Connect To a Linux Server Via Peer to Peer Network

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TO those who are not familiar in connecting to a Linux server with a peer to peer network then here is a simple Article that will let you know how you will do it.


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    First Step is to Have the application called Putty, this will let you connect to the server with a proper credential of an account with the server like Username:root(common Username) and a Password:********* (a Complex combination of password which is a very good feature of Unix/Linux
    ) You can download the putty application here :
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    Run the application that you have downloaded the putty.exe, probably it will prompt with a GUI as shown below and you need to put Internal Network IP address of the Server which is in your network, Example is this is the host or the IP address with the port number 22 that will redirect the application to enter to the SSH which is the shell.
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    After entering the IP address you need to click the open button and enter the credential that is needed to enter to the Terminal/Shell of the Linux server and you're done.
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    If the server is not connected in your network(peer-peer) you need or the port :22 which is the shell port of the server should be forwarded and redirected to the internal IP address of the server and use the Public IP address or what we call the WAN IP of the Server to connect.
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  • If you are already using a Linux/Unix Software I mean the OS you can just run the terminal and type SSH user@ipaddress
  • You can just also watch this simple Video

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