Control Acne and Uneven Skin Tone

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The skin is the largest organ in the body. Besides acting as covering, it also acts as our protection. There are several disorders and ailments that strike the skin. One among them is acne.

Acne is not so serious, but the biggest physical disadvantage is leaving distinct and dark scars. It usually occurs during the puberty stage where the sebaceous gland is very active, and thus, produces too much oil.

Once you have gotten rid of your acne, the next thing you need to resolve is the uneven toned scar marks, especially for the deep-seated acne.

Read more and you will get some tips on how to control acne and uneven tone caused by it. There are a lot of over-the-counter solutions for acne, but if none of it works, you may want to go the natural way.

Ways to Control Acne Naturally

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    Keep hydrated. What your teacher told you when you were a first grader about drinking eight glasses of water a day is one of the natural ways to control acne. It flushes out toxins and cleanses the skin.
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    Maintain a proper diet. There are foods that aggravate acne while there are others that balance the hormones. The best foods that should be included in your diet are those which can reduce infection, fight inflammation and help in the reduction of oil production. Go for food rich in selenium and vitamins A, C and E.
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    Say no to dairy products. For some people, their acne worsens when they eat too much dairy products. Stay away from such products for 6-12 weeks and see if there are any changes.
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    Cut back on sugary food and refined carbohydrates. Foods belonging to these groups are bread, cereals and cracker/biscuits. Insulin found in these foods can increase acne breakouts.
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    Eat more fiber. Fiber is known to flush toxins out of the body. Fiber-rich food helps improve the control of glucose, which binds hormones, resulting in better control of acne. Oat bran, flax seed and hemp seeds are a few of the fiber rich foods that are good for the skin.
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    Go for natural toners. Having the right toner can reduce acne breakouts. The secret to an effective natural toner? Just create a solution of eight parts filtered boiled water and one part apple cider. Putting this in a bottle and spritzing it on your face after cleansing can reduce acne breakouts.
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    Use natural antimicrobial agents. Consuming natural antimicrobial agents helps reduce the effects and frequency of breakouts. You get control of it inside and out, with regular consumption of tea and food with echinacea, burdock and marigold or calendula.
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When you have luckily gotten rid of your acne, next in line is the dark scar it left. How will you control that? Read on.

Home Remedies for Dark Acne Spots

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    Onions. The bulb is known for its anti-microbial property that works well with the mark left by your acne. Grind an onion and take the juice out. Dip a Q-tip into the juice, then apply it on the scarred area. Leave it there for few minutes and then rinse with tap water.
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    Mix milk, lime and grated cucumber. Apply it on the area and wait for few days for the result. This is one of the easiest home remedies for dark acne spots.
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    Lemon power. Lemon is known for its whitening effects. Dabbing lemon with a cotton ball on the affected area helps get rid of uneven skin tone due to acne. Use it every other day until desired results are achieved.
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While there are home remedies for acne, it will be better to learn the causes so you can understand why it happens and prevent it from ever popping up.

Causes of acne

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    Nutrient deficiency
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    Poor health
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    Use of wrong or poor skin care products
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    Hormonal imbalance
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    Change in hormones
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  • Questions and Answers

    Are natural home remedies for acne control as effective as pills or creams from the doctor?

    I heard the pills are seriously bad for you the doctor can prescribe for acne control. The zit cream you can buy in the pharmacy doesn't work all that well. How well do these natural fixes work in comparison?

    The natural fixes do in fact work but they work over a certain period of time or a take a bit longer than the creams that are located in stores. The products that are in stores such as creams and pills will have a faster affect on your acne than natural remedies.

    A factor that is important is the exact condition of your situation in regards to your acne condition. Depending of the severity you will need to take different routes. A dermatologist will be able to give you the best advice in regards to which route to take. But you can do a trial and error by using the information in this article to try a natural remedy and then a remedy that is located in your local store.

    If your skin is sensitive or you are on a tight budget, you can use this as an alternative But yes,they are as effective.You can use any of the following for treatment:

    • baking soda- mix equal amounts of baking soda and water to make a paste, apply to each pimple (dip a q-tip and individually apply). Leave on face for 10 minutes or until dry. Wash off with cold water. Repeat at least 2 times a day.
    • Lemon juice- rub open side of lemon to acne. The sting means that it is working. Wash off lemon juice and use sunscreen.
    • raw potato-works as an anti-inflammatory.Wipe open area with it.Wasg skin after use.
    • Toothpaste-for big single pimples you want gone overnight. Use a natural toothpaste with silica and without sodium lauryl sulfate if your skin is sensitive.
    • ice-to close pores and reduce inflammation
    • tea tree oil- best known to be an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbal remedy. It also produces less side effects than over-the-counter medication.
    • aspirin-crush up one pill and use as paste. Apply to individual pimples and leave to dry. Wash off thoroughly after use.
    • Potassium alum (a big block)- wipe alum over acne area with care.

    Is there a food I can eat to control my acne and remedy uneven skin tone?

    I have read that healing from within is as important as topical remedies for acne scars and uneven skin tone? Can you recommend foods that can support the skin when it is scarred and in a state of crisis?. I have tried: Nothing because I do not want to provoke a case of acne by eating the wrong foods.. I think it was caused by: Stress from daily living and junk food may have caused my outbreak of acne and ruddy skin color.

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