Complete the side quests on Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

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Skyrim is a massive game filled with content. It's one of the biggest Role Playing Games out today, and that's just the main story line! Making Skyrim even more of an epic, sprawling, never ending adventure is the addition of radiant quests and the numerous side quests.

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If you're beginning to tackle the side quests now, you will probably want a little help and guidance getting through them all. In the below article, we will take you through them one by one, so that you can level up, battle monsters, gain some powerful unique items, increase your skills and generally have a blast in this immense game world known as Skyrim.



  • Prerequisites: Enter and leave Windhelm four times.
  • Unique Items: Beware the Butcher!, Butcher Journal,Butcher Journal #1, Butcher Journal #2, Calisto's Key, Key to Herm, Necromancer Amulet, Strange Amulet.

Quest Objectives

  • Question the witnesses
  • Report to the guard
  • Talk to Joliet
  • Examine the crime scene
  • Get assistance from Joliet
  • Get access to Herm
  • Look for clues
  • Follow up on the clues from Herm
  • Talk to Joliet
  • Speak to Wuunferth
  • Patrol the streets of the Stone Quarter at night
  • Catch the murderer
  • Speak to Joliet for reward


Enter Windhelm, and you can hear people mention The Butcher, and the murder of some of the young women around town. Leave and enter the city four times, returning at night the fourth time. Venture to the graveyard, where a guard and a few people are gathered around a corpse. The quest officially starts after you talk to the guard, and tell him you will aid in the investigation. Talk with Calisto Corium, Slide the Unseen, and He gird to see if they know anything, They all claim to have arrived after the murder.

Talk to the guard who wants you to speak with Joliet about being officially on the case. After you talk to Joliet, you can continue your investigation of the murders. Return to the scene of the crime, and follow the blood trail to the North side of town, and to the doorstep of Herm. Ask around town to find out how to get into Herm if you can't unlock the door. Everyone will point to Tovar Shatter Shield, and you can find her more often than not next door, in her house.

Get the KEY TO HJERIM, and enter the building. There is blood everywhere and the first thing you should do is investigate the CHEST to find BEWARE THE BUTCHER! Notes and the BUTCHER JOURNAL #1. There is some mead that you can investigate but, the next source is in the back room, under all the Butcher Fliers, the STRANGE AMULET. Next to this shelf is a wardrobe with a false back panel. Here, you can investigate the altar and obtain BUTCHER JOURNAL #2.

Leave the building and seek out Viola. Ask her about the Butcher and she will tell you what she knows. Mention the journal and she will tell you to speak with Joliet. You can also take the amulet to Calisto in his House of Curiosities. He'll give you 500 gold for it. Take your information to Joliet, and tell him you believe Wuunferth the Unloving is the killer. The quest will end and Wuunferth will be apprehended.

Return to Wind helm after three days have passed to discover that The Butcher has struck again! From here, go talk to Wuunferth, and he will tell you to patrol the Stone Quarter tomorrow night, where he suspects the next murder will occur. Heed his judgment, and find Calisto Corium stalking a woman in the Southwest corner of town, near the stalls and the blacksmith. When he strikes at her, take him down before he enters Herm. Loot his corpse for the NECROMANCER AMULET if you sold it back to him. You can also buy the newly cleaned up Herm, and you become the Special Investigator of Wind helm. If you take CALIXTO'S KEY from his body, you can open his chest in the House of Curiosities, and find the original BUTCHER JOURNAL.

The Forbidden Legend

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Dayna's Vale's Journal, Dayna's Vale's Notes, Baldur Amulet Fragment, Baldur Black blade, Baldur Black bow, Gerund's Epitaph, Ivory Dragon Claw, Lord Gerund's Key, Lost Legends, Sarthe Amulet, Staff of Jiri Gauldurson, The Baldur Amulet, Word of Power: Ice, Ice Form, Word of Power: Frost, Frost Breath, Writ of Sealing.

Quest Objectives

  • Investigate the Baldur legend
  • Learn the truth from Dayna's Valens
  • Read Dayna's Vale's notes
  • Find the Baldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur
  • Find the Baldur Amulet Fragment in Gerund's Hall
  • Find the Baldur Amulet Fragment in Sarthe
  • Refuge the Baldur Amulet
  • Take the Baldur Amulet


There are multiple ways to start this quest but, the easiest way is by reading the book, LOST LEGENDS, in Farina's quarters in Dragon reach. The story tells that long ago, the Arch mage Baldur was murdered, and his three sons were hunted down by King Herald's personal battle mage. The entire incident was covered up, but the legend survived. Now it's your job to find information on the legend. The quest points you to Folgunthur, so make the trek from a nearby location.

Folgunthur Misrule Gauldurson

When you reach the camp, you will find DAYNAS VALEN'S JOURNAL. Enter the ruin of Folgunthur, and avoid the trap where you can find another adventurer did not. Down the ramp you can tell that someone has obviously been through here with the Ivory Claw. As you turn the corner a Drag stands firm, so avoid the fire trap and slay it. The next room is fairly large and Drag spawn, a total of six. As you slay one, another arises, until they are all put down for good. Exit the room and use the LEVER if you fall in the water.

Climb the steps to find the corpse of Dayna's Valens. Loot the IVORY DRAGON CLAW, and DAYNAS VALEN'S NOTES. Read the notes, and use the claw on the keyhole to lower the bridge, where two drag will attack. On the left side of these crypts is a CHEST, though heavily booby trapped. On the right side you can see some Drag that have yet awakened. Slay them in their sleep before they even have a chance to fight back.

In the hall there are four switches that control the four portcullises. Use The back left and front right if you are facing the portcullises to gain Entry. As you cross this room some rocks shake loose and most likely damage a Drag you need to kill. In the next room are two Drag and as you go north You will find two more. Memorize the symbols on the statues then head to the Other room by using the LEVER where another Drag awaits.

In this room you must match the symbols from the other room by moving them Around. From left to right, the order is HAWK, WHALE, and SNAKE Snake is Closest to the door. Return the main room and pull the CHAIN to reveal a Set of stairs. Descend and fight off the Frostbite Spiders and enter the next Puzzle area. Drag emerge from their tombs in groups of two as you slay them. Once they have been defeated approach the door and examine your Ivory Claw to Realize the pattern, HAWK, HAWK, and DRAGON. Move past the door and enter The Folgunthur Crypt.

Creep into the main chamber where Misrule Gauldurson awakens. He will summon A few Drag to his side so it's best to draw Misrule back towards the entrance Where you can fight him one on one. Do your best to not get hit in melee Combat as Misrule will absorb health per hit. Destroy him with your weapon of Choice then loot his corpse for a GAULDUR AMULET FRAGMENT, WRIT OF SEALING, And the GAULDUR BLACKBLADE. Exit via the door on the right and you will find A CHEST and a Word wall in the back that teaches WORD OF POWER: FROST, FROST BREATH. With the Ivory Claw in hand return to the first chamber and use it on The keyhole on the eastern side of the room. A secret chamber opens up where A CHEST sits, locked and waiting for your looting.

Gerund's Hall Sides Gauldurson

Make the trek to Gerund's Hall on an island east of Ivarstead. Enter the Dungeon and fight off the Skivers. There are plenty of plants to harvest and A place to mine for IRON. Drop down into the water below and you can swim Through a door underwater to find a CHEST. Pop up and go through the iron Door where two Frostbite Spiders wait for you. The next room is filled with Water and Drag. Clear out the Drag and move the pillars to match the ones At the rooms entrance. Along the left wall turn the first pillar to HAWK and The second to WHALE. On the right side turn the first pillar to WHALE and The second to SNAKE.

Pull the lever to open the portcullis and find more Drag. Climb the steps To find Arch mage Gerund's corpse with LORD GEIRMUND'S KEY and GEIRMUND'S EPITAPH lying next to him. Use the key to enter the next room where a Drag And ARCANE ENCHANTER sit. Move left and up the steps past the Skivers and Drag. Turn right to find a lever on the ground. Don't flip it because it's A false lever that will just shoot spikes at you. Instead find the one high On the wall. Flip this LEVER to drop the drawbridge.

Cross over and hit another LEVER to drop another bridge and find two Drags. Turn the corner and make it through the corridor of swinging axes. In the watery area you will approach the coffin of Sides Gauldurson. When he Spawns he will split into three, teleport, and try to keep his range. Attack The one with curved horns, or the one that's actually taking damage they Are both the real Sides. When he goes down loot the GAULDUR BLACKBOW, GAULDUR AMULET FRAGMENT, and WRIT OF SEALING. Head up the steps and search The CHEST. You can also find the book WORDS AND PHILOSOPHY that will raise Your Two-handed Skill.

Sarthe Jiri Gauldurson

For this part to start you need to have started the College of Winter hold Quest line and be on the quest Under Sarthe, it's the second quest in the Line Leave the College and move a short distance to the southwest to find Sarthe Where Telfair waits. Tell him when you are ready to enter Sarthe then follow His lead. When you reach the bottom of the spiraling ramp Telfair will stop And see if you have any questions. Tell him you are done with questions and He will give you an objective; Find Ariel Game. Follow the pathway high above The ground and eventually down to where Ariel is located. Talk to him and he Will task you with finding some magical relics.

