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This article will be on how to create a survival kit just in case anything happens wherever you are going, this kit is for mostly if you are going camping or are making a long road trip just to ensure that you can survive whatever is thrown your way just in case. A survival kit will help you to overcome any obstacle that you will face.

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    The first step to creating this survival kit is to obtain either a computer bag, lunch bag or a backpack
    Choose a bag that will be suitable for the type of survival kit you plan on making. The purpose of having a type of bag like this is to ensure that you have enough space for everything that you may need to help you survive. Keep in mind that you don't need to be able to fit everything in the bag. A good storage tote kept in your trunk can hold most of the items and you can use the backpack to carry the things that you need when you're on the move.
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    The main things that you will need are as follows
    1. Waterproof Matches- A good package of waterproof matches can meant the difference between a cold,wet night and a warm comfortable one.
    2. A flint and striker-A flint and striker can come in very handy when your matches are lost or used up. They can be purchased at most outdoor stores for a minimal amount and you should become proficient in their use before you need them. In some cases you can purchase a tinder box which contains the flint, striker, and tinder.
    3. A waterproof packet of tinder-There is a big difference between kindling and tinder. Kindling is any material that can be lit with an open flame such as your matches. Tinder is something that will catch with just a spark and create coals to which you add your kindling when starting a fire. If you know your way around the woods you can find tinder in the dry middle parts of some kinds of tree fungus, but if you keep a small waterproof bag full of dryer lint or some cloth that has already been charred, it will work just as well.
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    4. A small pot- (preferably a pot used to boil water)
    5. Bull horn or whistle-When you are lost or stranded these things can help alert would-be rescuers to your location.
    6. A Good Survival knife- When most people think of a survival knife, the movie Rambo comes to mind. While those handy little things with the hollow handle may look impressive, in a real survival situation they aren't much good. With a hollow handled knife, the blade is not "full tang". What that means exactly is that the base of the blade doesn't extend the full length of the handle. That means that the knife is not as strong and is less likely to hold up to strenuous uses like chopping tree branches. A blade that is not full tang could also loosen or break causing you to get cut.
    7. A length of good, sturdy rope- 25 to 50 feet of good rope is a must. Any kind will do, but ideally you should carry para-cord. 550 para-cord can be found at almost any sporting goods store and is strong enough for just about anything that you might need it for.
    8. A plastic or canvas tarp-The tarp doesn't have to be huge in order to shelter you from wind and rain. A 12x12 size is adequate to give you shelter from the elements when lashed down with your handy length of rope.
    9. Zip ties
    10. Flash light
    11. Gloves
    12. Space blanket
    13. balls
    14. Pen or other writing instrument
    15. Note book. (rain proof)
    16. Compass
    17. Small roll of aluminum foil
    18. First aid kit- A well stocked first aid kit is a must for any survival kit. You should carry band aids, sterile gauze, tape,bandage shears, antibiotic ointment, and disinfectant, as well as some type of pain reliever. Most first aid kits will come stocked with these things but you may want to inspect it and add the things that you need.
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    19. Radio. (preferably a wind up radio)
    20. Water bottle.
    21. Food-Lightweight, nutritious snacks, such as granola bars, protein bars, or dried fruits can help you keep up your strength until help arrives.
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    After you have got all the things that you need you can put them all in your bag but if you do not have enough space then you can easily change and get another bag that can hold all of you items.
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