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Girls go through different stages of their lives. Depending on culture and tradition, age varies as to when a girl is considered a young woman. Americans have "sweet 16", while some countries like the Philippines consider 18 as the "right" age, and in Hispanic culture, 15 is the age of transition of a girl to adulthood. This is called Quinceanera.

In a Quinceanera party, the girl's family and close friends celebrate with her in a party that is well-prepared for. The party serves as a welcome to a girl's womanhood, where the society acknowledges more her worth ad contributions as a woman.

Now, when you say a special party, it should also go with a special gown or dress. This is a very special event in a girl's life, so everything from the venue to her gown should also be very special.

If you are planning for your own party, given the task to organize one, or are a first-time parent of a Quinceanera celebrant, here are some useful points that you can use in looking for the perfect gown.

How to Find that Perfect Gown

  1. 1
    Set a Budget
    Knowing how much budget is allotted for the gown narrows down your search so it becomes easier and a little faster.
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    Know Your Body Type
    It is important that you understand your figure. This way, you can come up with the right gown. Your choice of dress can either make or break your looks, so be very careful.
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  • Dresses with A-line silhouette best fit all types of body figures. It is even more perfect if it is designed with the sweetheart neckline. If you want to highlight your figure, a corset type of gown will do that.
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  • For girls who are either tall or short with slender body type, gowns with trumpet or mermaid cut should be chosen. This is perfect in highlighting the curves.
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  • For girls with heavy or large bust, the empire cut suits them well. This cut also creates an illusion of a smaller midsection.
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  • Sheath-style gowns flatter the petite body type. This cut can do the trick of making the wearer appear taller and bigger.
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    Consider the color that suits you
    There are a lot of choices you can opt for when it comes to gown color - green, pink, or even red - but if you want the safer color, go for black. This color has always been a favorite and stands out from the other colors.
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    Try as many gowns as you can
    The more stores you visit, the bigger your chances are of finding which gown best suits you. Try as many dresses as you can. Take note of the gowns that impress you the most, then choose the one which you think will make you the most beautiful girl on that special night.
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    Feel comfortable
    When choosing a Quinceanera gown, your comfort is as important as elegance. You can't enjoy your special day if you don't feel at ease with your dress. A perfect gown is one that looks good on you and makes you feel comfortable and special at the same time. If there is one thing you hate about your gown, disregard it.
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Pay attention to the hairstyle, shoes and accessories; all of these should look good with your choice of gown.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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