Search the surrounding area for three ENCHANTED RINGS and the SAARTHAL AMULET. When you grab the amulet a spear trap is set off and locks you in the Room. Equip the Sarthe Amulet and check the wall where you took it from. Cast A spell at the wall and it blasts away! Telfair makes his way through and asks You to follow him. When you reach the bottom area an apparition named Noreen Appears and tells you a chain of events has been set in motion that cannot be Undone and that The Pick Order believes you are the only one who can stop it.

Tell Telfair what you saw then follow him. As he approaches one of the tombs A Drag awakens and strikes. There are a total of three that will attack, be Sure to take them out. As you go further in you will find a LEVER to gain Access to a larger room with many coffins. Drag will pop out in groups of Two, dispatch them quickly with Telfair's aid. When they are slain you can Continue to delve further into Sarthe. Activate the two CHAINS then head Through the door into a new area.

Pass through the hall and Drag will emerge from their coffins, including A Restless Dragger and a Drag Wight. Go up the steps and back towards the Entrance of the room to find a CHEST. From the top of the steps head east to Discover a CHEST and an iron door. Through the door and down the ramp you can Find yet another CHEST and more Drag to defend it. The next room has six Pillars and a LEVER that must be pulled when all the pillars are aligned Correctly. The trick is to match it with the smaller carving above it. From The entrance heading towards the lever, the left side north wall should read HAWK, SNAKE, WHALE. The south wall should read from right to left the Entrance to the lever WHALE, HAWK, and HAWK.

Head into the next room and as you ascend the stairs a Drag Scourge will Attack. Search the CHEST through the iron door and dodge the lightning traps As you reach another puzzle. This puzzle is a little tricky as moving one Pillar could cause others to move.

  • Pillar 1: This moves pillars 1, 3 and 4
  • Pillar 2: This moves all 4 pillars
  • Pillar 3: This moves pillars 3 and 4
  • Pillar 4: This only moves pillar 4

The easiest way to do this is start at pillar 2 and turn it until its where It needs to be. Then move to pillar 1 and do the same, then pillar 3, and then Finally pillar 4. Pull the switch when all four pillars match the carving Above to enter the next area. Watch out for the dart traps and enter a large Room with a mysterious power. Fight off Jiri Gauldurson by attacking with Spells that counter his shield, i.e.; a Frost Shield will melt under a few Fire Based attacks. Loot the corpse to find a GAULDUR AMULET FRAGMENT and the WRIT OF SEALING. You can also find the STAFF OF JYRIK GAULDURSON on the Middle table. Talk to Telfair and he will ask you to report to the Arch Mage. Leave the room and find a CHEST in front of a Word Wall in the next room. This Word Wall grants WORD OF POWER: ICE, ICE FORM.

Baldur Reach water Rock

Once you have all three pieces the quest will update and you can head out to Reach water Rock. The fastest way is from Market, the cave is cleverly hidden Behind a light waterfall. Head through the watery cavern and search the area For mushrooms and even an ORICHALCUM VEIN. Climb to the middle area to find a Tree where an Adventurer met his end. Take the ANCIENT EDICT and EMERALD DRAGON CLAW from the altar and ascend the ramp to the door. Set the symbols to BEAR, WHALE, SNAKE and insert the Emerald Dragon Claw into the keyhole.

Move to the next door and set the symbols to HAWK, HAWK, DRAGON and Insert the Ivory Dragon Claw into the keyhole. Move into the main chamber and Place the amulets on the altars. Now you must face all the Gauldursons once More, one at a time. They have the same abilities as when you first fought Them. Once you defeat them all, Baldur appears and without a word, refuges THE GAULDUR AMULET. You can search Baldur himself for a wealth of gold. Backtrack through the hall and you can find a CHEST in a newly opened hidden Chamber.

The Forsworn Conspiracy

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Entry's' Note, Margaret's Journal, Nepos's Journal, Waylon's Note.

Quest Objectives

  • Go to the Shrine of Tales
  • Find evidence about Margaret
  • Find evidence about Waylon
  • Read Waylon's Note
  • Find out who "N" is
  • Find evidence about Nepos
  • Find evidence about Toner


Enter Market and you will witness the murder of a woman in the middle of The market. It was a Forsworn that attacked and if you hang around Entry's will Give you ELTRYS' NOTE. Read the note to officially start the quest and get The message that Entry's assures was yours from the start. Go to the Shrine of Tales and meet with Entry's who wants you to investigate the murders and the Forsworn. Head to The Warrens and sneak into Waylon's room in the back. Search His chest for WEYLIN'S NOTE then leave The Warrens.

A man named Dhrystone will approach you and challenge you to a brawl. Win the Fight and you can get some more information on the mysterious N. Head to the Silver Blood Inn and break into the room at the top of the steps on the south East side. In the end table you can find MARGARET'S JOURNAL. Read it to get Information on Toner. Head to the Treasury House and talk to Toner. He won't Give up much information but then suddenly there's a commotion in the main Room. Slay the enemies and talk to Toner who will tell you what you want to Hear.

Move to Nepos's House and speak with Nepos. He tells you quite a bit but That's because he doesn't plan on you leaving alive. Slay the fools and take NEPOS'S JOURNAL. With everyone dead you can search the area to find the book MYSTERY OF TALARA, PART 4 which increases the Illusion skill, it's in the Right room near a three candle fixture. Return to Entry's to find him dead and The Market Guards around him corrupt. Agree to be captured and the next Quest NO ONE ESCAPES CIDHNA MINE will begin.

No One Escapes Cadena Mine

  • Prerequisites: Complete the Forsworn Conspiracy.
  • Unique Items: Armor of the Old Gods, Boots of the Old Gods, Forkful's Key, Gauntlets of the Old Gods, Helmet of the Old Gods, Madanach's Key, Madanach's Note.

Quest Objectives

  • Ask a prisoner about Madanach
  • Get past Bork the Beast
  • Talk to Madanach
  • Hear Brag's story
  • Kill Madanach
  • Return to Madanach
  • Search Madanach's body
  • Kill Griever the Unlucky
  • Read Madanach's note
  • Return to Madanach
  • Escape Cadena Mine
  • Follow Madanach


When you awake, Urzoga graShugurz greets you. Move down the steps and talk To Bracken who tells you about Madanach. You need to get past Bork the Beast In order to see Madanach so have a chitchat with him. You need to have a shiv, Persuade Bork, or win a brawl with him to pass. If you tell him you don't Have a shiv then Bork tells you that Griever probably has one. Talk to Griever and to discover he wants Soma in return for the shiv. Find Dubach and Get the Soma from him, or simply pickpocket it off of any the numerous men Imprisoned. Return to Griever to get the Shiv and in turn get past Bork. At This point you can kill Madanach and move to siding with the Nerds or you can Side with the Forsworn and escape with Madanach.

Madanach and the Forsworn

Speak with Madanach to find out why he and the Forsworn are so bitter. He Wants you to hear Brag's story so leave this area and talk to Brag. Hear the Man's sad story then return to Madanach who wants you to kill Griever the Unlucky. Tell him you need a Shiv and he happily hands one over. Kill Griever Then loot the few items he has and return to Madanach. He reveals his plan to Escape so follow him through the ruins and fight off two Frostbite Spiders. With little to no equipment, it's best to let the other escapees take the Damage so sit back and strike when you feel it's safe.

A little past the spiders are some Dwarves Spheres that must be dealt with. Head down the steps and search underneath the platform for a few POTIONS and A CHEST. Meet up with Kaia who will return all your gear as well as give you The ARMOR OF THE OLD GODS, BOOTS OF THE OLD GODS, GAUNTLETS OF THE OLD GODS, and HELMET OF THE OLD GODS. Leave through the door into Market and The quest ends.

Toner Silver Blood and the Nerds

This path is open once you kill Madanach. Search his body for MADANACH'S KEY and MADANACH'S NOTE. Read the note and escape into the Market Ruins. Make your way through them until you fight a Frostbite Spider. There is another Up ahead but you can run by it if you can't slay it. In the next room it's Recommended that you drop off the edge and avoid the Dwarves Spheres on the Upper platform. If you can kill them, more power to you. Underneath the Platform you can find some POTIONS and a CHEST. Escape the ruins and Toner Silver Blood greets you, pardons you, and gives you the SILVERBLOOD FAMILY RING as well as the rest of your gear.

The Golden Claw

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Ravel's Journal, Dragon stone, Golden Claw, Word of Power: Force, Unrelenting Force.

Quest Objectives

  • Retrieve the Golden Claw
  • Cut Ravel down
  • Find the secret of Bleak Falls Barrow
  • Bring the claw to Lucan


This quest can start from the River wood Trader, Lucan or you can simply Start it by entering Bleak Falls Barrow and freeing Ravel the Swift. This Quest coincides with the main quest BLEAK FALLS BARROW.

