Connect PS3 Controller on Android

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When you install a new shooter, action, role-playing, or any other type of game on your phone or tablet, it's often hard to play it with on-screen sensors, especially when using an emulator. It's possible to connect an input device via OTG (On-The-Go) USB Cable or wirelessly with Bluetooth. In this case we are going to use the wireless method. Please note that your phone needs to be rooted for this method to work.

In this case we are using a 64bit Windows 7 PC, Dualshock3 Controller and a rooted Huawei G700 that runs on Android 4.2.1

Important: As mentioned above it is very important that your device is rooted. This tutorial will show you how to connect your PS3 Wireless controller to your compatible Android device.

This is What You'll Need

  • PS3 controller (Sixaxis or Dualshock3).
    Creatura controller.png
  • PC with any popular OS such as Windows, Linux or Mac OSX.
    Creatura pc.png
  • A rooted and sixaxis-compatible Android device.
    Creatura Smartphone.png

Checking Your Device For Sixaxis Compatibility

It's very important that your phone is rooted, otherwise the apps you need won't work. There is a free tool to check your phone for compatibility available on the play market called Sixaxis Compatibility Checker. You can get it HERE

  1. 1
    Install the checking tool
    Once launched, it will display messages for each step.
    Creatura sixaxis compatibility checker.png
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  2. 2
    You'll need to grant this app SuperUser permissions
    When the message shows, just click Grant.
    Creatura sixaxis superuser.png
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  3. 3
    Press "Start" and wait for it to finish checking
    If it's successful, a popup will tell you that you're ready to go. It will let you know you must set your Master Address to XX:XX:XX:XX:XX. write it down on a piece of paper you'll need it later.
    Creatura sixaxis compatible.png
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Setting Up The Controller

  1. 1
    Connect your controller to your PC using a USB cable and wait for your machine to install the drivers for your new device.
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  • 2
    Now you need to download and install a tool that will allow you to change the MAC address of your controller
    It can be installed on several machines and you can get it HERE.
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  • 3
    Download and run the installer
    It's important that you install it and not use a portable version
    Creatura sixaxis installer.png
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  • 4
    Choose your desired directory
    It is not really important where you install it, as long as you can find it later. This program will not create a shortcut on your desktop, so you'll have to locate it manually.
    Creatura sixaxis installer directory.png
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  • 5
    After it's done installing, go to the respective directory and double-click on SixaxisPairTool.exe
    Creatura sixaxis icon directory.png
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  • 6
    Once it's launched for the first time, it will need to check and install drivers for your controller
    Wait for it to complete that task - shouldn't take long before it'll be ready.
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  • 7
    In this window you'll see two things
    Current Master and Change Master. Current Master is the MAC address your PS3 System assigned specifically to your controller.
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  • 8
    Input the address you previously wrote down in the Change Master field, and press Update
    You'll see that Current Master will change to your device's Bluetooth port address.
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  • Now the controller is ready to connect to your phone.

    Now We Are Ready To Setup The Phone

    1. 1
      You need to download the SIXAXIS Controller App
      It's not available in all countries, but you can get an .apk file on the internet. The official link is HERE, but it is not free.
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    2. 2
      After the installation is complete, launch the app and grant it SuperUser access
      Now that it's ready press Start
      Creatura sixaxis pair.png
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    3. 3
      Now press the PS button on your controller
      The PS button is located between the Start and Select buttons. Wait for the controller lights to stop blinking and you're done.
      Creatura connected device.png
      Note: you need to allow this app to use Sixaxis Controller Setup Method. You can change it with the Change IME button.
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    Congratulations! You now control your phone with your PS3 Controller!

    Now you can play any console emulator that you have on your phone with ease since almost all emulators support this input. This app also has the ability to emulate swipes and specific spot presses, among other things. We'll be covering all the features of this app in THIS VisiHow ARTICLE

    Tips And Suggestions On Connecting The PS3 Controller To Your Android Device

    • The phone is using Bluetooth connection during the session so you won't be able to transfer files or use other peripheral devices.
    • Note: Battery consumption is increased until you disconnected the app.
    • To use the controller on your PS3 again, simply connect it to your PS3 System using a USB cable, then Bluetooth address will be changed back. Note: To use it on your Phone or tablet again you'll need to change the address manually again.
    • If the PS3 system doesn't connect the controller properly, reset the controller using the reset button on the back of the controller, and reconnect it to the system. That will fix it.
    • Always try to use PS3 native USB cables for best results.
    • If you move the controller too far away from your phone, you'll have to reconnect it again. Simply press the PS button and wait until it's connected again.
    • For some games and emulators, it's better to go to preferences of the Sixaxis Controller app, and enable the Gamepad option in the Gamepad Settings section.

    Questions and Answers

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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