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Identify and Diagnose CPU Problems

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Computer is Stuttering and some animation tearing?

A little outline of my problem

My computer was fine one minute then my son wanted to play Steam (which was normal) .... I come back later and noticed lag in some of my games. So I checked all games (not just in Steam) and the lag is there too!

I'll describe the lag specifically. It's like there's bottlenecking somewhere" for example in football games the animations will go from smooth to jittery (the jittery bit isn't that noticeable) in an instant but then snap back...rinse and repeat, to the naked eye it's not really apparent more like a micro lag spike then it'll go fine but I'll notice the controls can be really sloppy or speed up, players will continue to run for a second even though I've changed direction etc.

When I tried another game, World of Warcraft, everything seemed fine except the moment I turn the camera freely and begin to look around, instead of it being extremely smooth it jitters ever so slightly, like slight frame tearing.

So far, the things I have looked at include...(but remember during the before and after nothing changed ...according to my son he didn't touch any settings)....

- V-sync " turned on and off.... no change - Most other GFX settings ... no chance - Tried testing games on another hard-drive ...no change - Uninstalled and updated all drivers ...no change - Complete reinstallation of OS ...no change - Looked at Cores being parked and affinity ....no change

It's hard to describe when playing but it almost feels like I'm running something heavy in the background (like I've loaded up two instances of the same game). The gamepad and mouse controls (movement and button clicks in games) switch between normal and super-sensitive, this happens so fast it's almost hard to see with the naked eye but when you are used to your controls you know what I mean because you will go through menus system too quickly etc. There are no artifacts or any suspicions of GPU failure but I am no expert on this stuff so other than that I would not know how to test or what to look out for, I have ran OCCT GPU test but that looked smooth enough and I don't really know what to make of the graph info other than heat but that doesn't seem to be an issue. It feels like bottle-necking somewhere but I have no clue what to try next, any help would be greatly appreciated and I know this kind of stuff is spammed day in day out, problem is no two jitters are the same. Thanks.

I run: OS: Win 7 Ultimate (64 bit) CPU: AMD A10-6800k APU RAM: 16 GB

This is a problem that does occur for some computers and really exasperate their users. You basically have excluded the following problems: bad sectors, cluttered Windows 7, and video drivers.

Solution 1: we have ran into exactly the same problem with a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 system after using it for years, and nothing seemed to help until we installed (not upgraded Windows 7) Windows 10 to a new SSD drive. The symptoms came all of a sudden and showed microlags every 1-10 seconds; then, the image would speed up quickly to get back to the normal tempo.

Solution 2: if you are adamant on keeping the Windows 7 system, you will need to check the following:

  • your Ethernet or WiFi card or drivers. Find an offline game and disconnect or disable your Ethernet or WiFi card in Device Manager. To get to the Device Manager, press the Windows key and type "Device Manager". Press "Enter". Locate your Ethernet card or cards and right-click it or them. Click "Disable";
  • all of your disk drives might be heavily fragmented. Install Defraggler to examine your disks. If you see fragmentation near 70 % or more, then you will need to try to defragment it. Warning: it may take a day or more to do that, but you can split it into sessions;
  • the disk drive overloaded with temporary files. This can be cleaned with CCleaner;
  • the CPU got dirty and starts skipping cycles. Disassemble your CPU cooler, clean the thermal paste with alcohol, and reinstall the cleaned CPU cooler. Clean the entire PC as shown in this tutorial and this tutorial;
  • the video card got dirty. This will be the hardest to clean. We suggest using compressed air;
  • disable your antivirus by uninstalling it;
  • update the BIOS of your system;
  • update your HDD or SSD firmware;
  • disable your Windows pagefile and hibernation. Press the Windows key and type "advanced system settings". Press "Enter". Choose the "Advanced" tab. Click "Settings..." under "Performance". Click the "Advanced" tab. Click "Change". Choose "No paging file". Click "Set". Click "OK". Now, press the Windows key again and type "cmd". Right-click "cmd.exe" and select "Run as administrator". Type "powercfg -h off". Press "Enter";
  • if something like a CPU, memory, or video card is overclocked, try to underclock or keep it at the normal speed;
  • unplug USB devices except for the keyboard (if it is USB) and mouse (if it is USB);
  • uninstall latest Windows updates that were installed right before the jittering appeared. Even a fresh system may update the system quickly;
  • revert to an older video driver. Maybe even from 2014.

With the use of images explain how to troubleshoot?

With the use of images explain how to troubleshoot

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Where do you find the PIO and DMA?

Where do you find the PIO and DMA? I am not good with this - I apologize in advance.. I have tried: Going to system preferences and the dock. I think it was caused by: Too much on my computer - I need to free up RAM

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The place where CDs are inserted is opening by itself. How can stop it from opening by itself?

Without pressing the open-close button, it is opening by itself. It continues to open as long as the computer is being used.. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: I think it is the ventilation.

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The above questions are from the following wiki...
Identify and Diagnose CPU Problems
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Random crashing and fails to load desktop?

Laptop started crashing randomly and sometimes even fails to boot desktop after I enter user details

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I run the same program with the same data and get different results?

A year ago I ran a particular program with certain data and got very good results.. Now I get terrible results but I changed the program. I got the very version of the program that worked fine and subjected it to the exact same data with similar bad. results as I had recently before. Could the CPU have a problem?

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There is nothing special case to ask?

Since I'm an IT student, I have to find many facts from internet. One of the problems I have to face in assignments is that what are the problems and the warning sings which appear in the screen when the CPU crashed or does not work properly.. if you don't mind, may I know them please

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It can't break it down that is why... I have tried: Its a report stuffs and I only try by getting the history of the PC, processor and virus on PC. I think it was caused by: Don't know yet.

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Cmos opens normally but intermittent recognize HDD?

As I enter manually the sectors of three different drives, the read led tells me that it's . looking for the OS but can not find it. I have tried with CDROM and the same happens. I installed a off board IDE port and get the same results. What components are responsible the boot the OS ??. I have tried: I have checked for bad caps, checked with an oscilloscope for noise in the DC voltages. Everything is normal. Swapped the RAM, still nothing.. I think it was caused by: It is not the IDE controller chip. I have installed a ISA IDE board. The CMOS menu runs normal and I can make any change. Could it be the microprocessor ??

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Computer suddenly shutdown after 1 minute, again system didn't boot, kindly give me the solution?

My PC automatically shutdown after 1 minutes, again system didn't boot, kindly give me the solution. When I plug in the power-card then press the power button, system boots and Windows page will be coming, then after 1 minute automatically shuts-down, without warning, If I press the CPU power button again, no response. I have tried: 1.cleaned the RAM, and processor. 2.reconnect the all cable. 3.reset the CMOS battery. I think it was caused by: I Think Hardware problem but I can't identify which part failure in the motherboard.

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