Choose the Right Flowers for Different Ocassions

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Flowers always add more beauty to any place or setting. Besides the aesthetic aspect, they can also add an air of romance. Flowers are very powerful. They beautify surroundings, can be used to convey love, express sympathy, make someone happy and money other purposes.

There are different kinds of flowers and sometimes people make mistake with their choices. A lot of us do not realize that there are right flowers for certain occasions. Read over and learn how to pick the right flowers for the right occasions or instances.

Right Flowers for the Right Time

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    Weddings are always special occasions and of course special moments will even be more special with lovely flowers around. Bouquets and centerpieces are two of the flower arrangements that need a little more attention to. Actually there are no standard flowers when it comes to weddings; no right no wrong. Most brides choose their favorite flower but most often than not, they are chosen to match with the wedding motif. Here's a tip: Choose flowers for your wedding according to season. Since there is an abundant supply, you'd get them cheaper.Some of the classic wedding flowers are:
    1. roses
    2. orchids
    3. peony
    4. calla lily
    5. hydrangeas
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    When you have to give birthday flowers to women, the safest choice would be their favorite. ( Lucky if you know it so play the little detective and find it out ). You too may want to make it even more special by adding some more cure stuff like balloons or a bar of her favorite chocolate. For women who are adventurous, you can go ahead and choose an arrangement with bold colors. Here's a tip: You too can give birthday flowers to men. Have potted flower pants which are easy to care for. For kids, you too can give them flowers just make sure there is a wonderful treat that goes with it like a stuffed toy or candy bar maybe.
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    Get-Well-Soon Flowers
    Based on studies, flowers are known to set a lighter mood and brightens someone's day. If you are planning of visiting someone in the hospital, you may want to bring with you scent-free flowers. (a fruit basket will do but the power of flowers is better) Flowers to Avoid for Recovering People  
    1. lilacs
    2. freesia
    3. lilies
    4. Unscented Flowers Suggestions  
      1. sunflowers
      2. daffodils
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    Flowers are not only for happy and special occasions during grieving times. When choosing flowers to show your sympathy, it would be best to go for ones in white and blue signifying peace and comfort. Avoid sending flowers with a lush of greens for it could send wrong signal. Green is a color that denotes health and fortune so be sensitive enough.
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Common Sympathy Flowers

  • carnation
  • chrysanthemum

Go ahead and use the flower power!

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