Talk to Lucan in River wood to find his store has been robbed and the only Thing that got stolen was the Golden Claw he had. Accept his quest and head for Bleak Falls Barrow. You should meet some resistance before actually entering The dungeon, but it shouldn't be anything you can't handle. As you enter the Area it will seem quiet but there are Bandits on the far side of the initial Room. Unlock the CHEST and continue onward through the long and winding Chasms until you reach an ominous room with a Bandit. This room has symbols That give hints on how to unlock the gate. The correct combination to enter on The pillars on the bottom floor is SNAKE, SNAKE, and WHALE.

Search this next room to find the book Thief. This will increase your Pickpocket skill by 1 if it's the first time you've read it.

The next small room has a CHEST and some POTIONS, but be careful of the Skivers coming up the winding staircase. Head down the steps and through the Rooms until you find a pathway blocked by spider webs. Remove them and enter The room to find a Wounded Frostbite Spider trying to attack a man. You can Bait the spider back to where you entered the room, it cannot cross into that Room so you can sit back and launch magic at it for an easy kill. If you have Yet to start the side quest THE GOLDEN CLAW, it will start when you cut Ravel down. Immediately slay him or he will take off deep into the crypts and Become harder to track down.

Loot Ravel's corpse for the GOLDEN CLAW and ARVEL'S JOURNAL. Move through The burial room and into the crypt where ancient nerds, the Drag, will awake And attack you. Be careful of the trap door and continue down the hall where a Restless Drag is accompanied by some normal Drag. The next trial is to make It through a narrow channel where axes are swinging. Simply time your run and Sprint through to reach the other side unscathed. Descend the stairs and note The oil on the ground here. Bait some of the Drag onto it and light it with A fire spell, such as Flames, and watch them burn.

Move through this crypt and up the steps to a watery room where a Restless Drag will emerge from his coffin. Slay him and loot the CHEST then pull The CHAIN on the southern end and follow the watery path to a cavern. Search The CHEST at the intersection. Continue down the path and kill the Restless Drag then head to the bottom of the waterfall to find a CHEST. Go north and Pass through the halls until you reach the last room where a Drag Wight will Challenge you. Once the Drag falls, enter the Bleak Falls Sanctum.

The first room in the sanctum has a few Drag that appear from the tombs And there is oil on the floors that can be lit. Ascend to the second floor and Cross the bridge and go through an iron door. The gate at the end of this room Can only be opened by setting the pieces in the correct order. The order is Found on the Golden Claw, BEAR, BUTTERFLY, and OWL. Enter the massive room And search the CHEST then approach the Word Wall to learn WORD OF POWER: FORCE, UNRELENTING FORCE. After learning the word, a Drag Wight Lord will Awaken from his tomb. Defeat it and loot the DRAGONSTONE, then activate the HANDLE at the top of the steps to reach the exit. Don't pass the CHEST on Your way out and return to Lucan to finish the quest.

In My Time of Need

  • Prerequisites: Complete the main quest, Dragon Rising.
  • Unique Items: None.

Quest Objectives

  • Find the Red Guard woman
  • Speak with Sadie or Inform the Alek's of Sadie's location
  • Talk to the Alek's Prisoner or Inform the Alek's of
  • Sadie's location
  • Kill Kamath or talk to him
  • Talk to Sadie


After completing the Main Quest: Dragon Rising you can find two Alek's Warriors near the entrance of White run. Talk to them to find out they are Searching for a fellow Red Guard, a woman in town not using her real name. The Woman you are searching for is Sadie in the Bannered Mare. Tell her about the Red guards searching for her and she will take you upstairs and ask for your Assistance. She tells you why they are looking for her and says that Kamath is The one leading the charge.

Talk to the Alek's Prisoner in the Dragons reach Dungeon. He won't divulge any Information on Kamath unless you pay the 100 Gold fee for his release. Talk to A guard and pay the fee then return to the Prisoner. He tells you that Kamath And the rest of the Alek's are in Swindler's Den to the west of White run. Make Your way there and a Bandit greets you at the entrance of this rocky den.

Inside are two Alek's in the first large room. On a raised platform near the Entrance to the next area is a CHEST. Two more Alek's gather round a campfire In this room. Go through the hallway and into a much larger room where several Alek's and a mage will strike at you. Take them down and head into the sleeping Quarters where you will find the book THIEF on a mat, it raises your Pickpocket skill. Move to the balcony then through the watery area where Kamath Will have his Alek's yield. He wants to talk you into bringing Sadie to Justice.

Accept or deny, the choice is yours and the quest result is the same in that You always get 500 Gold. Kill Kamath or find Sadie and convince her to meet At the White run Stables where Kamath will take her into custody. You could Always pull a double cross and kill Kamath at the White run Stables. Sadie won't Be happy for using her as bait but at least she's free.

Keene's Sacred Trials

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Foci's Bow, Keene's Token.

Quest Objectives

  • Defeat the Guardian Mud crab
  • Defeat the Guardian Skiver
  • Defeat the Guardian Wolf
  • Return to Fork
  • Defeat the Guardian Bear
  • Defeat the Guardian Mammoth
  • Defeat the Guadiana Sabre Cat
  • Return to Fork
  • Defeat the Guardian Troll
  • Return to Fork


In the southwestern corner of the Rift, due west of Rifted, you will find Foci's Shack high on a mountaintop overlooking the area. Talk to Fork Whetted Blade and ask him about the Divines. He will speak of Keene and her Sacred Trials That warriors used to undertake to prove themselves. Tell Fork you want to Take the trials and he sends you off to fight three Guardians.

The Guardian Mud crab is near Jucar's Monument to the west of White run. It Isn't that difficult but is good at keeping its distance. The Guardian Skiver Is sitting in the entranceway of the Windward Ruins near Dawn star. Skivers Will join the fray but focus on the Guardian. Next, the Guardian Wolf can be Found near Lake Iliana to the southwest of Helen. Expect Wolves and Frostbite Spiders to be around this spirit. Return to Fork once all three have been Dispatched and he will task you with three more.

The Ursine Guardian is found northeast of the Twilight Sepulcher and is Typically by itself. The Guardian Mammoth is north of White run in the Mammoth Burial Grounds and is also by itself. The Guardian Sabre Cat is southeast of Winter hold along icy shores of the Sea of Ghosts. You can find Honkers and some Wolves around this area enrooted to the Spirit. Return to Fork once more to be Given a final challenge.

Head to Gray winter Watch near the Ritual Stone, east of White run. You will Find the Guardian Troll along with a few other Trolls. Slay them and head up The ramp to find FROKI'S BOW on top of a barrel. Return to Fork who will Give you KYNE'S TOKEN, an amulet that grants 10% damage from animals.

Laid to Rest

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Alva's Journal.

Quest Objectives

  • Talk to the Jarl
  • Investigate the burned house
  • Find Helga after dark
  • Ask Thinner about Layette
  • Investigate Alva's house
  • Show Alva's Journal to the Jarl
  • Kill the master vampire
  • Return to Mortal's Jarl


Head to Mortal and you can see some citizens expressing their opinion to the Steward. Enter the Moor side Inn and talk to Janna and ask about the burned down House. After the gruesome news, head over to the High moon Hall and talk to the Jarl. She says that if you prove Kroger innocent or guilty then you will be Rewarded. Head to the burned down house and speak with Helga's Ghost. She will Tell you what happened but only if you play hide and seek with her. You can Talk to the Jarl about Helga to gain a quest marker then wait until nightfall, After 8 PM.

Go to the graveyard where Layette the Vampire is hovering over Helga's grave. Slay her and open the Child's Coffin to hear what Helga has to say. Shortly Afterward, thinner will come running up to find his wife Layette died. Head To Alva's house and investigate the cellar. If you enter at night time then Chances are Alva isn't in her coffin. Take ALVA'S JOURNAL from the coffin and Show it the Jarl. With proof that Alva set the fire and that Movant yet lives, The Jarl tasks you with leading her troops into battle against the master Vampire.

Enter Movant's Lair in the swampy area outside Mortal. There are two Frostbite Spiders in the first room and a Vampire Thrall sitting in a chair In the next room. In the next area is a single Vampire Thrall and lots of Clothing just lying around. There is also a mass grave in this area but you Can ignore it. On your way to the next area you can either take the high path Or the low path. The high path has an IRON VEIN on the wall and gives you a Better angle on the Master Vampire, Movant Piquing.

Try to pick off the Vampire Nights talker first then focus on Movant. With The master vampire dead you can search the northern alcove for an IRON VEIN And the southern area where another Vampire awaits. There is also a CHEST and An exit in that direction. The eastern room has a Vampire, ALCHEMY LAB, and A CHEST for looting. Once you are done raiding the area, you can find Helga's Ghost at the exit.

Lights Out!

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Hagar's Chest Key, Note from Jazeera.

Quest Objectives

  • Put out the fire in the Solitude Lighthouse
  • Return to Jazeera
  • Find Deja at the Wreck of the Ice runner
  • Defeat Deja
  • Find out where Jazeera's bandits took the loot
  • Travel to Broken Oar Grotto
  • Defeat Jazeera


If you head to Solitude you can find Jazeera outside of Angeline's Aromatics And he wants your help in obtaining some loot. He wants you to put out the Lighthouse fire so a ship, the Ice runner, will crash and then you, him, and His sister can raid it. Make your way past the East Empire Company Warehouse And to the Solitude Lighthouse. There isn't anything stopping you from just Walking up the steps and putting the fire out.

