Create Quality Time with Your Boyfriend

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Quality time is important in a relationship.

Your current relationship with your boyfriend seems so dull and boring. The once colorful relationship is gone with the wind. Is it because both of you are busy and not making a little time to have fun? Is it because you are getting older and that you do not have time for having fun? You feel like you are going to give up, but DON'T! You can still bring back the lively and exciting relationship you once had. In this page, you will learn some tips on how to create quality time with your boyfriend:

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    Spend time with your boyfriend on the weekend and holidays
    If you are both working, it may be harder for you to find time to see each other. At the end of the day, both of you may feel tired and want to go home and a rest. That is why you do not have time together. How about Friday nights? You could hang out together and have dinner. Perhaps you do not have work on weekends, so why not spend your Friday night with your boyfriend? It can be a simple date, but this could strengthen your relationship. At least you can talk and spend a little time together by sharing the things happened between both of you during the day. On holidays, you can have a lot of time to be with your boyfriend. The Christmas holiday is fast approaching. Why not plan something for the holiday? Talk with your boyfriend about traveling to other places, and make some time to have fun. This can create quality time with your boyfriend.
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    Know your boyfriend's dislikes and likes
    Many men were born picky. They have likes and dislikes. If they do not like something, they really don't enjoy it. If they like something, they usually can have a great time. For example, if you want to talk about traveling with him for the holidays, then you should also ask about his interests. What could be his choice of atmosphere and activities? A lot of men are adventurous, so they want something challenging. Surfing, swimming, scuba diving, and other related exciting activities may be their cup of tea. You might want to choose a place that goes with his taste. Some men also like adventure trips, from witnessing the volcanoes to exploring the jungles. They like these outdoor activities. It may also be challenging for you as a female, because you could try something new. In addition to that, you can also create quality time with your boyfriend. Whatever he may suggest for your travel plans, go for his ideas! He will be happy if you agree with his plan.
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    Stay at home and spend time watching movies together
    Sometimes, money is an issue, and that is why you and your boyfriend can't enjoy luxurious things. Or maybe your boyfriend is thrifty and does not want to spend money on fine dining restaurants or watching cinema movies. Although he is stingy, if you still love him and want to create quality time with him, you can go over to his place, stay there and watch movies together. Both of you can also cook delicious dishes together. These simple ways can help you create quality time with your boyfriend. Furthermore, your boyfriend need not spend money, and he may be happy to know that you are not going out.
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    Share expenses with him
    Money is actually not necessary to create quality time with your boyfriend. Some say that money is easy to find " yes, but this is easier said than done. Your boyfriend is sometimes broke. Did you know that there are men who don't have the courage to say that they are broke? They also probably wouldn't dare to ask their girlfriends to spend money on something which both of you could enjoy. If you had to be the one who paid for dinner or movies, they would feel so bad and embarrassed. Be open to your boyfriend and understand him. Sometimes, men do not have adequate money to spend on unnecessary things. If your boyfriend is broke, then you could go dutch with him. This should not be a big problem for you, because, as they say, sharing is caring. This will keep the love alive as well, despite the money issue.
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    SMS or call your boyfriend
    Although both of you are always busy, you can still keep the quality time between you by texting or calling one another during your free time. If you have time and you know that your boyfriend also has free time, you can text or call him to say sweet words such as "I love you so much." Remind him always that you love him. This will make him motivated to work harder. He will be inspired while working, too. Creating quality time with your boyfriend does not have to be done personally. Quality time is about how you render your time to someone, although you are as busy as a bee.
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    Help him do household chores
    This is definitely exhausting, but did you know that through doing chores together, both of you can bond with one another? You can talk about some funny and sweet things while doing housework together, and you may not even notice you have almost finished your work! Being together this way can eliminate pressure and stress, and this goes a long way as quality time with one another, even you were only talking about nonsensical things.
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    Sleep with your boyfriend
    The last but not the least is to sleep with your boyfriend " whether it will be in your place or his place. The most essential thing that both of you can do to spend quality time is by showing your love through actions. You do know what I mean, don't you? And through these actions, you can express your hidden emotions toward your boyfriend. You can also solve any problems you may have during this time. A good sex life is important in a relationship, as this makes the bond even stronger. According to Dr. Phil, an author and adviser of, a great relationship has to have a great romance. This can create a quality level of intimacy and closeness " more than just quality time. This could also bring out the stress brought on by too much working. So, whenever you want to create quality time with your boyfriend, do the things above.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Some tips above may not be appropriate for teenagers. If you are under 18 years of age, stay on the safe side to avoid pregnancy.
  • You will drift apart, if you don't spend quality time together. And if you don't keep quality time in a relationship, it will soon end. Quality time is very important in a relationship, because this helps develop the level of closeness.

