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Many studies have found that stress associated with the workplace is one of the most prevalent sources of stress for adults throughout the world.

These studies have also discovered that workplace stress has escalated dramatically over the past several decades. People who experience this type of stress often feel as if they are faced with overwhelming demands and possess very little control within the workplace.

These feelings have resulted in many experiencing heart attacks, bouts of hypertension, and other disorders - both physiological-based and psychological-based. In addition to impacting the physical and emotional health, workplace stress often interferes with productivity. You may be able to combat some of your stress if you can learn some productive measures on how to successfully combat workplace stress.

Steps to Combating Stress in the Workplace

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    The first step to combating workplace stress is to understand that, when it comes to your job, you will not be able to control everything that occurs within the environment
    You must understand that this does not mean that you are powerless, as an individual. Though the situations in the workplace may prove to be exceptionally difficult and/or challenging, managing the stress that you experience is not about reconsidering your professional ambitions, or making extreme changes. It is simply about focusing on the one single thing that you are always able to control 100 percent, and that thing is you!
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    The challenges that are currently being experienced as a consequence of the troubled economy may result in your experiencing fear that you will lose your position and uncertainty about your job or company - as a whole
    Instead of allowing the pressure of the economy to weigh heavily on you while you are at work, it is important that you try to remain positive.
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    Emotions are considered to be highly contagious
    When you are experiencing negative emotions, those who are around you will experience negative emotions as well. However, if you make an effort to control your emotions and be positive, others will be more positive as well. Your stress levels will impact them less and their stress will impact you less.
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    You must learn to recognize the fact that you are experiencing workplace stress
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    When you experience these signs, you may find that your motivation and confidence levels drop dramatically
    You may have issues with your productivity levels and your job performance may reflect it - which could result in many problems that you are worried about experiencing in the workplace.
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    There are many signs, but the most common are depression, anxiety, losing interest in your work and the things you once enjoyed, problems with sleeping, body aches and pains, issues with cognitive functioning, and using substances - such as drugs and alcohol - to cope with the feelings that you are experiencing
    If you find that you are experiencing any of these signs, it is important that you talk to someone - even a professional - in order to cope with your emotions and learn ways to overcome the stress that you are experiencing.
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    If you are working to combat workplace stress, it is important to ensure that you take the time to take care of yourself
    You must make the effort to ensure that you are paying close attention to your physiological and psychological health.
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    By ensuring that your personal needs are taken care of, you will become stronger, mentally and physically
    As a result of this, you will find that you have a higher level of resilience to stress.
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    You should ensure that you exercise regularly, consume foods that will assist your energy levels and optimize your cognitive functioning, avoid alcohol and nicotine, and ensure that you receive an ample amount of sleep each night.
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    The next step to combatting workplace stress is to ensure that you get organized and learn to prioritize
    By taking these measures, you will experience a higher level of self-control and fewer bouts of becoming overwhelmed with stress.
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    You should practice event management tips, such as creating a schedule at work and in your personal life that is balanced
    Also ensure that you avoid over-committing your time, perhaps getting a slightly earlier start on your day and taking breaks regularly throughout the day.
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    When at work, be sure to prioritize the tasks that you are assigned, break down your large projects into smaller projects, delegate when the opportunity arises, and learn to compromise in order to reduce stress levels.
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Tips to Controlling Stress

  • When learning to combat workplace stress, remember to avoid the temptation to opt for perfectionism. Simply make a commitment to perform at your best and set goals for yourself that are considered to be realistic.
  • In many instances, workplace stress may develop due to clutter and disorganization. Make an effort to get organized, and take steps that will "clean up" your work area and your work life.
  • If you have a tendency to think negatively, you will become emotionally and physically drained. In order to successfully combat workplace stress, you should make a point to ensure that you maintain positive thoughts throughout the day.
  • Finally, it is imperative to ensure that you avoid trying to control people, events, things, and situations that are not controllable. Simply place an emphasis on those things that you are able to control and also ensure that you take the time to allow yourself to control your reaction to situations, events, people, and things in the workplace.

Warnings About Workplace Stress

  • If you find that workplace stress is resulting in mental and physical complications, it is important that you take time off in order to allow yourself a break away from the job stressors that you are being impacted by.
  • If you find that workplace stress is negatively impacting you, you should make an effort to discuss your situation with a loved one or a professional. By talking it out, you may be able to discover ways to diffuse the stress that you are experiencing so that you may become more productive.
  • If situations or people in the workplace are causing your stress, you may want to consider consulting the human resources department in your company to determine an effective way of handling those people or situations.

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