Complete the Fairy Realms Challenge in Castleville

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Are you an avid Castleville Player? Still searching for a few tips? Castleville's Fairy Realm event is considerably lengthy. For gamers, bringing back the life and color of the Fairy Realm with the use of a variety of spells and taking on a massive beehive just to save the beautiful fairy garden is in itself a challenge. Completing this three-part event is quite tough. You will have to head back to the Fairy Realm so you can save both the Fairy King and Queen before the dreadful Faugrimm completely destroys the Fairy Realm. To help you finish this completely challenging game, here are some tips.

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How to Complete the Fairy Realms Challenge in Castleville

  1. 1
    Faugrimm's Return
    This is the easiest task, as you will only travel back to the Fairy Realm to start this third event. Simply hit the "Visit Fairy Realm" button or open the portal map located in the lower right corner of your screen, then click on Chapter 3. You will receive 1,000 coins and 20 XP once you complete this quest.
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  2. 2
    When saving Gelsey, you have to come across three obstacles
    Banish the Beastie, Collect Three Blue Color Drops, and Ten Three bushes in Fairy Realm. Banishing the Beastie, which is the Gloom Rat, requires three of your twelve Fairy Realm energies to banish. As with the color drops, you can just earn them randomly.
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  3. 3
    As with the Amazed stage, you will have to remove four gloom tentacles, tend five flowers in the Fairy Realm and craft three wood clubs to complete this second stage
    You can start by working your way back to your home kingdom using five woods and one alchemist powder. While in the Fairy Realm, just wait for your energy to recharge; enough to give you more time to tend five separate flowers. While waiting for your energy, you can also start removing the Gloom Tentacles that are blocking the entrance to the Fairy Realm Maze. However, if you are confused as to which of these obstacles count for this quest, simply click the "Show me" button know how you have made progress.
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  4. 4
    The Make a Wish stage will require you to banish three beasts that are guarding the magic lamp, open one magic lamp and cast the portal energized spell one time
    The right entrance to the Fairy Realm Maze opens the gate to the Gloom Wolves and the Magic Lamp covered in red and black cloud. In this stage, you have to banish all these Beasties with the Banishus Maximums spell. You must also cast a Portal Energizer spell in the Spell Book to completely finish this quest. As for the Portal Energizer spell, it will require that you have two Aquamarines, a Splash of Magic that you can ask from your friends, three sugars and six eggs to craft, all of which will give you 10 energies back within the Fairy Realm.
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  5. 5
    To complete the challenge, the third stage is where you will banish 14 gloom tentacles, craft two iron axes and feed 10 animals
    Once you complete all these, you will then see yourself completing a boss fight of some sort. Once you successfully pin down the boss, you now have completed Castleville's Fairy Realms Challenge.
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Questions and Answers

I have no Beastie pack in the Fairy Realm?

I need to cast banishus maximus 1 more time. I cannot find a Beastie pack. I had destroyed the Faugrimm portal. It will not generate a Beastie.

If you cannot find another Beastie, it means that you have already banished them all. Go to step 5 in the article above to finish the Fairy Realms Challenge.

Just curious what level the fairy realm quest is opened on?

I've started the game over and can't remember what level the fairy realm quests become available at

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