Questions and Answers

Relation ups and down, my boyfriend has lost his attachment?

My boyfriend is acting weird these days, he is not giving me proper time, he is not talking as he used to, please advise me how can I bring back charm and his attachment back, give me some tips which will be helpful. I have tried: I have asked him what is the problem, he says I have work load these days. I think it was caused by: He has went for party with his friends after that has happened

Your boyfriend is feeling overwhelmed with his work schedule. The best thing for you to do would be to tell him that you understand how busy he is and will support him from a distance. Perhaps send him a couple text messages that are loving and supportive but expect nothing in return. Right now, you do not want to be a third thing to add to his already stressed out situation. Out of self-preservation, he may push you further away if he feels that the relationship is taking too much time to maintain and keep you happy. If he goes out with friends, do not make a big deal out of it. Instead, see if you can arrange some time with him alone a couple of times a week but be flexible in your schedule with him.

How can I save my love life? Please Suggest?

I am committed since last 5 years. We are very good friends also. But for some time, we both do not give proper time to each other and started fighting. Both of us are working in the technical field. I don't understand how can I save my relationship. He is very caring but according to work and pressure he can not show any kind of care and he is ignoring me sometimes. So please suggest me how can I get him back .. I have tried: I want to make him happy always, but I know sometimes my ways are not right as per him.. I think it was caused by: Busy Schedule or long time relationship

You need to suggest a relationship reset. Explain to him how performing a hard reset on a mobile device often resolves issues with the operating system. Your relationship reset would be to spend a weekend together with no arguments or even criticisms of each other. Make it a stress free relationship zone for 48 hours. Before you spend this time together, you will want to make a list of mutual activities that you both enjoy. Make a rule that you have to say something positive to each other a minimum of three times a day even if that is just through SMS.

Hi I just met up with my ex of 10 years ago and decided to get together again as both of us are divorced?

So now I don't know how to go about it as the last time we broke up he listened to his friends telling lies about me that I have slept with them which was not true and I feel he still doesn't trust me. How do I make him trust me and love me again as he invited me to spend the weekend with him. I have tried: Nothing much though I wanted him but lost contact for more than 10 years. I think it was caused by: His friends as they wanted me and they lied about sleeping with me and he just disappeared

In that 10 years, you and he have both matured. Just be yourself around him. Understand though that many couples do not get back together after a bitter breakup because the resentment and the past are always around the corner of our thoughts. Even you right now are worried about events from 10 years ago. He invited you to spend the weekend with him so leave the past behind. If he brings up why you broke up previously, offer that you and he need closure for any hope of a relationship now. Do not make excuses for yourself. Just explain that things were said, the relationship ended but you wish to focus on the current situation. If he still has these friends, you will want to avoid them at all cost. It is pretty harsh for a "friend" to make false statements such as I slept with your girlfriend. These people were not really his friends for them to do that. They were just trying to break up his happiness which is extremely spiteful and immature. The difference from 10 years ago, is that now you both have matured and can hopefully have a successful relationship.

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