Clear Cache, Cookies and History on Samsung Galaxy S4 Marshmallow vs Lollipop vs Jelly Bean/Kitkat

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Caches that are stored in your device will slow it down and occupy extra space. By clearing the cache, you can free up space and make your device run faster. I found this info here:

Phones are a bit different than personal computers, and people often expect that they can ask to borrow yours, or quickly look at a website. In most cases, this isn't a problem. However, sometimes you don't want someone else to see your private web history. In cases like this, you'll want to clear your cache before handing over your phone. Here's how to clear your cache, cookies, and history on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Method 1: Marshmallow

  1. 1
    On the home screen tap the "Apps" icon.
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  2. 2
    From inside Apps, tap the "Internet" shortcut.
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  3. 3
    When the Internet browser opens, tap "MORE" in the upper right corner.
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  4. 4
    From the dropdown menu, select "Settings".
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    While on the Internet settings screen, tap "Privacy".
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  6. 6
    On Privacy, tap "Delete personal data".
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  7. 7
    Next, the Delete personal data window will pop-up, tap; "Browsing history", "Cache", and "Cookies and site data", followed by "DELETE".
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Method 2: Lollipop

  1. 1
    From your home screen, tap "Apps".
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  2. 2
    On the Apps screen, tap the "Internet" icon.
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  3. 3
    Once your Internet browser loads, tap the three-dot menu beneath your screen to the left on the actual phone. Select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.
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  4. 4
    On the Settings screen, tap "Privacy".
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  5. 5
    While on Privacy, tap "Delete personal data".
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  6. 6
    On the Delete personal data screen, tap; "Browsing history", "Cache", and "Cookies and site data". After all three have been selected, tap "DELETE".
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Method 3: Jelly Bean/Kitkat

There are many reasons you might want to clear your cache.

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    Tap the 'Apps' icon. You can find this icon on the lower right corner of your device.
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  • 2
    Tap 'Internet'.
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  • 3
    Tap the 'Menu' button on your device. You'll find this on the lower left corner of your mobile.
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  • 4
    This will bring up a list of menu options. Here, you'll tap 'Settings'.
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  • 5
    Tap 'Advanced', and then tap 'Privacy'.
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  • 6
    In the 'Privacy' menu, tap 'Delete Personal Data'.
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  • 7
    Then, select 'Cache', 'Cookies', 'Site Data', and History'. Alternatively, if you would like to select them all, tap 'Select All', and tap 'Done'.
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    This will have deleted your cache, cookies, history, and personal data. To check, simply open a web browser and start typing in a website or search term you wanted to delete. If it does not show up, then you've succeeded.
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  • Questions and Answers on Clearing the S4 Cache

    What is Cache on Samsung S4?

    The cache is an area of your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone that houses temporary applications or Internet files. By storing commonly accessed information in the cache, your phone can respond to requests faster. If for example, you have accessed a website for the first time, it will take a bit longer as compared to the second or the succeeding times you visit that site, because the website was not "cached" on your first access. After your first access of the site, your phone stores some of the relevant files of that site in the cache. So instead of downloading that file from the website again, your phone will just access its cache the next time, saving you time and bandwidth.

    Cache is a common term used in the computing field.

    It is another way of saying memory that is stored on your phone. The cache will hold all your passwords, usernames, card information or any other personal information that has been inputted and stored on the device.

    The previous searched URL is still coming?

    In spite of clearing my history, I am able to see the previous searched URL in the prediction menu which I would like to delete too

    If you have cleared your history, but the searched URL is still being predicted on the address bar, make sure that you have included cache and personal data on your Internet mobile browser. To to that go to Home screen > Apps icon > Internet icon > Settings > Privacy > Delete Personal Data > Select All > Tap Done. You are done with deleting all data on your mobile Internet application.

    You can also delete personal data of the Internet application by going to Home > Menu key > Settings > More > Application Manager > All tab > Open Internet App page from the list > Tap on Clear data and Clear cache.

    Clearing the Cache went well. Do you know how to reverse the Complete action using feature on this phone?

    I selected the "Always" feature under the Complete Action Using ... on a website I use a lot. It now gives me an error " The document cannot be opened because it is not a valid PDF document." I am looking for a way to reverse my actions on this.

    You can do this by going back to your settings>>application manager>>>>and visit the browsers and from there simply clear cache and setting so that you will now be allowed to choose another option for viewing your files.

    See more questions like this: How do I delete websites I've visited

    See more questions like this: How do I clear typing history on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

    This is not working as the browsing history is still showing on browser page while searching?

    Cookies, cache, and history should then be deleted.

    Ensure that you are clearing these selections while being in the browser, you will need to go to the browser>>>hit the menu button>>>select the advanced options>>>>from here you will be able to clear all of your cookies, cache, and history so that you will be able to get rid of the history in your device browser.

