Create a New End Table from an Old Bar Stool

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Creating your very own end tables is one way of maximizing old materials and enhancing your personal creativity. Make something new and exciting out of things you already have around your house, and let the inner, creative you radiate even though the furniture that you have picked out, or adapted for your rooms.

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Tables play a very important role as pieces of furniture in every home, and more often than not, the tables available in our local department stores and furniture centers all have the same look, are not constructed of sturdy materials and are more expensive than they should be. Why invest in a new tables that you can see in almost every furniture store, and in many people's homes? Do it yourself and spare yourself the expense plus you receive the added bonus of having o unique table you're sure no one else will have.

This can be used as a stand for figurines, picture frames or flowers in a vase. Recycle the materials you already have and go create that unique dream table!


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End tables are as the words suggest, tables placed at either end of the sofa. Most often, these are square tables, often with a drawer or two. They hold lamps, vases magazines and knick-knacks. Round tables would be an ideal shape for end tables, and they compliment the rectangular shape of the sofa, and often the coffee table. Take a look at your living room, and consider how many pieces of furniture there are rectangles.


End tables are important pieces that compliment every living room, and helps fill in the gaps from the lack of appliances or furniture. Often they are similar in style to the coffee table. Most often, they hold lamps.

  1. 1
    1. Old Stool
    2. Wooden Top (either a square or circle, according to your preferences)
    3. Wooden Glue
    4. Gloss Lacquer
    5. Colored Paint
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    1. Visualize the style you would like to incorporate into your end table. Note that it should also go well with your house or room's over-all theme.
    2. Prepare your old wooden stool and wooden top (make sure that the width of the wooden top is in proportion to the size of your stool so your wooden top won't be oversized, making it unstable.
    3. Using your wood glue, place the wooden top you have decided on for your end table and glue it to your old stool. Let it completely dry for approximately an hour or so that you're sure that your table becomes stable.
    4. To really secure it, you might want to screw it to the original stool top - screwing from underneath, and making sure it doesn't completely penetrate the new table top.
    5. With your colored paint, design away the color of the table that you desire. You can include ribbons, stones and glitters to decorate your table according to your preferences. Let it dry completely.
    6. After designing, coat your table top with lacquer so you'll have a glossy finish effect. Glossy paint should be dried before using your end table. Don't do this if you want a matte appearance.
    7. You might want to cover the table top with a piece of leather or vinyl for a unique look.
    8. OPTIONAL: Consider using a piece of wood to create a shelf below, where the foot rests are, and you can store things there, place a picture frame, magazines, etc.
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    Jmgf StoolEndTable.jpg
    Enjoy your customized and personalized End tables! Make more end tables if you have more old materials.
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  • If the end table is not proportional, this may interrupt the beautiful view of your living room but it may still be used for different purposes.
  • End tables which will carry a heavy load should be fixed and made properly so it won't collapse later.

Questions and Answers

How to make log bar stools?

Log bar stools are easy to make in a way that you are able to preserve the original shape of the stool. You do not even need to polish it further as keeping the raw look of the wood will give more character to your wooden barstool.

What you basically have to do is measure how high you'd like to make your bar stool. If you prefer that the topmost part of the stool is wider than the rest of the parts, allocate about 4 inches for that to add up. What you would do is get wood that's wider and cut about 4 inches of that and you would need to attach it to the top.

If your log barstool is not high enough, you can just leave it as is and there is no need for a stepladder. If it's rather high, you may need to anchor a few small bars of wood to the bottom part so that that can be used to step on to get up the stool.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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