Connect Hisense TV with Windows 10

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I just solved this issue on my H8F. You can unfortunately connect your laptop and TV in many ways that doesn't do screen sharing.

1. Look at the apps on your TV, there will be one called Screen Sharing and you need to open it.

2. On your laptop you need to go to your display options from the control panel and scroll down to the wireless display heading, below that is the option to search for devices.

3. Your TV name should pop up on the new search window that opens when you search for a wireless display. Just select it to connect.

I believe it took 2 attempts for my connection to work, I get some text/image pulses, some lose/gain of focus and it's a second or so behind the laptop display, haven't played with options yet to fix it.

Side notes: I had Anyview Stream enabled in the network settings on the TV. I didn't have my laptop recognize the TV as a wireless display over Bluetooth, that connection is possible but I found no way of screen sharing with them connected like that. Although I do believe it the TV was still recognized as a phone, don't know why but that's what happens when the TVs screen sharing app is open and you use 'add device' in the Bluetooth options on your laptop.

There is one meaningful connection your TV and laptop can make by using the 'add device' option in the Bluetooth options area and that is as a media server.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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