When the deed is done, return to Jazeera and he will tell you to meet his Sister Deja at the Wreck of the Ice runner. As you find the wreck there are Plenty of dead Imperial Soldiers. It's time to make a decision on whether or Not you want to fight now or fight later. Either way you must fight Deja and Take the NOTE FROM Jaree-RA that details the location of the stolen goods.

Head over to Broken Oar Grotto after reading the note and defeat the two Marauders on the platform. Move up the ramp and spot an Marauder near the Release LEVER for the bridge. Take him out and use the lever to cross over To the next area where you have many ways of reaching the ship. Use the LEVER, Sneak around from above, or just swim. In the main room at the top you can find A CHEST in the entrance and HARGAR'S JOURNAL. Kill Captain Hagar to get HARGAR'S CHEST KEY and open the ICERUNNER CHEST.

If you head to the sleeping quarters in the middle of the area you can find A CHEST. With the area fully looted you can leave and feel satisfied.

The Man Who Cried Wolf

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: None.

Quest Objectives

  • Clear Out Wolf skull Cave
  • Speak to Falk Fireboard


Venture into Solitude and make your way to the Blue Palace. Head up the steps And listen in on the meeting. Speak with Falk Fireboard afterwards and him Agrees to pay you if you clear out Wolf skull Cave. Make your way over to the Cave near Dragon Bridge and head down the path until you find a Skeleton. At This point you can go high or low. Go high if you want to sneak up on the Necromancers in the next room.

Go through the wooden door into a snowy area where a Necromancer, Drag, And Skeleton lurk. Drop down the hole, bounding from platform to platform and Enter the Wolf skull Ruins. You will immediately notice the Ritual Master and The chants to summon Optima, not to mention the lightshow. Sneak around and Slay a Necromancer then continue your descent ion. As you reach a set of stairs A Drag and Necromancer make their way up them. Enter the tower and climb up To find a Drag peeking out the window.

Leave the tower from the second floor and you will encounter several Drag And Necromancers. Eventually, you will get high enough to draw the attention Of the Ritual Master. All the Necromancers are now aware of your presence and Will send their Drags after you. Continue to climb up the next tower and slay The remaining spell casters and the Ritual Master. Use the LEVER to drop the Bridge then descend the steps and exit. Return to Falk who rewards you with Gold.

The Wolf Queen Awakened

  • Prerequisites: Complete Quest, The Man Who Cried Wolf.
  • Unique Items: Letter from Falk Fireboard, Old Solitude Crypts Key, Optima's Catacombs Key, Optima's Sanctum Key, Optima's Skull, Shield of Solitude, Turn Undead.

Quest Objectives

  • Speak to Styr
  • Defeat Optima
  • Retrieve Optima's remains
  • Return to Falk Fireboard
  • Give Optima's remains to Styr


Some measure of time after completing The Man Who Cried Wolf, a Courier will Find you and deliver the LETTER FROM FALK FIREBEARD. Go to the Blue Palace And tell Falk that you are willing to aid him. Speak with Styr at the Hall of The Dead and agree to go to the Catacombs. Styr will teach you Turn Undead if You don't know it and hand you POTEMA'S CATACOMBS KEY. Venture to the Temple Of the Divines just a short trip up the road.

Go to the basement and unlock the gate then into Optima's Catacombs. Move Down the steps and button hook around to a blocked off area. Optima will speak To you and the path will open up. Kill the single Drag in this room then go Through the hallway and down the steps where you can find a CHEST at the Bottom. In the next room you can find two Drag and a Vampire that holds the OLD SOLITUDE CRYPTS KEY. Maneuver through the next hallway and slay a Drag On the way to a LEVER that raises the nearby portcullis.

There are three total Drag in this room. Reach the far end and enter Another hallway. At the end of the hallway at the bottom of the steps is a Vampire, kill it and enter the sewer like area where Drag lurk. Avoid the Floor trap as you make your way south to a GRINDSTONE and a CHEST. Use the LEVER at the bottom of the steps to start the wheel that will grant you Passage to the next area. Use the LEVER again to stop it when there is a path Through. Take any POTIONS and use the ALCHEMY LAB as you see fit before Going into Optima's Refuge.

Kill the Drag to the left and instead go right. Up the stairs you will find Three LEVERS that control wheels just like the previous one. The front lever Corresponds to the front wheel, and so on and so forth. To your right through A gate is a Vampire, so be cautious or simply slay it. In the next hallway are Two Soul Gems that will shoot fireballs at you, so remove them from the stands Before you take too much damage. In the throne room is a Drag and Blooded Vampire that will address you. Slay them and loot POTEMA'S SANCTUM KEY which Opens the double door and leads to Optima's Sanctum.

The first room has a Vampire in it and the ensuing hallway has a Drag and Some Skeletons. Enter the room with half a dozen corpses and Optima will speak To you again, then raise a few of the corpses. Proceed through the hallway and Into the final room where Optima will deal Shock damage and summon hordes of Drag, increasing in number until they are all slain. Enter the newly opened Room and kill Optima's Remains, then loot POTEMA'S SKULL. Search the CHEST For several items as well as the LEGEND OF KRATELY HOUSE which raises the Sneak Skill.

Leave the dungeon and search the CHEST at the exit before returning to Falk Fireboard. He rewards you with gold and the SHIELD OF SOLITUDE. Give the Remains to Styr and the quest ends.

Missing in Action

  • Prerequistes: None
  • Unique Items: Imperial Missive, North watch Captain's Key, North watch Keep Key.

Quest Objectives

  • Meet Frail in her home
  • Find evidence of Thorold's fate
  • Deliver proof to Avulsion
  • Find a way to release Thorold from Thelma custody
  • Rescue Thorold from North watch Keep
  • Lead Thorold to safety
  • Speak to Thorold Gray Mane
  • Return to Frail Gray Mane


Head to the market in White run and you can witness a scene with the Battle Born and Gray Mane. Talk to Frail who will want to discuss the matter of her Missing son, Thorold, more privately. Meet Frail in her home and discuss with Avulsion if Thorold is still alive. To get proof you need to enter the House Of Clan Battle Born and go into a backroom where you will find the IMPERIAL MISSIVE. Deliver this to Avulsion and he will want to slay the Thelma and Get Thorold out. At this point you can go with Avulsion, go alone, or go alone And try to be peaceful.

The best option here is to just go with Avulsion since you get an unbillable Partner and trying to go stealthy results in Thorold be extremely loud during The escape, thus alerting all the guards anyways. Head to North watch Keep in the Northwest corner of Skyrim. Start by picking off the initial guard then bait The rest through the archway, taking them on one at a time. When the outside Has been cleared enter the dungeon.

Move down the steps and kill a guard and mage. Search the CHEST and continue North. Enter the dining area where two more guards sit. In the next area you Will encounter several guards and mage that carries the NORTHWATCH CAPTAIN'S KEY. Enter the room on the bottom level to find the book THE LEGENDARY SANCRE TOR which raises your Two-handed Skill.

With the key in hand, head up the steps and open a CHEST as you move west Through the hallway. A guard sits in the hallway and to the left you will find The Interrogator who holds the NORTHWATCH KEEP KEY. Search the nearby CHEST And release Thorold Gray Mane. Head north and kill a few more Thelma Guards And open the cells if you can they are all Master. The door at the end of The hallway can be opened with the North watch Keep Key and leads outside.

Promises to Keep

  • Requirements: None.
  • Unique Items: Frost's Identity Papers, Stone of Barenziah.

Quest Objectives

  • Speak to Sibiu Black Briar
  • Steal Frost's Lineage Papers
  • Return to Louis Let rush


Head to Rifted and enter the Bee and Barb. Talk with Louis Let rush who wants You to talk to Sibiu Black Briar in the Rifted Jail about a breeding horse Named Frost. Move towards the Mist veil Keep, but before entering the Keep Itself go around the right side and enter the Rifted Jail. The guard here will Stop you but a little persuasion or bribery will get you by. Move through the Prison and fined Sibiu Black Briar on the top floor.

Talk to Sibiu to find out that he doesn't truly own Frost. You need to steal The lineage papers for him, so head to the Black Briar Lodge to the east of Rifted. The guards here will attack on sight so either sneak in or go in swords Swinging. If you break in from the west side of the house an Expert locked Door then you are right near FROST'S IDENTITY PAPERS. They are on the Table in the southern room. There is also a locked CHEST sitting next to this Table.

Search the rest of the house to find a CHEST on the middle floor and a STONE OF BARENZIAH in the master bedroom on the top floor. Head outside and Steal Frost then return to Louis Let rush. At this point you can accept the deal Or persuade Louis to let you have Frost. There's always the option of killing Louis Let rush and taking everything as well.

Return to Your Roots

  • Prerequisites: Start the quest, Discerning the Trans Mundane.
  • Unique Items: Crimson Nirnroot, Sanderson's Field Journal, Sanderson's Serendipity, The Nirnroot Missive.

