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This article will be on how you can create a blog successfully to either promote your business, profession or share your thoughts personally. Blogging is a free to very inexpensive way to express these options, when you decide to start it can take as little as 5 minutes to set up and begin your journey. When creating your blog you will need to already know the topic of your blog or concept on which you are wanting to create your blog on to get started, also a good blog program which you can put to good use is Blogger which is provided to you through Google or word press.

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    Before you begin your blog you will need to brainstorm on what you want to create your blog about, ensure that the blog you creating is something that interests you so that you can continue to write daily
    When you begin to write your blog be sure that you post original content (your own articles in your words) and not to plagiarize for this will make your blog an authentic making readers not want to tune it for your ideas are stolen. Writing about something that interests you can bring about a swarm of articles for the topic will be something that interests you and love. A lot of bloggers target what is hot or trending but does not last long for they are actually not interested in the topic of the blog which hurts the quality of the content produced. Here are some topics that bloggers write about: *Art, *Life, *Comedy, *Movies, *Experiments, *Education, *Products, *Politics, *Food, *Cars, *Their Business, And many more. But ensure that when writing your blog that you ensure to write about something that interests you which I cannot express enough for this will make your blog successful in writing about something you find important and interesting.
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    After you have come up with your topic of discussion, focus on how you want to reach people through your blog so that you can connect to them so that they will want to read your blog over and over again
    A lot of blogs reach people through different ways in order to gain their attention so you will need to find your niche or way to gain peoples interest either through teaching them, discuss current events (what's trending), their funny bone or to inspire people. These avenues of approach will determine the reaction of your audience for they will be looking for these ways to connect with the blog. In the act of writing in your blog ensure to keep certain things out of your blog such as talking about your family, workers, friends or anything that you will not want to discuss with others as your blog is made public and can be seen by anyone in the world.
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    Another tactic that can help with creating your blog is to look at other blogs also in the process to see what else people are writing about pertaining to your topic
    Even though this seems like you are spying on people you actually aren't your just comparing notes for it is important to not write the same thing that all other people are writing about for this will make your blog just like the others and can sway away readers from reading your blog because they have already read about the same topic beforehand. Looking at other people's blog can also bring a sense of originality also to see what is different about theirs from yours and seeing what you can do to keep it unique among other blogs.
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    It is important that to stay brainstorming to keep your ideas fresh and plan for the next topic ahead of time
    When you begin to write it is important to always plan for the next article so that you do not reach a point where your writing has to take a pause. To keep your blog at a success you will need to make sure you write in your blog daily so that you won't lose your readers attention for they will visit daily to view your blog to see what's new. When you lose your factor of being fresh then you will also lose your target audience and readers who depend on your original content daily.
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    Utilize Google ad words to see how searchable your blog is by using key words that are searched on Google
    When you visit Google ad words type in words that you use on your blog to see how much they are searched for by Google search engines. If you use words naturally in your blog that are searched for a lot then your blog will be more searchable than without using key ad words. The most important thing is to use key ad words in your blog but to also ensure that the competition is low, for if you are using the same words as bigger sites then your blog will be the last a reader will go to after viewing the websites with better ratings than your blog. Before writing your blog it is a good idea to check in with Google ad words to see which words you can use naturally in your blog to bring your blog up the ranks a bit more to be seen by others, using Google ad words can really promote the success of your blog so use it wisely.
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    When you figure out all the above you will need to decide on exactly which program you want to use in order to create your blog
    You will have many choices but the most popular blog programs are Blogger (associated with Google) and word press here are the comparisons between word press and blogger with Google.
    1. Blogger:. With blogger you can create a free blog page with the option to create a custom URL for $10 a year, so you can keep the free domain name or create your own for the price stated above completely up to your decision. Also by using blogger you will have the access of Google's tools to make your blog more searchable and promote faster. Also using blogger make the process of getting approved by AdSense easier than using another program. Also through the Google Blogger you will be able to keep up with your stats easily during your blogging adventure, the stats will show you how many page views, target audience and help you keep track of your earnings from Google AdSense.
    2. Word Press:. Using word press will take a little more time than it will through using blogger with Google and it will also have its own set of tools to put at your disposal like Google. With word press you will need to either pay $18 for your custom domain or pay $13 for a previous domain name that you have stored. SO if you are thinking about word press understand that it will cost you more than Google and take a little more time to set up. When wanting to start a blog with Google's Blogger simply visit to get yourself started, but you will need to create a Gmail account in order to create this account unless you already have an existing account. If you wish to start with word press you will need to visit and you can start an account from there and be on your way to creating your blog.
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    After you have set up your blog you can also insert videos to express your content also, simply create videos and place them into your blog also to use just as you would if you were to be typing your blog
    When making your video for your blog be sure to be informative and not boring for some people turn away from a boring video or non-informational one so be sure to keep it exciting.
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    After creating your blog you can list your blog in the blogger site listings so that you can promote your blog online for free
    When adding your blog to the listings you can bring traffic to your blog but ensure that you are keeping your content fresh for you will generate more viewers than before so make sure you are ready to write as much content as you can before proceeding to list your blog.
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Creating a blog can be easy through these popular programs but will take a love for your content in order to manage and keep your blog popular and readable by your viewers. If your blog stays afloat like it should it could bring rewards your way such as being indexed and AdSense approved by Google.


  • When you create your blog you will need to get your blog around the internet. Using blogger you will need to gain friends from your circle on Google+ if you use this effectively you will have a lot viewers reading your content making your blog more and more popular.
  • Ensure that you continue to write daily, this is stressed because missing one day can lead to losing one or more readers which can put a hurting on your blog.
  • Be sure to look around on other blogs to ensure that you are writing on your topic effectively and originally. Be sure to keep your topics and content different and uniquely from other bloggers.
  • While writing your blog ensure to include pictures and other forms of descriptions to get your readers attention for being visual can help keep the reader's attention.
  • Your blog can also become a money maker so sign up for Google AdSense and Ad words to get your site funded by Google to bring in extra money for your blog could also turn into another source of income or even a full time job to give you more time with your family.
  • Do not plagiarize in any form anything on your blog needs to be original and if your use someone else's words be sure to give them their credit by posting their link address and cited works to ensure that your blog does not take a bad hit for using someone else's content.
  • A good way to increase traffic is to write on others blogs to promote your blog and also include their blog on your site sort of a team effort to gain more viewers.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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