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So you want to create a video for YouTube like billions of others before you? No problem. It may seem complicated, but you can do it and you can do it for free. This can be used for music videos, gaming videos, or most types of videos you can think of. Let me show you were to start and what user-friendly programs are available to use.


What do you want to record?

There are different tools to use depending on what type of video you are trying to create, which depends on whether you are trying to record yourself through a webcam, something you are playing, or just your desktop active screen.

You need to ask yourself questions about what you are trying to create and once you know the answer then you can dive into these programs below. All of these programs record video and audio, and give you the option to do only one or the other.

Video Recording Software

Open Broadcaster Software[1] for Windows, Mac and Linux

-Open Broadcaster Software (OBS as most call it) is one of the best free video recording programs there is. It allows video recording for:

  • Livestreaming
  • Gaming
  • Through your webcam
  • Specific parts of your screen

The only thing OBS doesn't do very well is recording your active desktop (what you see on your screen) or recording specific portions of what you are seeing. It has a large number of features and gadgets to play with, and a large user base on their website that are friendly to newcomers. The big drawback to OBS is that it isn't that user-friendly and there aren't many guides for it available.

Bandicam[2] for Windows and Mac

-Sadly Open Broadcaster Software is the only decent free video recording software, but Bandicam does offer a free version for its otherwise premium video editing software. Bandicam allows video recording for:

  • Livestreaming
  • Gaming
  • Through your webcam
  • Specific parts of your screen
  • Your active desktop

Since Bandicam is a commercial product it does offer video recording for everything and in a very high quality way. The free version has two restrictions: you can only record ten minutes at a time and there is a Bandicam watermark on your video. Other than those restrictions you get to see everything that is offered, like:

  • Can record at up to 4k resolution
  • Can record at up to 120 frames per second (FPS)
  • Small file sizes for your recordings, comparatively
  • Is suitable for less than powerful computers
  • Performance monitoring
  • Allows files to be uploaded straight to YouTube

Bandicam is one of the main two video editing software's there are and for many good reasons. The free version is easy to use and if you have any issues with there are a huge number of tutorials for it on the Bandicam website[3]. It's worth trying out.

Fraps[4] for Windows only

-Like Bandicam, Fraps is not free but it does have a free version that acts nearly the same. The free versions has three main restrictions: you can only record for a limited period of time, there is a Fraps watermark on the videos you record and you cannot record at the highest possible resolution. Fraps allows video recording:

  • Livestreaming
  • Gaming
  • Through your webcam
  • Your active desktop

It offers most features that the other two video recording tools have, but it is also a bit more archaic and the Fraps website itself isn't filled with tutorials or generally that much information about the product. However, the features it offers are:

  • Can record at up 7k resolution
  • Can record at up to 120 frames per second (FPS)
  • Allows you to monitor performance with benchmarking tools
  • Allows you to take high resolution screenshots of anything

With all of those nice features Fraps has quite a few negatives. It is by far the hardest on your computer out of the three video recording tools, which often results in large dips in frames per second while you are recording and that makes your actual recording less smooth. Fraps file sizes are massive depending on what resolution you record in and you'll need a lot of space if you plan to work with a lot of footage. Lastly, according to the Fraps website it hasn't been updated since 2013.

Despite all of that it is still a very powerful video recording tool, but it is more focused on high-end computers and recording video games.

Audio Editing Software

Audio editing and capture is peculiar because most video capture tools let you capture audio as well, and so do many video editing tools, but there is one specific free audio editing tool that is needed to give your video the level of quality it deserves.

Audacity[5] for Windows, Mac and Linux

Like Open Broadcaster Software, Audacity is an open source tool that is free to anyone and filled with community based information. It is still regularly updated and it gives you a wide variety of tools, and guides, to use for recording and editing audio.

The main thing you would use Audacity for is voice capture via a webcam, built-in mic or external microphone. Some of the most important features it has are:

  • Several track layers, so you can have multiple audio streams overlapping. Particularly useful for importing audio from a game or for inserting a music clip, and then also recording a voice-over on top of that.
  • Detailed editing tools that allow you zoom in and see fractions of a second. Used for picking out very specific parts of a recording or to see the sound levels.
  • Over thirty effects that can you use to modify, enhance or edit your audio track.
  • Noise cancellation tools, which are used for cancelling out background noise or anything you don't want to actually be audible in your video. Explained below.

While Audacity has an impressive number of tools to let you play with your audio track, the most common one used and one of the most important is Noise Removal. This tool lets you identify and select parts of your audio track that are emitting undesired noises, and then it allows you to remove them from every single audio track.

To edit out undesired sounds in Audacity, follow these steps:

  1. 1
    Click on the selection tool (it looks like an uppercase I) and select the part of your audio track where you hear an undesired noise. This is also shown in the above screenshot.
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  2. 2
    Zoom in if necessary using the View Menu on the top left of Audacity.
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  3. 3
    While the undesired section is selected click on Effects on the top right of Audacity and find Noise Removal.
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  4. 4
    On step one of the tool it will say Get Noise Profile, click that button.
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  5. 5
    Now with that done you need to decide if you want that undesired sound out of all of your audio, or just a specific part. If you want it out everything, like if it a fan in the background or a cough, then click on the Edit menu on the top left and scroll down to Select, and then in Select All (or Ctrl A).
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  6. 6
    With all of that selected click on Effects again and Noise Removal.
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  7. 7
    This time leave the default settings and just press OK.
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With all of that done it will remove that specific sound from everything, or a specific section if you wish, and make your audio track cleaner, smoother and more professional sounding.