Quest Objectives

  • Discover the significance of Crimson Nirnroot
  • Collect Crimson Nirnroot in Black reach
  • Bring 30 Crimson Nirnroot to Aversa Sarahi


This quest will start when find a CRIMSON NIRNROOT in Black reach. In order To gain access to Black reach you need to start the Deric Quest Discerning the Trans mundane 10.04.00. Reference Main Quest Elder Knowledge 03.12.00 as well Until you obtain the Crimson Nirnroot.

After starting the quest enter Sanderson's Field Laboratory in Black reach. Search the room for various CHESTS and the book DE RERUM DIRENNIS. When you Have acquired all the extraneous goods, search Sanderson's skeleton to find SINDERION'S FIELD JOURNAL. Scour the area of Black reach for the herb and once You obtain 30 the quest will update. Take the herbs to Sarahi Farm, east of Ivarstead, and give them to Aversa Sarahi. She will return the favor and give You SINDERION'S SERENDIPITY and THE NIRNROOT MISSIVE. The former gives you A 25% chance of creating a duplicate potion when using your Alchemy Skill. The Latter is a mere document.

Rise in the East

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Unique Items: Clan Shatter Shield Office Key, Japheth's Folly Key, Japheth's Journal, Savarins Atherton's Logbook.

Quest Objectives

  • Steal Savarins Atherton's logbook
  • Give the logbook to Orthus
  • Talk to Stag Salt Plank
  • Report back to or thus
  • Depart for Japheth's Folly
  • Talk to Adularias
  • Kill Halcyon
  • Report back to Adularias
  • Speak to Adularias to return
  • Speak to Orthus


If you head to the East Empire Company Warehouse outside of Solitude you will Be told it's off limits and that or thus Ontario in Wind helm is the man to talk To. Make the trek to Wind helm and entire the East Empire Company on the edge Of the outside of town. Speak with or thus to learn of the Blood Honkers that Are conducting raids. He wants you to find proof of the piracy and shut them Down.

The Clan Shatter Shield Office is conveniently right next door. The bad news Is that the door is a Master lock and Forborn Shatter Shield has the CLAN SHATTERSHIELD OFFICE KEY. So either pick the lock or steal the key and enter The office. Sometimes the doors are open from about 4 to 6 PM and you can just Walk in. In the back behind the business ledger you can find SUVARIS ATHERON'S LOGBOOK. There is also a STRONGBOX on this table if you can unlock it.

Return to or thus with the logbook to deduce that the pirates are working out Of Dawn star. Venture to the Wind peak Inn at Dawn star and talk to Stag Salt Plank. Challenge him to a brawl or bribe him to get information on Halcyon. Report back to or thus to find a woman named Adularias Venice with him. She Wants to lead an assault on Halcyon and you're going with her. Exit the building And talk to the mercenary to catch a ride on the boat.

Talk to Adularias aboard the boat then set out to Japheth's Folly and hunt down Halcyon. Move along the coast and enter the Sea Cave. Slay the two Mud crabs and Ascend through the pathway. Kill the Blood Honker and search the CHEST then Go through the door to Japheth's Folly Towers. Climb the steps and kill the two Blood Honkers, making sure to avoid the trap.

Continue southeast and then take the steps going down. Slay the Blood Honkers And search the middle room for a CHEST. Unlock the wooden door to find JAPHET'S JOURNAL, Japheth, and a Master locked CHEST. Climb to the top of Tower and kill Halcyon, just be wary of his spells. Loot his body for the JAPHET'S FOLLY KEY and search the CHEST. Leave through the front door and Sprint out to avoid catching any of the bombardments. Talk with Adularias to Return to Wind helm and speak with or thus. The quest ends and Adularias is now A follower if you want her to be.

Rising at Dawn

  • Prerequistes: Become a Vampire
  • Unique Items: None

Quest Objectives

  • Speak to Falcon
  • Bring a filled Black Soul Gem to Mortal
  • Meet Falcon at dawn
  • Speak to Falcon
  • Wait for Falcon to complete the ritual


For this quest to begin you must become a Vampire. This requires you to Contract Sanguinary Vampires from a Vampire. After three days with this disease You will turn. Talk to an Innkeeper after turning and you will be pointed to Falcon, a mage in Mortal. When you talk to Falcon he will recognize you as a Vampire and offer to remove the disease if you provide a filled Black Soul Gem. Return to Falcon with the filled Black Soul Gem and meet him at dawn at the North end of town. Falcon will perform the ritual and the screen will fade as You are cleansed.

Unfathomable Depths

  • Prerequisites: Achieve Level 14 or Higher
  • Unique Items: Ancient Knowledge Lexicon

Quest Objectives

  • Take the Lexicon to Avanchnzel


Move along the docks outside of Rifted and you will undoubtedly encounter an Argon Ian woman named FromDeepestFathoms. She will immediately ask you to take The LEXICON off her hands and take it to Avanchnzel. Make your way west to the ruins of Avanchnezel where you will find a spectral meeting from the past taking place. Move through the cavern and through the hallways, fighting off the two Dwarves Spiders. Open the iron door to enter a large room where another flashback occurs. Go east up the ramp and clear out the Dwarves Machina then Progress up another ramp to reach the Avanchnzel Balcony.

There is singular CHEST up here, so take it and return to the large room. Move south this time through the hall, slaying more Dwarves Spheres and Spiders Until you reach a locked gate. Behind the gate is a CHEST, loot it and move Down the ramp. The next room is fairly large and has plenty of Dwarves Spiders. The southern path leads to a room with two CHESTS. Move east to see another Flashback then check the left side for a CHEST. Further east you can enter The Avanchnzel Animoncultory.

Clear out the Spiders and Spheres then watch the flashback. Unlock the gate That the previous investigators could not. There is a CHEST and some ingots, But nothing special. Move up the steps and around the You-shaped hallway, not Passing the locked CHEST. Move east through the room and into the eastern Room, but dodge the trap at the door. There is a CHEST and many busted up Dwarves Spiders in this room.

Continue west and kill the Spider. There is an ALCHEMY LAB and plenty of Things on the shelves. Move down the ramp and slay the Machina and unlock the Gate to find a CHEST. Go west down the ramp for another flashback and enter The next large room. There's a multitude of enemies in this area but the Gems That you can get off them is worth the fight. You can find Brennen's corpse to The north. Turn the corner for another flashback and the entrance to the Avanchnzel Boilery.

Pass through the hallway and view a few more flashbacks. The next hallway Has a spinning blade that moves up and down the ramp as pistons emerge from the Wall. Jump over the pistons and find WatchesTheRoots corpse. Use the LEVER To turn it off then go through the door. Defeat the Dwarves Centurion Master And loot Brea's corpse. Activate the Lexicon Receptacle to acquire ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE, a perk that grants a 25% Armor Bonus while wearing all Dwarves Armor and increases the Smiting Skill 15% faster. Use the door and then the Elevator to return to the entrance of Avanchnzel and make your exit.

The White Phial

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Unique Items: Cracked White Phial, Aurelian's Mixture, Word of Power: Kill, Marked for Death.

Quest Objectives

  • Retrieve the White Phial
  • Bring the Phial to Aurelian


Head to the White Phial in Wind helm and speak with Aurelian. Tell him that You will go find the White Phial if he tells you where to go. Aurelian hands You NURELION'S MIXTURE so you can enter the Forsaken Cave. To the west of Wind helm in the mountains, you will find the Forsaken Cave. Move down the ramp When you enter the cave and slay the two trolls. Continue west through the iron Door and down the steps. Move through the hall and watch out for traps as you Approach a CHEST.

Drag make their entrance at this point, so kill them as you move down the Halls. At the intersection turn left to find the book THE MIRROR which raises The Block Skill. Unlock the door at the bottom of the steps to find a CHEST. Move through the crypts until you enter a room with flame traps on the ground. Before you leave the room enter the passage on the right to find a CHEST. Dodge the traps as you move through this hallway and into the Forsaken Crypt.

Slay the Drag in this room and move through the hallway. There are a few Drag along the way but you eventually reach the bridge above the entrance Area. Kill another Drag and loot another CHEST then proceed north. Climb Higher and through a long hallway filled with Drag until you reach a path With swinging axes. Just past here Caramel will awaken from his slumber and You must defeat him and any drag that attack.

Go up the steps to learn WORD OF POWER: KILL, MARKED FOR DEATH. Loot the CHEST up here as well then drop down to find the Ancient Bowl. Activate it And move into the room. There are tons of ingredients as well as the book A GAME AT DINNER which raises the Alchemy Skill. There is also an ALCHEMY LAB If you wanted to combine any of the vast amount of ingredients before you head Back. Take the CRACKED WHITE PHIAL from is plinth and make your way back to The White Phial in Wind helm.

Repairing the Phial

  • Prerequisites: Complete the White Phial and the Main Quest.
  • Unique Items: Letter from Quintus Naval, The White Phial.

Quest Objectives

  • Speak to Quintus Naval
  • Retrieve the Unmalting Snow
  • Find some Mammoth Tusk Powder
  • Take a Forsworn Heart
  • Return to Quintus Naval


A few days after completing The White Phial, a Courier should track you down And deliver the LETTER FROM QUINTUS NAVALE. Read the letter to start the quest Then return to the White Phial in Wind helm. Talk to Quintus and he thinks there Is a way to repair the Phial but it needs certain materials?

