Choosing a Gift That Keeps on Giving

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We've all been there - facing the holidays, with that ONE person on our list we just don't know well. Gift exchanges at school or at work can leave you having to purchase something for someone that you do not know well at all. What do you buy for a person who either has it all, or just seems to be impossible to buy for? There are more options than you might think! Getting a little creative and thinking outside of a box they open might just make holiday shopping more joyous and festive than you (or your recipient) could imagine.

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Holiday giving isn't about getting; this attitude is what gets us into such a jumble when it comes to gift exchanges. It is about giving. If there is someone on your list that you just can't find a gift for, then think about what you can give in honor of that person.

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Giving gifts in someone's honor has long been the tradition for anniversaries,weddings, and even birthdays. Think about the donations given "in honor of" for families, charitable causes, and even personal needs. Giving a gift to someone else may be just the way to show your Christmas spirit.

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Just how do you find a way to give a gift in honor of someone else?

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    Find out what they are passionate about
    If they have a family member with an illness, then perhaps you can make a donation to the study for a cure to the disease. If they have a hobby that helps others, make a contribution to their cause. If they are an environmentalist, sponsor a tree planting for them in their name.
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    Once you have determined who you want to make the donation to
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    Then find out what type of notice you can get from the organization that you have made a donation on their behalf. Do they provide a card, a receipt, or notification, or would you need to find a creative way to wrap up your good deed?
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    If your recipient doesn't have a readily available benefit you want to donate to, find an organization that sponsors a widely accepted purpose
    Organizations such as the Red Cross, World Vision or the Samaritan's Purse all offer a way to donate. Some of these organizations also offer the recipient the opportunity to respond with a message to the donor.
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    Imagine giving a gift that has long term returns, not just for the recipient getting the gift, but for the donor who didn't know they were giving the gift of life
    It might be something as simple as a meal for the hungry, or purchasing farm animals to start a new livelihood for a family abroad, or tools to start fishing for a living.
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    Finding a gift that keeps on giving and makes a difference in the world can make a huge impact on every person involved
    Instead of only one person getting a gift, you are gifting multiple people.
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    Remember when shopping for an organization to donate through to check their business rating
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    You want to make sure that the gift is being spent on the intended purposes. Research reviews and business ratings to make sure it is a legitimate corporation.
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    When your recipient opens their gift, there is no way they can be upset with an item that doesn't match their personality - it is a gift that can be given to anyone for any occasion, no matter how high they are on your list of impossible to shop for people.
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