Conserve Battery Power on MacBook Air

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. In this video, we are going to show you how to conserve battery power when your Macbook Air is not connected to main's power.

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    The first thing we need to do is we can go up to the top right of the screen and see the battery there
    We can access the energy saving options from here but many people do not have this symbol in the top right hand of the screen so we are going to access that panel through the Apple on the top left hand side. There we are going to click on the Apple then click System Preferences.
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    In System Preferences, we are going to click the second row, Energy Saving - the light bulb
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    And here, we have options to help us save energy, save power okay
    The first option is to turn display off after a certain time so if you are not using it, it will turn turn off and conserve as much power as possible okay? This is very useful to do if you are distracted. If something else happens, you could be saving a lot of time just by having this section, this option checked to the right time that you need.
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    Second option is "Put hard disk to sleep when possible"
    You should select this so that the computer will turn off as much of the hard drives as it can and you will still be able to do what you need to do. Third option "Slightly dim the display while on battery power". The light and the brightness is one of the biggest excessive uses of power and if we can dim the light, then that will conserve more battery power. The fourth option "Enable Power Nap while on battery power" - it is not good to tick this. We leave this un-ticked because if you do tick it and you computer does this, it means it will periodically start up several things. Calender, cloud updates and that will interrupt what you are doing and it is not necessary okay? You can also choose to "Show battery status in menu bar" and that will bring up the battery on the top right hand corner okay?
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    If we exit this, there are a couple more things we can do
    We can manually reduce the brightness using the F1 and F2 keys which are at the top of the keyboard next to the Escape button. If we press these, we can see the manual change in brightness. There we go, this (F1 key) decreases brightness and the next button - F2 - increases brightness. IF you can decrease the brightness as much as possible, you can massively extend your battery time.
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    The other option is to reduce the keyboard brightness which is the F5 and F6 okay
    Reduce the keyboard brightness and this will also save you battery power.
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    Our last option is to turn turn off the internet, turn off the wireless adapter
    If you are not using the internet, turn this off and this will turn off the adapter and save you even more power okay?
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    So, you have been watching a video on how to conserve the battery power when using your Macbook Air when it is not connected to main power
    If you have any questions, suggestions or your own tips on how to save power then please share them with us in the section below. You have been watching VisiHow. Goodbye.
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Video: Conserve Battery Power on Macbook Air

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