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Not bother your busy boyfriend

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My boyfriend is so busy with his work, he is a site engineer with 6 projects to attend to and I am actually running out of nice words to make his day great and he seldom reply now. He stopped saying I love you for two days now, and he is not that sweet for two days now. He doesn't even answer my calls, he keeps saying he is busy.. I'm afraid that he will find somebody to talk with that will make him happy and relaxed. Even good night has been very hard for him to send me. I want to send him messages that will make him reply to me and put him in a good mood and sweetness with me. I just hope he still loves me?

1.Does he still love me?

2.Do I irritate him during his work? 3.Why he was not that sweet to me for the past few days? 4.What kind of sweet uplifting words I can send him to make him wait and reply my messages? 5.How can I make him show back his love for me same as before.

Right now you need to send him encouraging messages. Do not flood him with questions about your relationship and how he feels about you. Your insecurity could actually push him away even further. Trust me, if he is too busy for you then he is definitely too busy to find someone else.

Send the messages but keep them to just three times a day unless he replies. In the morning, afternoon and before bed is sufficient. Let him focus on his projects so the messages you send should not be needy or a cry for attention. Show him that you are just fine on your own.

His love for you probably has not changed. If he is not showing it currently, he will as soon as he gets some time to relax and decompress. Many of us are hardwired to focus on work until the job is done. This means we shut everyone and everything out until we are done. It does not mean that we do not love you though. If you are the person for him you will understand these times in your relationship.

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How to reach my boyfriend, he is so busy with his work and we have different hours because he is working across the miles. Please help me on how to reach him out to keep me closer I want him a lot?

How to reach my boyfriend, he is so busy with his work and we have different hours because he is working across the miles. Please help me on how to reach him out to keep me closer I want him a lot

Because you are on opposite hours, schedule your messages to him for when he is awake and working. You can find many apps in Google Play. Complete the SMS and then schedule them. It will probably surprise him and show him that you are thinking of him always.

Hi, I'm from the Philippines and I have an online boyfriend and he is from New Zealand and he is always busy in his work but sometimes he answers me. How to handle that I love him and he said he loves me too?

How to handle a distance relationship to keep him?

Commitment and attraction are just part of the whole that makes a great relationship. To handle a long distance relationship, you'll need to put in a little extra effort than a girl who lived in the same town as her boyfriend, but it's really not that much different than if your boyfriend had moved to another country to go to medical school while you went to university in your hometown.

Focus on the little sweet things you can do for him, like sending some of the sweet love messages we've listed here, or occasionally mailing him a package or a card through the post. Remember that when you message him, if he's busy, it's important not to ask for or demand a response. Instead, tell him what you want, and let him take that as a gift and token of your love. Remember that a gift asks for nothing in return. When you send him a message to say, "I love you," it shouldn't be a requirement for him to message you back.

Focusing on what you have, and how you can build that into something that will last a lifetime, is a great thing the two of you can work on together. Building a future in a long distance relationship can actually be easier sometimes than building one in a close relationship because many of the little distractions you might normally have are gone (like arguing about what to eat, or which movie to see).

Speaking of movies, have you watched movies together yet? It's a great way to build time together, and you can watch a movie while chatting and sharing the experience - almost as if you were in the theater together.

My boyfriend went to a business trip. The journey was a 13hrs drive. I never slept thinking about him and I texted him so many messages telling him how I have lost sleep. He never replied any. In the morning I saw his last seen on WhatsApp, I felt bad and said harsh words to him, he never replied still. Now I want to apologize?

I NEED A TOUCHING APOLOGY for him to feel pity and talk to me. I love him with very much

Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You and Write an Apology Letter to Your Boyfriend are two VisiHow articles to help you further compose the right message of forgiveness. It is hard to push neediness on our significant other, especially when they are absent from us. Apologize for being so over obsessive. Your concern for his well being was valid but you pushed it too far.

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Not bother your busy boyfriend
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How should I text my boyfriend to get him to write me something sweet back?

So I tell him all these sweet things and he even tells me they are all really sweet, but he doesn't say sweet things like that back to me... Please Help!!!

You can't really change a person's emotional output. He may have a hard time expressing his feelings or just clueless on how to sweet talk. Focus on what he actually does to show you that he loves you. Talking to him about how it would be nice if he attempted to sweet talk might open him up a little. Do not be discouraged if it seems that he still is not making enough effort. If he treats you right, know that he loves you.

Point out and acknowledge when he says sweet things in person. Perhaps encouragement will make him more comfortable to text sweet nothings.

How to express love in my message?

I want to show him that I love him. How can I say this in my message?

One of the reasons love is so difficult to express is that sometimes the way we say or need to hear 'I love you' is different than the way the person we love will understand or say it. For example, a shy boyfriend might feel that you love him when you hold his hand and sit next to him, but another man might want you to tell him, write long letters, or possibly even cook him a meal. Different men express and receive 'love messages' differently, just like women. For some women, flowers or a poem can say I love you, while others prefer jewelry or little gifts. Some others simply want to spend time with their man and don't see gifts as a true expression of love.

So, what kind of man is your boyfriend? How does he show you that he cares? Is it in what he says, or are there other little things he does for you? Think about these, and then use the link at the beginning of this Q&A guide to see our 100 love messages. Using that guide, you can find a way to let him know just how important he is and show him how much you really care.

I am trying to think of a nice text to send to my ex husband. We are talking about getting back together. He is 60 and I am 61. We have been apart for 10 years. I don't want to push him but I need to contact him every couple of days. Does he like attention?

