Cope with Multiple Births

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Finding out that you are pregnant with multiples can be quite a shock; however, it does get more interesting once your little bundles of joy arrive. Parenting multiples can be a difficult journey, especially during the first year. Keeping all your babies happy all the time is a huge task. You are going to have to be patient with your babies and yourself. Whether you just had twins or triplets, or you're getting ready to give birth, these steps will help you cope with those first few weeks and months after giving birth.

How to Cope With Extra Babies

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    Get prepared before the babies arrive
    You'll most likely find out you're having multiples well in advance, so take the time to plan ahead. Take childbirth classes, pick out the right stroller, set up the nursery, stockpile diapers, prepare some of your favorite meals and freeze them, and assemble the baby furniture and toys. Anything that can help you out before the babies arrive will give you more time to spend with your new bundles of joy.
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    Take all the help you can get
    Any help will be useful, whether it comes from family, friends or hired professionals. Getting a few hours out of the house or help with the chores can make your life a lot easier, so don't pass it up. Find someone you can trust. Enlist the help of your spouse or significant other, and don't turn away your parents, siblings or friends because you think you can do it all. You'll likely need their help during the first few months.
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    Make time for yourself
    With all of the feedings, baths, diaper changes and playtime, you might feel like there's no time left for you. Certainly in the first few months, a lack of sleep and multiple babies will make you feel emotional and exhausted. That's why you need to take some for yourself and your significant other. When you do get a chance to relax or go out, embrace it and enjoy it. Even if it's only a few minutes to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, take advantage of every chance you get to de-stress.
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    Shop online
    Online shopping and delivery is definitely worth taking advantage of during the first few months, especially if you don't have help going out with your multiples in tow. Trying to bundle up multiple babies for a trip to the store can be time consuming and frustrating. While the babies are small, consider shopping for groceries and other items online. Everything will be delivered right to your door, and you don't have to worry about dealing with all the fussing and crying while doing your shopping.
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    Join a support group, club or organization for parents of multiples
    There are tons of online support groups, clubs and organizations that provide support for parents of multiples. You can talk to other parents to get advice, information and ideas for coping with multiple births. Organizations such as Multiples of America offer tons of resources such as meetings, conventions, clothing and equipment exchanges, media connections, research on multiples and education information. Groups such as these offer valuable support before birth that continues as the children continue to grow.
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    Look forward to the joys of having multiples
    Many people will tell you how hard it is to take care of multiples, and even though that's true, there are a lot of benefits. Multiples learn social interaction very early, and they have automatic playmates. Plus, they'll likely have similar schedules and meet milestones like potty training at around the same time.
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    Prepare yourself for stares and questions
    People love to point out the fact that you have multiple children. You and your kids will probably feel like local celebrities every time you go out. Prepare yourself for this, because it can be annoying sometimes. However, when the kids grow up, you'll look back and cherish those moments.
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    Even if your multiples weren't planned or expected, love them and learn to laugh about the mishaps that take place
    There will be arguments and tons of crazy moments, but multiple babies provide a lot more fun and laughter, so enjoy every single moment you share with them.
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Tips, Tricks and Warnings

  • Prepare your other children for their new siblings. If you have other kids, get them involved with the planning. Answer their questions, let them help you think of baby names, take them to visit friends or family with babies, and have fun with the process. Some places offer sibling birth classes that teach kids the basics of how to care for newborns, or you can teach them yourself. Don't let them feel left out.

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