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Hi, this is Kara and you are watching VisiHow. In this video, I will teach you how to pick the brushes for your makeup. If you are going to purchase a professional makeup brush set, I recommend that you also purchase a case. My case is a leather case with buttons on the sides. When you are transporting your brushes or when they are sitting on a shelf, you want to make sure that they are sitting with the handle down. Otherwise, the bristles of your brush can become deformed and this part of the brush will be destroyed.

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    Know the brush types
    We can divide the brushes into two types: brushes with natural hair and the ones with synthetic hair. Brushes with natural hair are used only for dry textures. Dry textures are facial powder, blushes, and eye shadows. Synthetic brushes are used for wet and creamy textures such as concealers, facial tones, and creamy blushes.
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    Let's start with the natural haired brushes first
    The first brush, also the largest, is a facial powder brush. This brush is 100% natural hair. I believe that it is squirrel hair.
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    The next brush is not as round as the facial powder brush, and it is somewhat flat, but it is also made from natural hair
    This is used to apply dry blush onto your cheeks.
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    The third brush is used for applying the BB or CC Creams, tonal creams, or contouring, and is used for creamy textures
    The reason we use synthetic brushes for creamy textures is that the product doesn't soak into the bristles as much as it would if we used a natural bristled brush. Also, if you use natural haired brushes for apply creamy makeup it will be more difficult to wash the product out of the brush. Washing non-synthetic brushes too often can damage the bristles.
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    The fourth brush is also synthetic, it is flat and hard, and is used for contouring parts of the face like the nose and lips
    It has a very sharp edge so that you can make thin lines with it.
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  6. 6
    The fifth brush is a thin synthetic brush that is used for the eyes
    You can use it for eyeliner, eye shadows, as well as creamy eyeliners. This brush will allow you to draw thin lines near your lash line.
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    The next brush for the eyes is a natural flat brush
    It is soft, but has a sharper edge on it. It is flat and is used only for applying light eye shadows, applying light facial powders as a base onto the eyes, applying highlights under your eyebrows and in the corner of your eyes.
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  8. 8
    These next two brushes are use on the eyes
    This smaller bristled brush is use to define lines. The larger brush is used for blending. This larger brush works really well if you are doing a smoky eye because it is a round brush and is a pretty big brush to use on the eyes, but it does a really good job brushing and blending the shadows so that you don't have any hard edges.
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  9. 9
    The next brush we have is an Anastasia Beverly Hills brush
    I use it for eyebrows. It is a hard brush, which has an angle and sharp edges. You use the bristles to contour your eyebrows, and then you use the other end to brush and blend them.
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    This is another blending brush
    It is Flormar Italian brand. These serve the same purpose, but there is a difference in shape. The Flormar has longer harder bristles. They are the same brush and used for the same thing.
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  11. 11
    The next to the last brush is a thin brush that I use to apply lipstick to the lip line
    You literally open your lipstick, dip this brush into it, and then apply it onto your lip line.
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  12. 12
    This is the last brush that I have and it is used to apply the lipstick itself to the lips
    As you can see, it has longer bristles than the brush used for the lip line. It is hard and flat as well with sharp edges so that you can make precise lines.
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    This is the minimum set of brushes that you would need for your makeup
    Good-luck shopping for your makeup brushes. Just remember that you do need a mix of both natural and synthetic bristled brushes in a set. Try not to confuse which ones you need for its purpose. This is VisiHow, if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the section below. Thank you, bye-bye.
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Video: choose the right makeup brushes

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