Choose the Best Dress for Your Body Type

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You are what you wear. This is so true, but when we dress up, we should not only go for the latest fashion trend, but we should also make certain the clothes we choose look good on us.

When we have to attend a special gathering, we should make sure that we look our best in the dress we wear. Sometimes, we spend days canvassing from one shop to another. The reason? It's often because we don't know exactly what to look for. Knowing your body type will make it easier to find that dress, which will save you some time when you're shopping for your shoes and a few accessories.

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Sometimes, no matter how well a dress has been made, we aren't able to achieve the effect we want because our choice does not suit our body type. It may have looked great on the mannequin, but she does not have the same body type as you do " or as any real woman, for that matter. Know what looks good on your body type, and not only will shopping become so much easier, everything you buy to wear will look better.

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Find The Right Dress For You

There are four main body types for women;

  • Circle.
  • Hourglass.
  • Rectangle.
  • Triangle.

Figure out the category where you belong and follow some of the tips below to find that perfect dress for you, girl.

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  1. 1
    Circle or Apple Body Shape
    A woman with an apple-shaped body type has a wider mid-section, but also has a high waist. Another part of being an apple is having narrow ankles and wrists. Since you have a thick mid-section, you should stay away from high-rise pants and belts, for they will only emphasize the parts you like to hide. Skinny jeans and leggings (patterned tights) that can highlight your legs are perfect for you. Wearing a tunic also creates an illusion that can make you look longer.
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    Hourglass Shape
    This is the shape that many women would die for - narrow waist, ample and nice chest and full hips; these all describe what an hourglass shape is. It is perfect since everything seems to be proportionate. Emphasize your curves with a wrap-around dress or blouse. Go for high-waist pants, V-neck tops and pencil cut skirts. Tunics, boxy-style dresses, large cardigans and doll dresses are a no-no for an hourglass.
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    Triangle Shape
    Women with the triangle shaped body have small shoulders but with a wide waist. The lower body is also fuller with this type of body shape. When buying a dress for you, it's better if you go for separates so you can get pieces that fit your bottom and top. Go for light-colored tops and darker bottoms. Never go for oversize sweaters, dresses made of silk, or skinny pants and jeans.
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    Rectangle Shape
    This type is almost masculine, where your waist is not defined, you don't have many body curves, hips and shoulders are about the same width, bust is small to average, and most of the time bottoms are flat. It is similar to the hourglass shape minus the cinching at the waist. For you to create an illusion of curves, wear flared pants or skirts, or anything that could add some definition to the waist. To boost the bust area, wear tops with high or medium necklines or halter necks. Do away with belts if you have no waist at all, along with tops with Empire waist style.
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Besides choosing the right dress for your body type, it is also important you wear your clothes with confidence at all times, no matter what you are wearing. Find your own unique style, and celebrate it!

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