Unmelting Snow

This can only be found at the Throat of the World. You will need to have Completed the Main Quest up to this point or else you cannot reach this area. Head past Paarthurnax and up the mountainside to reach the Unmalting Snowbank. Activate it to receive some UNMELTING SNOW.

Mammoth Tusk Powder

This powder can be found at Stone hill Bluff to the north of White run. Climb Up the snowy mountain and slay the Giants. Search inside a bowl to find the MAMMOTH TUSK POWDER.

Briar Heart

This item can be obtained from Forsworn Briar Hearts anywhere you can find Them. Places like Red Eagle Redoubt or the Sundered Towers are perfect. If you Go the Red Eagle DE doubt route, be sure to loot RED EAGLE'S FURY part of a Miscellaneous Objective and take the book RED EAGLE'S RITE.

Returning To Quintus

With all the items in hand return to Quintus and he will get to work on the Phial. Follow him up the steps as his master passes away. Quintus will fill The Phial with one type of liquid. Choose wisely:

  • I'd like it to have the power of healing. +100 health
  • I want to resist the forces of magic. 20% magic resist for 60 seconds
  • I want to be tougher in battle. +20 stamina for 300 seconds
  • I want to strengthen my magical skills. +20 magical for 300 seconds
  • I want to deal more damage in battle. +50% to one handed damage for 60


  • I want to be better hidden in the shadows. 20% harder to detect for 60


Bending the Flames

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Unique Items: King Olaf's Treasury Key, Ruby Dragon Claw, Word of Power: Whirlwind Sprint.

Quest Objectives

  • Find King Olaf's Verse
  • Return to the Bards College
  • Help Virago reconstruct Olaf's Verse
  • Meet Virago at the Blue Palace
  • Watch Virago perform Olaf's Verse
  • Speak to Virago
  • Speak to Jon
  • Speak to Jon after dusk
  • Attend the Burning of King Olaf


Talk to Corpus's at the Winking Skiver in Solitude to get a rumor about Joining the College of Bards. Visit the College and talk to Virago who will Give you this quest to find King Olaf's Verse. Head over to Dead Men's Respite, West of Mortal and south of Solitude.

As you enter the cavern you can spot the RUBY DRAGON CLAW on a plinth in The first room as well as an ethereal spirit. Removing the claw opens the Portcullis and awakens several Drag in this room. Follow the spirit but avoid The floor trap that shoots spears into the narrow hall. At the end of the hall Activate the CHAIN to reveal a hidden path where Frostbite Spiders make their Home. At the end of the hallway you can find a CHEST buried in spider webs.

Leave the dead end and turn right to find another CHAIN to enter a different Part of the hallway where Drag lurk. At the end of the hallway are several POTIONS but most importantly the book THE BUYING GAME which raises your Speech. Since you pulled the chain a different path opens up from the main Hallway. Move down the steps of the new path and avoid the floor trap at the Bottom of the steps.

Slay the Frostbite Spiders in the next room then pull the CHAIN on the Eastern wall to remove the grate on one of the holes. Drop into the water and Move through the flooded hall, slaying the Skiver and Drag. The room at the End of the hallway has several Drag. Kill them and ascend the ramp and open The gate to start the swinging axes on the bridge you must cross. There is a CHAIN on the other side that will stop the swinging of the axes. Climb up Another ramp and move through the double iron doors.

There is ARCANE ENCHANTER on end and the spirit on the other end of the Hallway. The door is sealed so head down the ramp and kill the Drag then move Into the next room to the west. The portcullis shuts behind you and all the Other ones open and awaken Drag that attack from all sides. In the first room You can make a good stand and find a CHEST. When everything is quiet once Again, pull the CHAIN on the southern wall to remove the grate and reveal The steps. At the bottom of the steps is Spanker and his corpse is holding KING OLAF'S VERSE.

Make your way back to the sealed door and Shankar's Spirit will unseal it. At the end of the hallway is a puzzle door, so look at the Ruby Dragon Claw to Discover the order WOLF, HAWK, WOLF. As you enter the room don't move In far. There are Drag seated all around the room and if you want to avoid Fighting them all at once, use a strong spell or sneak attack with a bow to Kill them one at a time, they won't awaken any others.

Spanker will call out Olaf and the Drag will begin to awaken. Fight them Off and ascend the steps to face King Olaf One Eye. Slay him and loot his body For KING OLAF'S TREASURY KEY. Behind him is a Word Wall that teaches WORD OF POWER: WHIRLWIND SPRINT. Open the door to find a CHEST then race through the Passageway to a LEVER that returns you to the entrance room.

Take the verse back to Virago then help him reconstruct it. You can say what Ever you want, some of the funnier choices often need persuasion though. Meet Virago at the Blue Palace and watch him perform the Verse. Afterwards he will Want you to speak with Jon and tell him the Festival is back on, but make sure To do so after dusk 8 PM. Attend the burning and you will be named a Bard and Receive the patronage of Elis if.

Finn's Lute

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Finn's Lute, Stone of Barenziah, Treasure Map X.

Quest Objectives

  • Find Finn's Lute
  • Give Finn's Lute to Inga


This quest is part of the Bards College miniquestline. Speak with Inga Six Fingers and she will ask you to find Finn's Lute. Head to the Far East and Into Stony Creek Cave in the watery abyss. Move up the planks and through the Creek slaying the Bandits that attack. There is an opening to the right but Continue to the end of the creek to find a Bandit, a CHEST and several MOONSTONE VEINS. Head back to the side opening you passed and defeat the Leader of the Bandits.

On the table you can find a STONE OF BARENZIAH and the book MYSTERY OF TALARA, PART 4 which raises your Illusion Skill. Search the CHEST to find FINN'S LUTE and search the boss for TREASURE MAP X then return to Inga. Inga will increase all of your Thief Skills by 1.

Pan tea's Flute

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Pan Tea's Flute.

Quest Objectives

  • Find Pan tea's Flute
  • Return Pan tea's Flute


Talk with Panted Atria at the Bards College and she will tell about a ransom Note she received from her student Larine who stole her family's heirloom. Move out to Hob's Fall Cave and go through the icy cavern, slaying a Skeleton Then entering a room with a Necromancer and a CHEST.

Continue through the passageway to encounter another Necromancer accompanied By a Skeleton. Cross the bridge and defeat more foes until you reach a ritual Chamber where two Necromancers and a Skeleton are located. Defeat them and Search the room for a locked CHEST. Pull the chain near the barred off hall To gain access. As you move through the hall remove the Soul Gems that are Casting an icy spell, impeding your progress.

Move past another Necromancer and enter the holding chamber where your target Is located. Defeat the Necromancers here and search the CHEST for PANTEA'S FLUTE. Return to Panted and she will increase all your Magic Skills by 1.

Bjorn's Drum

Rerequistes: None. Unique Items: Holder's Staff, Bjorn's Drum.

Quest Objectives

  • Find Bjorn's Drum
  • Give Bjorn's Drum to Giraud


Speak with Giraud Germane at the Bards College and he will tell you he has Found the location of Bjorn's Drum. He wants you to check it out, so head to Holder's Cairn to the south of Falkreath. Enter the cavern to find several dead adventurers and a mysterious light coming from the rock they are gathered around. Move to the altar nearby and take AGRIUS'S JOURNAL and the KEY TO HALLDIR'S CRYPT.

Open the door and move up the steps. As you approach the door two Ghosts will attack and let you know that you are not welcome in this place. Move through the hall killing more Spirits until you see a Drag sitting in a throne. Now the Drag will begin to attack, this time just three. Activate the LEVER behind the throne to raise the portcullis and enter the puzzle room.

Kill the ghosts and Drag then move into each of the three small rooms and notice the symbols above. Match up the pillar on the floor to the ones on the ceiling then use the LEVER in the fourth quadrant to reveal a hidden path. Move through the first area and head straight, avoiding the floor trap to find a CHEST. Return to the intersection and go north to find Halldir.

Halldir will split into three spirits, each representing an element of Destruction magic; fire, ice, and lightning. Defeat them and Halldir will reemerge in the center and is able to be defeated. Loot his remains for HALLDIR'S STAFF then check the CHEST for RJORN'S DRUM. Open the trap door and jump down to find the adventurer's corpses gone. Return to Giraud and he will increase all of your Warrior Skills by 1.

The Lost Expedition

  • Prerequisites: Gain access to NchuandZel.
  • Unique Items: Alethius's Notes, Erj's Journal, Key to NchuandZel, Krag's Journal, Staubs' Journal, Stromm's Journal.

Quest Objectives

  • Recover Stromm's journal
  • Recover Erj's journal
  • Recover Krag's journal
  • Recover Staubs' journal
  • Reactivate NchuandZel's automated defenses
  • Find someone who knows about the expedition


Head to the Understone Keep in Market and speak with Calcelmo. Agree to kill Nimhe and he will give you the KEY TO NCHUANDZEL. Move through the area and slay the Frostbite Spiders and Nimhe. Search the Alethius's corpse in this area to find ALETHIUS'S NOTES and officially start the quest.

