Choose the Right Color of Clothing So you Can Look your Best

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As women, we certainly want to look our best don't we? We are always looking in the mirror fixing our hair different ways to see what looks best; trying different makeup, and picking out the right kind of clothing we can look our best in. What about the color of clothing that we choose? Does it matter? Yes it does!

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Colors definitely affect the way that we feel. They can put us in a good mood, or reflect our own mood. We may feel slimmer, or look younger in some colors we wear. People often choose vibrant colours when they are happy, and might choose greys and brows if they are not will not compliment your skin tone. People with yellow undertones in their skin color, for example, will not be flattered by wearing cold colours. If you don't choose the right shade of red, the color might make you look pale, tire and even older! Some colors can even bring out the dark circles under your eyes, and we certainly don't want that! Women either have warm, or cool undertones. Do you know which you have? How can you tell? One way is by looking at the veins in your arm in a sunlit area. Do they appear blue? If so, than chances are you have a cool skin tone. If they look green, than you would have a warm undertone. People with cool undertones tend to have eyes that are green or blue. People with a warm undertone usually have black, brown, or hazel eyes. Your skin tone, and your hair color are important factors when choosing clothing colors. So what steps can you take to find the best color of clothing that suits you best?


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    Test Your Skin For A Cool Or Warm Undertone
    For anyone who has a warm undertone, colors that work best are oranges, yellows, browns, bronzes, and light reds.
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    Cool undertones look best in purple, lavenders, pinks, greens, and blues.
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    Pull Some Clothing From Your Closet
    Hold it up to your skin tone and hair color in the mirror. Which color flatters you? Which doesn't?
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    If you are a bit on the heavy side, you will look best in darker colors, preferably black, so as to understate your weight
    You do not have to inhale all the time to hide your round belly because the dark color does it for you. Plus, if you have to wear something striped, the stripes should be vertical because they will make you look thinner. Horizontal stripes makes you look wider.
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    Get An Opinion From A Friend
    Ask your friend or family member take a picture of you in different colors of clothing. Go through the pictures with your friend, and ask opinions on what colors look best on you.
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Tips & Tricks

  • Don't forget, you can add some stunning makeup to your color look, and accessories such as gold or silver jewelry. Gold looks best on warm skin tones, and silver on cool tones.
  • Wearing colors you enjoy will make you happy. And your skin will appear glowing.
  • You don't have to hold back from wearing a cool color, just because you are a warm undertone. Some cool colors look good on people with warm undertones. Maybe a brighter pink won't look so good on you, but a lighter pink will!
  • If you love a warm color, but you have cool skin tones, wear the color away from your face.
  • When you focus on five or six colours for your wardrobe - things mix and match much better. For example - you have cool skin tones, and your wardrobe is predominantly black - dark green - vivid purple - navy blues and white. You'll be able to interchange handbags, shoes, jackets, etc. If you threw coral into this mix, little of what you already own will work with that color.

Also consider your hair-colour. If you have warm skin tones, and get ashy streaks in your hair, it will not look good. It will wash you out and make you look pale. Go red!

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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