Video Editing Software

At this point you finally have some kind of video recording software and you've recorded whatever you want to use for the actual video, audio as well, and now you just need to start editing. Here are a few tools for that.

Windows Live Movie Maker[6] for Windows Only

Unsurprisingly, Windows Live Movie Maker is only for Windows Operating Systems, but it is free, easy to use and contains many options for your video editing needs. This software requires you to go through Windows Essentials, which is a download that offers bunch of different programs that are available for free to Windows users, but are not usually installed on the operating system by default. This tool has a few unique features, especially for a free program, like:

  • Audio editing tools
  • Publishing tools to allow you to upload your video project straight from Movie Maker
  • Webcam video recording options
  • Options to create layers of audio and video.
  • Visual effects and animations

Some of these features are standard for any video editing software, but not always for non-commercial products. It doesn't provide professional tools, for the most part, but it's very useful for those learning to create and put together videos.

A few simple tips for Windows Live Movie Maker:

  • To start the editing process, just click the Add Videos and Photos button on the top left of the program and it will add those into the timeline like you see in the above example.
  • Each clip, audio or video, can be cut or modified to start and end wherever you desire. This will show up once you have a video or audio clip placed in the project and a Video (or Audio) Tools tab will show up on the top right.
  • Use the Visual Effects tab to add in a Fade from Black effect at the beginning of the video.
  • Use the Visual Effects tab to add in a Fade out to Black effect at the end of the video.
  • Similarly, use the Video and Audio Tools tabs to create a Fade In and Fade Out for the audio. This will make it so your video doesn't startle the viewer once it starts and it will smoothly fade out at the end.
  • If you have separate sets of video clips you are using in one project, then use the Animations tab to create clean transitions between the clips.

Windows Live Movie Maker is one of the friendliest tools there is and it is great for learning many different things about video editing.


If you are only using Windows then Windows Live Movie Maker is by far the best free option there is. There are other programs that are similarly easy to use, but not with as many features or tools for publishing. However, here are some paid options you can consider:

Final Cut Pro[7] for Mac only

-One of the best paid video editing tools there is. Doesn't have a large number of user friendly features, but it is packed with features and tools that allow for some semi-professional editing. It has a free trial version and there are some questionable PC versions of it floating around.

iMovie[8]for Mac only

-iMovie is very similar to Windows Live Movie Maker, except Mac only. It does offer a very large number of tools and features to work with, and the majority of them are easy to understand and utilize. It allows for some very detailed multi-layered editing compared to Windows Live Movie Maker.

Adobe Premiere Elements[9] for Mac and Windows

-Like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements is a premium video editing tool that offers some semi-professional tools to use when you are creating your video. As a result of the large number of features and options, it is a bit more dense than iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker, but worth learning if you are planning to get seriously into video editing.

Upload That Video

You have done it! You have put together all of your audio and video footage, thrown it in an editor and popped out some kind of video. Now it is time to upload that to YouTube. First, make absolutely certain that when you finished editing and creating your video that you exported or saved it as an actual file (like a wmv or avi) and not just a project file for whatever program you used.

I did mention that a few of the tools earlier allow you to upload straight to YouTube from them, but here the steps required to do it without any of those programs publishing tools:

  1. 1
    Open up your web browser, any of them, and type in
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  2. 2
    Create a YouTube/Google account or sign in to your account on the top right of main page.
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  3. 3
    Once signed in click the Upload button on the top right, which should be next to your profile picture and the notifications tab.
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  4. 4
    From here you can click on the Select Files to Upload icon or Drag and Drop your video project's completed file onto that general area on the web page.
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  5. 5
    Once you do either of those a new page will load that shows your file uploading, how long it will take, where to put information about your video and where it will be linked.
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  6. 6
    Use the time it takes to upload, which can be a very long time if it is a large file or a long movie, to add in information about what your video is and what categories it fits (via the tabs area).
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  7. 7
    Wait for it to finish and you are done!
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Final Tips

While this guide doesn't show you exactly how to use any of these programs, it does provide a wide variety of tools for anyone interested in dabbling with video editing and creation. As always, feel free to ask any questions about any of this, but here are a few last tips about video creation and all of the software related.

  • There are many free programs around for video and audio editing or creation, but many of them are of questionable quality and may be malicious. Do some research and check out reviews for any product you might be interested in downloading.
  • If you are intrigued by any premium video recording, editing or creation programs, then first check to see if they have a free trial or demo so that you can see exactly what it offers before spending any money.
  • YouTube itself will allow you to continue to edit your video once you've uploaded it, but the options are pretty limited.
  • Video creation takes a lot of trial and error, but if you are really interested then you should play with all of the different types of editing tools. Figuring those tools out and using them to your advantage can give your video that unique look or sound.

Here are a few other guides that deal with similar subjects, mostly related to audio editing and creation:

  • How To Add Music To A Video Using Free Software[10]
  • How To Create A Music Video[11]



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If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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