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Peer groups play an important role in one's life. Peer groups are the circle of friends that we chose to spend time with based on like interests and compatibility. These peers or friends may affect you physically and mentally. They can effect your values, character, and behavior whether you are aware of it or not. Because adolescents spend more of their time with friends and other young people than they do with adults, they may be more influenced by irresponsible teenagers than with the sound advise and instructions of a parent or a teacher. This is understandable since we all enjoy being with someone who we share things in common with such as age, social status, hobbies, likes and values. Teenagers often prefer not to be friends with someone who is different.

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Today's teenager is also exposed to several forms of media informing us about what is in trend in today's fashions, technological devices, hobbies and even in social networking. Young people often idolize today's musicians and actors. It is too easy for them be influenced by what has "gone viral" or has become widespread. Being easily influenced, they are quick to follow these trends even if they are unhealthy, without benefit, or unsuitable for them. Peer pressure is often disruptive to personal growth and destructive to good character, but it can also have a positive effect. When an individual is encouraged by peers or friends to focus on studying and advancing his education, he will excel in school. Other positive influences might be to focus on things such as joining a volunteer group who helps the less-fortunate, playing sports, joining a theatrical company, or spending time with family.

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Peer pressure has the potential to effect us negatively, but we can choose not to let it push us into actions or situations that are not healthy for us. Our lives and the lives of our young people do not have to be influenced solely by social trends, the media or unsuitable peers. There are some practical ways to avoid the negative effects of peer pressure:

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    First, you must know yourself
    You need to know what you prefer, know what your values are, what your behavior should be, and most importantly what your goal in life is. Your goal determines the way in which you will go to get there.
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    Second, know the community you live in
    Community plays an important role in your life. The community is where you belong. You may spend the rest of our life in the community you are in now. You need to be reminded that the resources that are present in the community you live in decide the outcome of your daily routine.
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    Then, choose the proper friends
    It is important that you carefully choose the people you spend time with. By spending time with them, you are influenced by what they do, what they say, and by their values. Choose friend with good values.
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    Be a good influence
    One must also be a good example to his peer group. Encourage the individuals in your group to be good students, active community members and to be helpful at home.
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    Spend time with your family
    Family members are still make the best companions. When we are with family, we can be our true selves. We don't need to be pretend to be someone else. Communicating with and unburdening ourselves to family members about daily struggles can relieve stress. Family can help you deal with the burdens of peer pressure.
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    Most importantly, LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS
    Parents usually know best. They won't tell you to do something that will get you into trouble. They will tell you what is right, and who the right person to spend time with is.
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Dealing with the pressures that can come from friends and the media can be overwhelming at times, but choosing to be true to yourself and the standards and goals that you have set for yourselves will keep you strong. You will be the one influencing your friends...for the better.

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  • For Parents:

Your guidance is still needed by your children even as adults. Your advice is the best advice they will ever receive. Talk to them. Talk about their school activities, their teachers and their friends. When you notice that there is something wrong, or there is a change in your child, spend extra time with him or her, talking to them in private. There may be struggles that they are experiencing that they need to share with you.

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