Connect Headphones to the Microsoft Lumia 535

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You're watching VisiHow. Today we are going to show you how to connect your headphones to your Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM phone.


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    Find the headphone jack on the top right of the phone and insert the 3.5mm audio connector. Push it in until you head a snap.
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    As you can see here, there's still quite a bit of the headphone connector hanging out. Even if I push it more, there's still quite a bit there.
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    If you look on the other side, there really isn't any room to push it in anymore. So if you continue pushing it passed this point, you will potentially damage your phone, and/or the headset. It is unnecessary to push farther than that or harder than that. This is all it takes.
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    This concludes our demonstration on how to properly connect headphones to your Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM Smartphone. Thank you for choosing VisiHow. Have a great day.
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Video: Connect Headphones to the Microsoft Lumia 535

Questions and Answers

Why aren't my headphones working on my phone?

When I first got my phone, my headphones worked on my phone. But I did some settings in the equalizer, and it stopped working. Now there isn't any option to change the setting again. I have tried: I have been trying since then. I think it was caused by: The Dolby setting. Now that option isn't there anymore

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  • The sound settings may disappear if the phone does not detect headphones well. You could try replacing headphones with any other headphones to exclude the connector, wire, and headphones problems.
  • Move the connector inside the socket of the phone to exclude bad contact within the phone itself. You can also try inserting the headphones not the full way in to see if any sound comes out.
  • Update your phone software.
  • Plug and unplug headphones three times.
  • Check if there is any switch on the headset and change its position.
  • Turn off your phone and take out SIM and SD cards (if any). Turn it on and test the headphones. If they do, put everything back; and they should work.
  • Try following this tutorial: Restart a Frozen Microsoft Lumia 535 Without Losing Data, even though your phone is not technically "frozen".
  • Perform a hard reset: Restore Factory Settings on Your Microsoft Lumia 535. Do not forget to back up your data. You can use this program to back up the data if you want.
  • Bring the phone to the service center. There is always a possibility that the audio port is broken.
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Headphone problem on my Lumia?

When I connect my headphone beats it won't play, but when I connect me earphone which I received when buying the phone it will work perfectly. How to make my headphone work?

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