnancy can fester a lot of animosity and vengeance where parents begin using the child as a pawn to hurt each other. Do not let this happen and hold firm to being in the child's life, even if this means you have to go to court to assert your fatherly rights for custody time. Research custodial rights where you reside but be careful not to use those as a weapon to try to win her back.

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