Enter NchuandZel and begin killing the Falmer that call the Dwarves Ruins home. The path is short and you eventually reach the NchuandZel Quarters. Move through the area to a set of steps and commence the annihiliation of the Falmer. Move down the steps and slay some more and at the top kill the Giant Frostbite Spider. The eastern path leads to a living quarters but is otherwise uneventful so just loot Stromm for STROMM'S JOURNAL. The southern area has a few odds and ends but is ultimately a dead end torture chamber.

Return the steps and move west, slaying the Falmer that impede your movement. Unlock the gate at the top of the steps to find a CHEST. Move down the steps and defeat the slew of Falmer that strike at you then move to the next room. Some more advanced Falmer and a Giant Frostbite Spider guard this room. Move east and into a room at the end of corridor to find a CHEST. Open the door to return to NchuandZel and find a CHEST on this balcony. Jump into the water and enter the NchuandZel Armory.

Bypass the steps and take the bottom path to a locked gate. Unlock it and go up the steps to find Erj; take ERJ'S JOURNAL. Open the locked gates, one of them has a CHEST behind it. Move up another set of steps and kill the Falmer and Chaurus that attack. At the intersection continue east, because going south takes you back to the armory's entrance. Exit back to NchuandZel via the door to find Krag and KRAG'S JOURNAL lying nearby. Head up the ramp and you can find a MOONSTONE VEIN to the right of the door to NchuandZel Control.

Move up the ramp and through this Falmer filled hallway until you find STAUB'S JOURNAL lying near his body. Progress up the steps and kill the Dwarves Spiders and Falmer along the way to a LEVER in the control room. Search the CHEST and follow the path you've just opened to another CHEST. Leave the area and kill the Dwarves Centurion that attacks then go up the ramp To make a quick exit. Return to Calcium who gives you the reward he was going To give to the excavators.

Scroll for Anika

Prerequisites: None. Unique Items: Sealed Scroll, Spell Tome: Conjure Flaming Familiar, Vicuna, Word of Power: Storm Call.

Quest Objectives

  • Help Anika Retrieve Her Scroll
  • Return the Scroll to Anika


To start this quest you must enter the High Gate Ruins to the northeast of Ustengrav, directly west of Dawn star in the cold tundra. Talk to Anika and Agree to help her with the priest, Vicuna as she only wants the scroll. Anika Is a pretty strong mage, so melee players will find her particularly helpful? Enter the large room and search the CHEST in the middle once the Drag are Eliminated. Search the eastern side of the second floor for another CHEST.

Proceed north into an apothecary's room where Drag awaken to slay you. Loot the room of its various POTIONS and somewhat rare INGREDIENTS then Go north, making sure to avoid the floor trap. Move through the hallway and Into the puzzle room. Anika points out the obvious; the LEVERS must be used In a certain order and that order is hanging on the southern wall HAWK, WHALE, FOX, SNAKE. With the gate opened, descend the staircase and enter The High gate Ruins Catacombs.

Kill the Drag feigning sleep and go down another set of steps. As you move Through this area, slay more Drag and avoid the floor trap as you enter The narrow catacombs. You'll come across a CHEST with a floor trap in front Of it and a Drag before turning the corner to an iron door. In this room is A Soul Gem on a plinth, removing it awakens two stronger Drag. There is also A locked door that has a CHEST behind it. Continue south through the booby Trapped room all floor traps and through the iron double doors.

In this room you must use the middle LEVER to open the right door where a Drag and another LEVER are located. This leads to another LEVER and Drag On the left side, and finally the LEVER that opens the portcullis and allows You access to a wealth of POTIONS as well as Hokum's Throne Room. The doors Swing open as you approach them and Vicuna awakens. This Dragon Priest wields a Staff of Fireballs and normally summons a Storm Atronarch to his side. As with All Dragon Priests, have some magic resistant gear equipped and either wait Out his magical or get up close to stop the spell casting.

Loot VOKUN from the corpse and head into the next room where you can find The SEALED SCROLL, two CHESTS, and a Word Wall that teaches WORD OF POWER: STORM CALL. Give the scroll to Anika and she rewards you with a SPELL TOME: CONJURE FLAMING FAMILIAR.

Siege on the Dragon Cult

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Dragon Priest Staff, Fore host Balcony Key, Fore host Entrance Key, Fore host Well Key, Glass Claw, Rah got, Storm Snow Strider's Journal, Valier's Orders, Word of Power: Storm Call.

Quest Objectives

  • Obtain Argot's mask
  • Optional Find Storm Snow Strider's journal
  • Return to Valhi
  • Kill the imposter Valhi


On the lone mountain to the southeast of Rifted you can find fore host. In The camp you will find a single Imperial Legionnaire, Captain Valhi. He wants You to venture into the dungeon and obtain Argot's mask for the purpose of the War. He also mentions Storm Snow Strider's journal and how it could aid you in Progressing through the dungeon.

Enter the Fore host Stronghold and slay the spectral being and enter the next Area, avoiding the floor trap. Kill two more Dragon Cultist then go east up the Steps. In the dead end you can find a locked CHEST but you want to go through The corridor with the swinging axes. In the room you will find two more Dragon Cultist and SKORM SNOWSTRIDER'S JOURNAL next to a locked CHEST. Go through The doors and into the sleeping quarters to face more Dragon Cultists.

Move to the next area and go across the bridge to reach a locked CHEST. Go Down the steps now to find a Dragon Cultist and a CHEST amongst the crafting Area. Passed the kitchen area you will find more Dragon Cultists and Drag That awaken. Head up the spiraling ramp and find a booby trapped CHEST. Drop Down and go through the door then avoid the floor traps and use the LEVER to Show the quick access out. Backtrack and enter the Fore host Crypt.

Kill the Dragon Cultist and turn left past the axes to find a master locked Gate. If you can unlock it then you just saved yourself some time! Otherwise Go through the other hall and slay the Drag. When you reach the four way Intersection go southeast to find a CHEST just passed a floor trap. Move down The hallways and kill more drag as you notice the spider webs. You'll come to A master locked CHEST before finding three Drag in a quick stern.

At this point the number of Drag and floor traps increase quite a bit. When You escape the hallways you will enter a room with three strong Drag and a CHEST that contains the FORELHOST WELL KEY. Climb the steps and jump across The broken bridge to find a hidden CHEST. Jump back and up the ramp where a Soul Gem will shoot ice at you. Unbar the door and return to the well where the Gate was locked. Open it and swim to the other side and slay the Skivers. Emerge from the water and through a wooden door to make a quick pass into the Fore host Refectory.

Move up the hall and kill any Drag in the way. There is an item on a plinth In the back as well as a CHEST. Enter the dining area and move through the Iron double doors. Use the oil to your advantage as you clear through the Drag In this hallway. While the flowers in the next room may bring comfort, the Attacking horde of Drag most certainly will not. Take the INGREDIENTS from The next room and kill the Drag, there are some ALCHEMY LABS if you need Any last minute potions.

At the top of the steps is a spell tome on an altar, take it if you need it Then move down the ramp. A Soul Gem will shoot lightning at you and a Drag Will try to keep you distracted. Snag the GLASS CLAW from the altar and try To unlock the two master locked doors before moving through the newly opened Area. Search the CHEST on your way up the path to a Drag and a room with An ARCANE ENCHANTER and booby trapped CHEST.

Further ahead you will reach the puzzle door. Investigate the Glass Claw you Acquired earlier to discover the order is WOLF, OWL, and SNAKE. Enter the Large chamber and be ready for a fight. You could face up to four Drag and Rah got, along with the Flame Atronarch he is likely to summon. Loot the corpse For the FORELHOST BALCONY KEY, RAHGOT, and the DRAGON PRIEST STAFF. Search the CHEST then make your way out to the Fore host Battlements.

Go down the right side to find a Word Wall that teaches WORD OF POWER: STORM CALL. Jump down and slay the imposter Valhi then loot his corpse to find the FORELHOST ENTRANCE KEY and VALMIR'S ORDERS. If you read the orders you will Notice they say to take the mask to Labrynthian, a quest you can undertake if You so choose.

Evil in Waiting

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Hevnoraak, Hevnoraak's Staff, Iron Claw, Opaque Vessel, Word of Power: Aura Whisper.

Quest Objectives

  • Collect the Vessels 33
  • Perform the ritual with Vardar
  • Defeat Hevnoraak


Southeast of Market and southwest of Rorikstead you will find the ruins of Valthume. As you enter the Vestibule you will find the ghost of Vardar. Speak With him and agree to help banish Hevnoraak. A new path opens up and you are Free to venture into the depths of Valthume. Move through the throne room and Down to the right past it. Avoid the floor trap in the hallway and kill the Two drag in the next area. Continue east into a room where you catch a glimpse Of a ghostly figure in the distance.

Down the steps is a trap door and some Drag. If you fall through the trap Then you must fight through Frostbite Spiders and pick a lock to escape. Take The southern path and you can find some side rooms that lead to the book WITHERSHINS that increases your Restoration. Continue down the hall and slay The Skivers but don't hit the floor trap as it will light the entire floor. Use the handle on the eastern wall to open a hidden passage where you can find A Drag and the first OPAQUE VESSEL.

