Color Moods for Different Rooms

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Colors can affect the mood and personality of every person. So applying colors on your wall can bring out different moods that can affect your work. Plus choosing the right colors can make your rooms seem more spacious. Here are some good advice on what color of paint you should use in your walls. Remember failing to choose to right color combination for your walls and ceiling can affect your mood, behavior, and personality as well as your room space perception.

Instructions On How To Choose The Right Color Schemes For Your Rooms

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    Learn more about how colors can affect your mood
    To have an idea of what color of paint should be used on your walls, you must first understand what these colors represents and what does it brings out in you. They can be active, passive, or even neutral behaviors.
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    Red for dining room/living room
    Red color brings out active behavior of excitement. It is a great color option for living rooms and Dining area because it lifts your energy and stimulates your appetite.
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    Yellow for Kitchen and Halls
    Since yellow represents happiness, it is a good choice for you to use this color on kitchen and halls because it can bring about cheerful behavior.
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    Blue for family room/office
    Since blue signifies calmness and relaxation it is the best option to put this color on family rooms and living rooms. It can also bring out productivity so if you are having an office room in your house this can also be considered.
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    Green and Pink for bedrooms
    Green is perfect for bedrooms because it calms your eyes, perfect for relaxation. Pink is also calming if you have a daughter pink is a good option for her bedroom.
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    Neural colors such as black, white, grey and brown
    It is helpful to use this colors to add depth and accent to your rooms. White when painted it your ceiling creates an illusion of higher ceilings compared to dark colored ceilings.
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Does the color of your room affect how you work - emotions - sleep - even selling your house?

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Yes, the color of your room does affect how you perform at work, the emotions that you feel, the amount and quality of sleep you get, and even the motivation for your house to be sold to a prospective buyer.

Just remember that the culture and the environment play a vital role too in stirring up particular emotions in a person. Just as the color red stirs up anger and rage on bulls, certain colors that have placed striking impressions on every person will always stir up emotions that they have acquired relating to the color in itself.

Colors associated with certain images or social representations where one has been brought up will contribute largely in how a person will respond to a particular color.

Color as a Stimulant of Emotions for:

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    Certain colors have been associated to develop work performance in the office; for example, shades of red are associated with improving accuracy within the working environment. Shades of blue, on the other hand, are the best colors that helps in improving the person's creative process to become triggered, enhanced and encouraged.Various researches conducted have found out that employees who are placed in a soothing blue surrounding are more relaxed and efficient, while the stimulating colors of red and orange help encourage and develop a sense of urgency for the employees regarding the task they are about to do.
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    The color of your room helps in stimulating emotions within you that could either encourage and promote sleep or not. The color scheme of your bedroom could either induce you into a fitful sleep or a restless night. Shades of blue are usually associated with feelings of calmness, rest and peace. The color helps slow down the heart rate and for others even cause the reduction of blood pressure. Since your bedroom is your sanctuary, make it a point to be at your utmost comfortable, you wouldn't have it on any other place anyway.
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    Selling Your House
    The first impressions of a prospective client with regards to the house you are selling will either help you make or break the deal. This is where color plays an important role, if you want to be able to sell your house in a short time and at a great price deal, the colors that you place will be a determining factor. Colors stir up certain emotions within each and every individual and thus picking a color theme to go with your house is crucial in determining the success of sealing the deal with your prospective buyer. Real estate professionals and studies have indicated that painting houses in neutral colors helps in promoting the house and in generating higher percentages for a successful deal.  
    1. Note that neutral colors does not only include the colors of white and beige, browns greens, black are neutral colors that - when wisely planned and considered - you can use to highlight the house you're planning to sell.There are also things to be considered with color and selling your house:  
      1. Type of House You're Selling. Is your house the stucco type? What colors will go well with that type of house?
      2. Neighborhood or Location. Depending on the neighbourhood, certain colors will not go pleasing for your house if does not go well with the community or the neighborhood.
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Ultimately, the color of your room, office or your house does indeed affect a person's mental state; however this emotions are not limited due to the color itself. Temperament, preferences, decision and determination will and always will be one of the deciding factors that will help determine and contribute towards a person's response toward work, sleep, and their decision to purchase a particular house.

Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • To have a better lively results you can play with colors by using fabrics and curtains.
  • You can add or deduct moods by adding different accents of colors in your rooms.

Questions and Answers

We have a large dining. We want light colors, we have Windows on only one side?

We have a large Dining area to paint in our senior assistant living facility. What's a good color for calm and joyful feeling

Blues along the Teal hue are playful yet relaxing. Pick a color close to the aqua hue of the ocean off an island. A sage green is also a relaxing color however the color can be associated with medical facilities such as hospitals so I would recommend staying away from that color. Any color from the pic below will be an excellent choice.

Eng Testing 78120.jpg

What are the best Feng Shui colors for bedroom for love?

In the Chinese art of Feng Shui, what colors enhance romance in the bedroom?. I have tried: Red means love in the western culture but does it mean the same for Feng Shui bedroom decor?. I think it was caused by: In Feng Shui certain colors are supposed to create a mood for love making. Do you know what these colors are and should I paint my walls with them/

A peach/pink that mimics skin tone is a popular Feng Shui choice for bedrooms. In Feng Shui you first need to determine the energy zone your bedroom is located in and then choose a color that invigorates you. Red may be too bold for instance to relax a person into the mood. Calming skin tones are far more popular to use.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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