My question is what should I say in my text to get some info from him without pushing him

Instead of over text, any questions you may have had should be over a cup of coffee or a casual setting. Do not push him about the past because this should be about both of you moving forward together. Also, if you have not forgiven him or he has not forgiven for reasons of the past then this relationship is doomed to fail again. While it is easy to fall into a "married life" routine again, avoid temptation and take it slow. Each of you has changed even subtlely in the last 10 years. It is about getting to know each other again.

How do I support my man when he feels unhappy at work?

Been with this guy close to a year now and things have been great over the past few months but recently everything has changed. In short, he doesn't do all the things he used to do before. I love him so much and his family has been great towards me but I can't shake the feeling that we are not what we used to be, he says he is unhappy at work, he thinks he should just quit, go home and will stay job hunting again. I have told him over and over, that I'd support him no matter what but it seems not to be enough. We used to talk for hours before over the phone but lately, he doesn't call me anymore. he would rather WhatsApp me. Please help, I can live without him but I do not want to.

Workplace issues can cause depression and anxiety. Sometimes when people are depressed, they withdraw from those they love and punish themselves. They may not even realize they are doing this to themselves. If you are in a long distance relationship, you should plan a trip to see him as soon as possible to talk to him face to face. Offering your support financially is an awesome gesture but he may not think you mean it or feel that would be too much on your relationship. Help a Loved One Dealing with Depression is a VisiHow article with further advice for you.

Something to cheer him up while he is at work?

He has a lot of work to do and has to deal with a lot of people.

Use GIFS and either personalize them or share them as they are. There are several websites and download a GIF app from Google Play. This will put a smile on his face and give him a minute of distraction.

How do I make a failing relationship work?

I got a boyfriend whom I am afraid to lose, he is studying medicine and part final so ever since I left his home going to my parent's house he has been cold on me. I am confused, should I let him go or how can I make the relationship work. We only have a month dating

You just started dating and right now he is probably trying to focus on school so pushing you away. Do not take it to heart. It is up to you, but wait it out until after finals. See if his attitude towards you changes. Offer him support towards completing his finals. You should both date much longer before moving in together. Realize that he will have several years still of completing his internship and residency. This is a grueling time of learning in the field while choosing your medical focus profession. The hours are exhausting and he will not have much time for you. If your relationship can stick it out during these years, it will be solid in the future.

What to say to a man when he says his day was stressful?

When your boyfriend comes home and tells you that his day was stressful, the best thing to say to him is to tell him you're sorry. It's not your fault, of course, but letting your boyfriend know that you feel bad that his day was stressful will make him feel better and will relieve the stress a bit. Sit next to him after you apologize and ask him to discuss his day with you. Talking about his day's stressful things with you can give your boyfriend a different perspective about what happened, and he may be able to look at the day's happenings and, with your help, relieve his stress by analyzing what happened and preventing it from happening next time. After you're done talking about his day and helping him that way, don't bring it up again -- this could cause him to become stressed again. Talk to him about his favorite sports, television shows, or video games. Offer to watch or play those things with him, as well. Now that you've helped him get his mind off of the stressful day, you will want to continue to do things with him to show him that you care and, more importantly, to keep his mind occupied with non-stressful things. Make sure you let him know periodically that you care about him, and telling him jokes while you play a video game or watch a movie together will make him laugh and remove any remaining stress that he has.

If you really want to step it up a notch, give him a neck and back rub. Messaging the neck area will release a lot of his stress and demonstrate you care about more than just words. You could also get him a drink and say something like "Let's take 10 minutes and hit the hot tub". If you don't have a hot tub you could prepare a bath for him. It sounds old fashioned but he will definitely enjoy the TLC.

I love her but she doesn't have time?

She had no time for me, but I still love her. What to do?

Women are attracted to men for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common reasons is a man's strength. If a man is always seeking the approval of a woman or smothering her with his love and need for her to respond to that love, she's likely to be turned off by that.

This is in part due to the fact that women expect men to make decisions as part of being a man. Sometimes that will mean doing unpleasant tasks she might not want to, such as killing a spider or taking out the trash. Other times it might be more difficult, such as working an extra job to pay the bills or disciplining a child you'd rather be hugging.

Because of these unspoken expectations, women are almost always drawn to men who appear strong and masculine. This is why so many girls are attracted to 'bad boys', and it's also why busy boyfriends often have such devoted and wonderful girlfriends - because they are showing their girlfriends that they are 'men', and not seeking approval.

As the renowned Giacomo Casanova famously said, "Be the flame, not the moth." This means you should be something to be attracted to, rather than allowing your own attractions to rule you. Instead of chasing her, be the flame, and she will be irresistibly drawn to you.

How can you move on when your sibling is angry at you?

How can you move on when your sibling is mad at you because of the remote

Become a Better Brother or Sister is a VisiHow article for you to read. When I was younger, one of my sisters and I had a huge argument over the TV remote. I thought it was the end of the world because we did not speak for several days. 30 years later, we have a loving and solid relationship. You both will overcome this.

Make the first move in apologizing. Even if you were right, it is always best to end the conflict. We all have disagreements with our siblings but it is how we overcome them that is important. You can begin the healing process by being the bigger person. This will show your sibling that you do not want strife with them.

How to know a person is honest or not?

I knew one guy at Facebook, he refuses to show me his passport, or house address, he always says he wants to spend the rest of life with me and wants me to go meet him. For me, it feels like not safe.

Trust your gut. If you do decide to meet him, do not go alone. Perhaps invite several friends to go on the trip with you. Do not share any details of where you will be staying or when you will be arriving. Instead, schedule a first date meeting at a public location and provide no further details of your travel itinerary. Be prepared for him to not even show up. All of that being said, if he is not giving you his house address for you to send him mail, then end this. He seems to be hiding something with that omission.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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