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Although it is a lovely traditional experience to have your boyfriend surprise you with an engagement ring that he picked out himself, you might want to go the less traditional route and pick out an engagement ring together. This is because not all engagement ring styles suit all hand shapes and he could gift you with a ring that us does not look as good as it could on your finger.

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The need to choose a specific style of ring is especially crucial if you have a hand with very thick fingers or short fingers or very slim and long fingers. Individuals with big knuckles also suit some styles better than others.

Keep in mind that there is almost no such thing as the perfectly proportioned hands. However, choosing certain styles band widths, stone shapes, settings and metals can really help flatter your hand shape.

Here is a guide to finding the engagement ring style that suits your hand best.

If you have a long hand with very long thinner fingers ...

You can wear just about any style as your hand shape is like the supermodel of hand shapes when it comes to wearing rings -

  • Stone shapes that flatter your hand shape are princess cut, round, pear and marquis cuts
  • You can wear very large stones with great elegance and but smaller stones and clustered stones also look great on long thin fingers
  • Claw settings, high pronged claw settings and bevel settings look great on your finger and solitaire settings with one large stone look especially great on your hands
  • Thinner bands seem to flatter your hands more than heavier ones and three ring eternity styles serve you well
  • You can wear any metal color well but white gold and platinum looks great
  • You can wear any stone color and clusters of multi-colored stones look good on your fingers

A princess cut ring - a style that especially suits hands with long slender fingers.

If you have a large hand with very thicker fingers ...

Your hand shape can support a ring that makes a single bold statement that can be classic or a bit artistic

  • Stone shapes that flatter your hands are square, oblong, cushion, radiant and marquis cuts
  • You can wear much larger stones than other people because you have the hand structure to support a large gem so think big when you choose a gem
  • A solitaire stone with one large claw set square cut stone looks best on your hand
  • A heavy solid band that is wider than usual looks better than a thin one
  • Yellow gold looks best on a larger hand with larger fingers but solid white gold or platinum suits your digits as well
  • Gemstones that are primary colors such as emeralds, rubies and diamonds look better on your hands then paler gems such as yellow sapphires, pink diamonds or blue topaz

A claw set solitaire diamond makes a lovely statement on a larger hand with thicker fingers. Photo by handstil6.

If you have a slender hand with shorter fingers ...

Your hand looks good in colorful busier styles with smaller stones that detract from the length of your digits.

  • You can wear just about any shape of cut gem but the round shape or a very elongated marquis or oblong, which will make your finger looks shorter
  • Bevel settings and bands with pave diamonds and a smaller stone suit this type of hand best because it is overwhelmed by larger stones.
  • Rings with multiple stones or a trinity style with a center stone flanked by two smaller ones also suit your hand.
  • Your hand looks best in a thinner band with larger stones or multiple bands
  • White gold, platinum and silver look best on your fingers
  • You can wear any color of gemstone but the paler colored stones such as yellow diamonds and blue sapphires can help you fingers look longer

A thin band with a single stone looks best on a slender hand with shorter fingers.

If you have a tiny child-like hand with shorter fingers...

Your hand shape can boast the most elegant, delicate and imaginative gem cuts and band styles as long as the ring is not too heavy-looking.

  • Smaller cut round, star flower, heart, square, emerald marquis or diamond shapes suit your hand best as do cuts with many facets
  • Smaller solitaire or trinity styles look best on your finger that can be overwhelmed if boasting one single large square stone
  • Your delicate hand best suits a very thin band as wide ones also look too heavy on your small digit
  • All colors of gold suit your hand shape but yellow gold and pink gold look especially good on tiny hands
  • Your hand shape can wear any color of gemstones; whether pastel or boldly colored, the stone is sure to make a statement because your hands are so small and a showcase for the gems

A delicate heart shaped ring looks lovely on a tiny hand. Photo by Ruby Ran.

If you have a shorter wider hand with long fingers ...

You have the kind hand architecture that can support a ring with one very large stone. Think of retro cocktail rings and you get the idea of what looks best on this hand shape.

  • This hand shape looks great in big square, huge round, oblong, radiant or emerald cut shapes
  • A center stone flanked by two smaller stones looks best and you can get away with wearing a stone with a higher claw setting that exposes the bottom of the gem
  • A medium to wide ring band looks best as thin bands make your fingers looks shorter
  • White gold, platinum, and yellow gold flatters this hand shape

Stick to bold colored gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds as pale colored stones have the effect of making a hand look wider

A square shaped stone flanked by two smaller tones looks good on a shorter, wider hand with long fingers. Photo by Jennifer Didkert

If you have a shorter wider hand with short fingers...

Your hand is best suited to making a bold fashion statement by flaunting one large steppe cut gem or a band that is slightly artistic. Multiple bands also have the effect of making your hand look longer.

  • This hand shape suits bigger, round marquise and square cut shapes the best; stay away from small round, pear, oval and heart shaped gems
  • One large gem looks best as does a pave set wide band; thinner styles shorten your finger and emphasize its width
  • A wider band helps your fingers seem more proportion; this finger looks good in rope bands of thin twisted metal or multiple bands that are a bit chunky looking
  • Any type of gold suits this hand but rose gold has the effect of elongating the fingers
  • Bold colored gems like emeralds, rubies and sapphires look best as your solid hand structure can carry a ring that makes a loud personal statement

Pave bands suit wider hands with shorter fingers.

If you have very large or puffy hands and fingers ...

You can use a ring style with a wide band and big gem to minimize the slightly swollen look of your hand.

  • Marquise, square, cushion and emerald cut shaped gems look best on puffier fingers
  • Larger gems that cover the width of the finger looks best as do thicker bands with rows of pave sets of diamonds or multicolored gems
  • The wider the band the better, as thin bands emphasize the width and puffiness of your fingers.
  • White gold and platinum look best on this type of hand
  • You can wear any type of gemstone; paler gem stones such as pink sapphire or blue topaz bring the focus of the eye away from your fingers and to the gem

A thick band of multiple rows of pave stones looks suits puffy fingers.

If you have hands with large knobby knuckles ...

You need to choose rings with settings and gemstones that are equal to or wider than the size of your knuckles, which helps minimize the look of them.

  • Stick to big marquis square , cushion, radiant, emerald or oblong gem shapes to balance out the look of the width of your knuckles
  • Larger step-cut solitaire gems flanked by clusters of smaller gems that extend the width of the knuckles look best and your hand can also support the high cut ring with a claw that exposes the base of the gem
  • Wider cocktail ring style bands look best on this type of finger as the large solitaire gem balances out the larger look of the knuckle
  • You can wear any color of gemstone, but make sure the center stone is huge

White gold, platinum and silver gold looks great on this type of hand shape

An example of a gold Marquise cut diamond on a finger with larger knuckles.

Tips and Tricks

  • As a rule of thumb, the busier the ring is with gemstones, the less flattering it will be on a shorter finger
  • A single gemstone on a wider band will always look better on a chubbier hand
  • It is best to shop for a ring when you do not have your menses or when you are not puffy for any reason so that your ring size is an accurate fit.
  • If you have really long fingernails your finger may look longer than it really is and this means that people with shorter fingers can wear heart, oval and round shapes that usually suit those with longer fingers
  • The ring style that you choose must also suit your lifestyle so don't choose a gem set in a lofty claw setting if you are in an occupation that requires that ring must not snag in hair, clothing or machines

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