The portcullis in the previous room raises as you remove the Vessel from the Plinth. Move west and around to another room where three drag are located. Unlock the door to find a room with POTIONS and a CHEST. Head down the steps In the previous room and make your way to the Valthume Catacombs. Search the CHEST and slay the Frostbite Spiders. Use the CHAIN on the other side of The room to raise the portcullis. Go through the hallway slaying the Drag That awaken and use the floor trap to kill another it initiates the swinging Axes.

Move through these catacombs until you reach a part where it's squared off. Use the CHAIN near the portcullis to raise it and grant access to a room with A Drag and another OPAQUE VESSEL. Remove the Soul Gems from their stands Then go through the hallway. The crypt is large but largely uneventful. At the End of it just use the CHAIN to raise the gate and go across the bridge at The top to find a CHEST and several Drag.

Go west on the bottom floor and through the iron double doors and battle the Frostbite Spiders. Take the IRON CLAW from the altar and observe it to find The proper order for the puzzle door; DRAGON, HAWK, WOLF. Exterminate the Drag in the next room and take the final OPAQUE VESSEL. The path to the Word Wall opens and teaches you WORD OF POWER: AURA WHISPER. Check the CHEST And use the CHAIN to make a quick exit back to Valthume.

Return to Vardar and pour the Vessels into the Sconce in front of the throne. Sit on the throne and Hevnoraak will be released. He wields HEVNORAAK'S STAFF And deals deadly shock damage. Magic resistance is always a plus when fighting A Dragon Priest as well as closing the gap and pounding it into submission. Loot HEVNORAAK and talk to Vardar to complete the quest.


  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items: Spell Tome: Bound Sword, Spell Tome: Courage, Spell Tome: Detect Life.

Quest Objectives

  • Use the backdoor to gain access to Trever's Watch
  • Use the lever to open the gate to Trever's Watch
  • Meet up with Stale in the courtyard


Trever's Watch can be found between Ivarstead and Rifted. There is a small camp Near the river where you can find Stalled. Agree to help him reclaim his land By opening the gate. Enter Trever's Watch Escape Tunnel and kill the three Bandits inside mine the IRON VEIN if you want. Go up the steps were you can kill another bandit and loot a CHEST. Move south and avoid the bear trap, then proceed Up the stairs to find a Bandit working on an anvil. Use the door to enter the Inside of the watch. There's also another bandit here at the top of some steps.

In the sleeping quarters there are more bandits and another chest. Across From the sleeping quarters you will find a door with another chest inside, the door is locked so you will need to pick it. A bit Further you will find the Bandit Chief, a CHEST, and the SPELL TOME: BOUND SWORD on his desk. In the dining room there are three more bandits to fight and another two in the next room along with a CHEST, you can then move through the next door.

Avoid the trap on the floor and head upstairs. Instead of going directly up, you can explore the prison cells to find some enemies and a CHEST. At the far end of the hallway near the exit you can also Find a CHEST. On the top floor you will find three more bandits and a CHEST with some levelled loot inside. Use the roof exit to find another chest and exit through the second floor.

Use the LEVER to raise the gate and with Stale's aid, clear the Fort. Talk to him to receive SPELL TOME: DETECT LIFE and the quest is finished.

The Blessings of Life

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Unique Items Gained: Elder gleam Sap, Elder gleam Sapling and Nettle Bane.

Quest Objectives

  • Retrieve Nettle bane.
  • Bring Nettle bane to Danica
  • Retrieve Elder gleam sap
  • Return to Danica


Talk to Danica Pure Spring in the Temple of Kynareth in White run about Repairing Gilder green, the large tree in White run. She will tell you that you First must acquire Nettle bane, a material strong enough to aid in the repair. Make your way to Orphan Rock, southeast of River wood. Kill the Hags then Cross over to the plateau and kill the Hag raven and take Nettle Bane off her Corpse. There are a few CHESTS in the area if you care to search them. Return To Danica and she will send you to the Elder gleam Sanctuary to the east. Maurice Jondrelle will ask to assist you, this is the recommended choice.

Rush along the path and you will find the serene cavern where Asti and Send can be Found. With Nettle bane equipped the two will start a conversation and ask you To not harm Elder gleam. Check the book MYSTERY OF TALARA, V2 which will raise You're Restoration Skill.

If Maurice isn't with you then use Nettle bane to get to the top of the hill and activate the Elder gleam and receive the ELDERGLEAM SAP. This will spawn Several sprigging that you must slay on your way out and make Asti and Send Hostile. If Maurice is with you he will pray to the tree and you receive the ELDERGLEAM SAPLING to return to Danica.

The Book of Love

  • Prerequisitest: None.
  • Unique Items: Agent of Mara, Amulet of Mara, Baleen's Letter to Calcium and Love Poem.

Quest Objectives

  • Talk to Fasted
  • Talk to Fast red's parents
  • Talk to Bassano's or Kilmer
  • Return to Dina Bale
  • Talk to Calcium
  • Get advice from Ingvar
  • Deliver poem
  • Deliver Baleen's letter
  • Return to Dina Bale
  • Put on the Amulet of Mara
  • Talk to the long dead lover
  • Find Fen rig
  • Bring Fen rig to Rumi
  • Return to Dina Bale


Accept this quest from Dina Bale in the Temple of Mara located in Rifted. She wants you to help the cause of love throughout Skyrim, so make your way To Ivarstead. Speak with Fasted to understand her predicament then talk to her Parents. Her father wants her to stay, but her mother only wants Fasted to be Happy. Speak with either Bassano's or Kilmer at this point. Neither one is Right or wrong, but you must push one of them towards marrying Fasted.

Return to Dina Bale and offer to help her once more. Go to Market and find Calcium in the Undertone Keep. He wants you to talk to Ingvar about what to Say to the woman he loves. He offers a poem that you must pay 200 gold for. Deliver the poem directly the Fallen who in turn gives you a letter to give to Calcium. After playing cupid, return to Dina Bale to receive the final part Of the quest.

Equip the Amulet of Mara and head to Jucar's Monument. Talk to Rumi then Seek out Fen rig on the other side of the mountain. Escort him back to his wife To start a short scene in which they both disappear. Return to Dina Bale once More to receive the perk AGENT OF MARA.

Questions and Answers

Forsworn Conspiracy issue can't find evidence on Nepos?

Hi Daniel. I still need to find evidence about Nepos and return to Eltrys. However I can't get the evidence on Nepos. I had entered his house and they all attacked me before I was able to speak to him. Ended up killing them all and finally killing Nepos after he chased me all over the place. Any suggestions on how to get the "evidence" so I can continue the quest without having to go back to an earlier save? Dave

Check the body of Nepos for the evidence after you killed him, if the evidence is not with him, I'm afraid you need to continue your quest to an earlier saved game.

To properly get the evidence about Nepos (Nepos Journal), you need to follow the game's quest in sequential order in order to trigger an event. These are the steps to properly get the evidence about Nepos:

1. Complete the "Evidence about Weylin" quest.

2. Read the note and investigate "N".

3. Leave the warrens and a forsworn mercenary challenges you into duel.

4. Defeat him and he'll tell you that "N" is actually Nepos the Nose.

5. Go back to Eltrys for your reward.

6. Go to Neepos house.

7. Persuade Nepos maid named Uaile that Nepos is expecting you.

8. Nepos will then instruct you to come in.

9. Talk to Neepos making sure to complete all the dialogues about Madanach and all his plans.This will update your quest log (evidence about Madanach).

10. After your conversation to Neepos, everyone in the house attacks you.

11. Kill them all and loot the body of Nepos for the evidence (Journal).

12. Loot all the bodies and the house.

13. Return to Eltrys.

Alternate way to get the Nepos Journal is to simply pickpocket Nepos and quickly run outside without being seen.


Mystery of Talara book - (gives point Illusion skill).

Steal Dagger of Dismay - located inside a room with a fireplace.

How to Obtain the Dragonstone and defeat the creature in the coffin?

I just started this game of Skyrim V and I am fascinated, I need to get the Dragonstone, but I get killed each time, how to defeat a low level dark elf

VisiHow QnA. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer.

How do I get the key for the shatter shield office?

How do I get the key for the shatter shield office?

The key is carried by Torbjorn Shatter-Shield and Suvaris Atheron, but you cannot obtain it from them by killing them. To get the key, you will need to pickpocket one of these persons. The other way is to pick the lock of the Office at 8 pm - 8 am. You can also get into the house during the day when Suvaris is inside. Sneak and steal the logbook for the quest, if needed (if you are doing "Rise in the East").

I can't get the quest started for Wolf Skull mountain?

I talk to Falk and he doesn't offer anything other than don't ask the Jarl directly for anything. (Xbox 360)

VisiHow QnA. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer.

I have miss placed the Coral Dragon Claw, how can I retrieve it?

I have miss placed the Coral Dragon Claw in the game Skyrim Elder Scrolls, I can't open the combination door without it and I can't recall where I put it or if I sold it, is there anything I can do besides restarting the game or going to a much earlier save. How can I retrieve it or bypass the need for the claw?

VisiHow QnA. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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