    The browser history can be found if you perform the following steps:

    1. Go to your browser

    2. Press the menu button

    3. Go to settings and from here you can clear all of your data

    I'm trying to delete the URL suggestion or predictions for the incredible 1 phone?

    I delete cookies cache form data nothing works

    URL suggestions are common these days even when you delete cookies. It happens in any type of device, even with computers. It helps to make searches faster. It does not always rely on your past searches, it is just simply programmed as you type in parts of keywords.

    I need to get rid of the history on my Samsung S4?

    The website is on Google chrome, I have tried to clear it, but it keeps defaulting to the previous web page, instead of disappearing, I have tried the options to clear the history but it does not seem to work

    You can reset all of your information by performing the following steps I have listed below:

    1. go to your Google chrome browser and open it up

    2. tap on your menu button

    3. tap on history which will be in the list

    4. from here your history will open up, simply tap on the clear browsing data on the bottom of the list

    I am having problem deleting my navigation history?

    Some of the suggestions do not show on my phone

    On a device like yours, I had an issue on erasing or deleting all of my navigation history on my device. I have found two ways that you can erase all of your browser history on your Samsung Galaxy S4 device. Simply follow the instructions that I will place below in order to help you to erase all of your history:

    Option 1

    1. Go to settings

    2. Go to application manager

    3. Find Internet

    4. Tap on clear data/clear cache

    This will reset all information associated with your application of Internet

    Option 2

    1. Go to Chrome

    2. Press menu

    3. Tap on privacy

    4. Tap on clear browser

    These options will help you to clear your information on your browsers on your S4

    See more questions like this: I am not able to save images from Google search by long press

    Is there a way to delete a number from search results?

    There is a number that I have called once and never want to see again. Is there a way to keep that number from showing up on my search from keypad.

    If you want to permanently delete a number and prevent it from appearing in your search results then you need to clear your application cache. When you do such action, your personal information and custom settings remain intact. This only clears temporary files and frees up space and memory for user efficiency. Here are the steps on how to do it:

    • Go to "Home Screen" and press on "Apps".
    • Scroll and click on "Settings".
    • Tap the "More" option.
    • Click on "Application manager".
    • Perform a swiping motion to the left in order to view "All" tab.
    • Scroll and choose an application.
    • Tap on "Clear Cache".

    Why yes you can. Every time I pull up chrome on my Samsung S4 the middle of the screen suggest a site I've been on. Unsavory ones and I don't want the kids seeing this?

    How do I clear this? It is not the cache, cookies, history. That doesn't work

    The sites that appear in your suggested/frequently visited sites actually are stored in your Chrome browser's history. To clear the list, tap the "Customize" tab (looks like a vertical line of three dots) and then tap "History." Next, tap "Clear Browsing Data" and make sure there is a blue checkmark next to "Clear browsing history." Tap "Clear" and your browsing history will be deleted, along with those frequently visited sites listed on the home page.

    To avoid having to do this in the future, consider browsing those unsavory sites with your browser set to "Incognito" mode. This browsing mode does not save your history, allowing you a degree of anonymity. Note that your ISP will still be aware of any browsing activity you do in Incognito mode.

    Cleared cookies and disabled them. Now I need to enable cookies and can't find them?

    I disabled cookies now I can't enable them so I am unable to connect to Facebook from my phone.

    It's a quick process to enable cookies on your S4. Here's how.

    • Open your browser of choice.
    • Press the "Menu" button.
    • Tap "Settings"
    • Select "Privacy and Security"
    • Tick the "Accept Cookies" box.

    Do I keep it checked or unchecked?

    By each box, do I keep it checked or leave the box unchecked at all times

    Once you check all the boxes and tap "DELETE", your cache, cookies, and history will be cleared. The boxes will not remain checked and you only need to do this after browsing.

    Browsing history won't clear from Samsung Galaxy 4?

    I have Samsung Galaxy 4. I have followed all the steps given on how to clear cache, history, passwords, auto fill etc and it seems to work when I do it this way - Internet, Menu, Privacy, Delete personal data but when I go back to Chrome from home screen the sites visited are still there with a trash can icon next to them. No matter what screen I go to clear browsing data it doesn't fully get rid of these sites visited. I have done all the steps given and it works doing it one way but when I go back into Chrome from home screen the sites haven't been cleared and show up with a trash can next to them. I have tried: All of the steps given on this site and others. I have always known how to delete data and have had no problems up until a few days ago. I think it was caused by: No idea, I have had no problems clearing data, browsing history, cache etc for the few years I have had this mobile, it is just the past few days this new history screen and trash can icons have appeared.

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