Control Hunger with Rooibos Tea

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Rooibos Tea is made from South African Redbush tealeaves. With a mild flavor that packs a punch in your hunger cravings, this tea makes a great beverage in addition to your other weight loss products. While it is true that reducing calories and increasing your exercise helps you lose weight, many of us still battle hunger.

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How Does Rooibos Tea Suppress Hunger?

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    Aspalathin and Nothofagin
    This flavonoid compound found only in Rooibos tea reduces stress, particularly the stress hormones that send a message to our brain to eat for comfort. Many of us manage our stress with poor eating habits. This tea can help manage those urges by fighting those adrenal hormones. Cortisol comes from our adrenal hormones and tells our body to eat. Even after we've just had a full meal, we can still get the urge to eat when we are stressed. Control those urges with this flavonoid compound and feel more relaxed in the process.
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    Rooibos is caffeine-free making it a great way to get those fight burning catechins found in green tea, especially if you can't tolerate caffeine. It also makes a great tea before bed because of its stress reducing properties and the fact that it will not stimulate you the way caffeinated tea might. Catechins also boost your metabolism and drinking Rooibos tea can boast to getting rid of around 7 extra pounds a year. When you are trying to lose weight, every pound lost counts towards your ultimate goal.
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    It is a fact that if you do not get 8 hours of sleep a night your body can start reserving fat as if a famine were occurring by releasing Gherkin levels. Though the weight loss is minimal while sleeping, you will feel more refreshed and will be able to expend more energy while exercising. Rooibos tea's calming effect can aid with falling and staying asleep. Sleep deprivation can also trigger hunger more frequently so get that 8 hours of sleep a night!
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    Rooibos tea is loaded with beneficial antioxidants. These trick our brain into telling us we are full even if we have not had anything to eat for several hours. Consuming Rooibos tea 30 minutes before a meal can also help you eat less while feeling satiated.
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    Glucose Tolerance Ability
    A study showed that after four months of consuming two 12-ounce servings of Rooibos Tea a day, there was a change in the blood's fatty acid of people with Type 2 diabetes. The change lowered blood sugars and resulted in better insulin production from the pancreas. This means that Rooibos also helps those with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) because the syndrome mimics the patterns of blood sugar and Type 2 diabetes.
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    The dreaded puffiness some people can experience while dieting can be reduced by drinking rooibos tea. One of the things we tend to do is add more salt for flavor or go for that "diet" processed food high in sodium. While a pickle is awesome for a guilt-free snack, the sodium can puff you up within hours and tip the scales with excess water weight.
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Ways to Add Rooibos Tea to Diets for Weight Loss

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  • Drink three to four cups of Rooibos tea a day for it's benefits. You can do this either by making an iced tea or hot tea. It has a low tannin level, which means that this tea will not deplete nutrients like Iron consumed in food.
  • Save your tea bags and use the leaves as an all-natural facial scrub. The antioxidants in the leaves are absorbed through the skin and are amazing wrinkle reducers. You can also use the leaves to calm down a rash like poison ivy or eczema.
  • Marinate your meat with Rooibos tea. Instead of water in your favorite marinades replace with rooibos tea. The tea works as a meat tenderizer the way an acidic vinegar would, but does not "cook" the meat while marinating.
  • Infuse your milk in a recipe with Rooibos tea first before adding that to the recipe. Especially in desserts the sweet taste of Rooibos is an exciting addition.

Make a Sugar-Free Low-Calorie Stevia Rooibos Pancake Syrup:

Make a Sugar-Free Low-Calorie Stevia Rooibos Pancake Syrup: 19022.jpg

The Rooibos gives the sugar-free syrup and nice golden color where regular sugar-free syrups are mostly clear. 1 tablespoon of this syrup is only 6 calories. Store unused portions in the refrigerator.

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  • 2 cups water
  • 4 Rooibos Tea bags
  • 1/2 cup powdered or liquid Stevia
  • 1 teaspoon Xanthum gum
  • 1 Teaspoon Flavored Extract of your choice.


  1. 1
    Steep the tea bags in boiling water
    You will want to infuse the water for 15 minutes.
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    Add the rest of the ingredients after that point and be sure to whisk in the Xanthum Gum to avoid clumps
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    Allow the syrup to cool and use on your favorite dishes that require syrup like fruits.
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  • Questions and Answers

    Every time I drink Rooibos tea, I get hungry. How can I stop being hungry because I love this tea?

    How can I stop feeling hungry after drinking rooibos tea?. I have tried: Coffee. I think it was caused by: I think the problem is that I'm trying to eat small portions since I want to lose weight.

    Try using a flavor option like vanilla in the tea. This can help trick your brain that you are eating through your sense of smell. Always have the tea in addition to your daily water intake. If you are hungry all the time it is probably because you are not drinking half your body weight in ounces - of water daily. This means if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water daily. As we begin to reduce our calorie intake we also experience habitual hunger. This means that you are not really hungry but your body is telling you that you are. For instance, a child in school is hungry at the same time in the summer. This is out of habit and not because they are hungry. One thing that helped me was to begin a fasting guideline. I would not eat for 18 hours in a 24-hour period. After two weeks I was able to determine real hunger versus habitual hunger.

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